A Miracle for Archie


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(I don't own these Carmen Sandiego, The Chief, Chase Devineaux, Archie Pelago, Agnes Acme, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon, Bolt Upright, Ivy, Zack, Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Contessa, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas and Lee Galease whatsoever)

Guest Characters

Casper the Friendly Ghost
Spooky The Tuff Little Ghost
The Ghostly Trio (Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso)
(I don't own these characters whatsoever as well)

It's not only a crossover but a Christmas story as well.


ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

(November 29th)

*Shirley is typing as usual when Archie Pelago came in*

Shirley: Oh, good morning, Mr. Pelago how did your Thanksgiving go? *But Archie just walks away and not answer Shirley's question and enter his office when Bolt Upright came out of his office*
Bolt: Shirley, was that...?
Shirley: Yeah, it's Archie, Bolt!
Bolt: I wonder what's going on with him?
Shirley: Don't bother him, Mr. Upright, he didn't ask me how his Thanksgiving goes.
Bolt: I'd better find out what's wrong with him. *As he headed for Archie's office, he hears Archie's sniff and saw a 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger on the doorknob and Bolt goes back to his office. *

Bolt Upright's Office

*Bolt dial the number for Legal and Associates...the phone ring*
Johnny Tagg: *voice only* Legal and Associates, this is Jonathan Tagg!
Bolt: Oh, Johnny, thank goodness!
Johnny: *voice only* Mr. Upright, I can't talk to you right now I'm little behind on some paperwork for Mr. Legal.

Bolt: I was wondering what's wrong with your uncle-in-law? Even the secretary tries asking him a personal question.
Johnny: *voice only* Mr. Upright, I'm very sorry but neither me, Katelyn or my parents don't want to talk what happened on Thanksgiving to anybody, so please leave my uncle-in-law alone he's the same as us hope you understand.
Bolt: Alright then, bye! *As he hangs up the phone*

Inside Archie Pelago's Office
*Archie is sniffing in tears*
Archie's mind: Oh, this is the worse last week for me! I can't believe I'll never be a granduncle to my niece's children after trying everything Katelyn and Jonathan are both heartbroken and so did I and Bruce and Wanda Tagg hope to have a family to pass on...Then again, it's hopeless even when Christmas is coming up there's no chance to have one in mind unless by some miracle, I hope Katelyn and Jonathan adopted a child from someone who couldn't take care of their own.
*Archie starts to cry in tears. *

(End of Prologue)


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Chapter One

Water Tower Place, Chicago, IL, USA (I don't own the mall whatsoever)

A week later... (December 6th)

*Christmas decorations are everywhere while everyone's Christmas shopping...*

Ivy Monaghan: *voice only* Everyone in your position? Zack?
Zack Monaghan: *voice only* I'm ready, how about you, Cole?
Cole Gannon: *voice only* Me and the other 'helpers' are ready.
Jason Argonaut: *voice only* Are you sure you're not joining with us, Tyson?
Tyson Jackson: *voice only* You know I'm waiting for somebody to give us the information about the Humbug Gang that trash around the city in the metropolitan area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. *

Jade Ezell: *with her disposable eavesdropper communicator* Exactly Tyson, the Humbug Gang trash a Christmas Parade there causing people to panic when they show up, they wreck the floats, they trashed the band and ruined the costumes. (If you are wondering if it's relative to the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack on November 21st it's not like that at all...Oh I don't own that article whatsoever.)

Lee Jordan: *voice only* I hope you're not going Christmas shopping, are you, Jade?
Jade: Lee, I'm just 'window shopping'.
Lee: *voice only* Window Shopping?!?!
Jade: As in looking for something suspicion while we're here.
Chase Devineaux: *voice only* Smart thinking, Jade and Jordan do the same.
Lee: *voice only* Right, Chase! *As dark-skinned woman in her late 40's came to Tyson. *

Tyson: *to the dark-skinned woman in her late 40's after he turn around* Aunt Yolanda!
Yolanda Tracey: Tyson, what're you doing in 'The Windy City'? I thought you'll be working with ACME.
Tyson: I am, I was wondering what's going on here?
Yolanda: Tyson, ever heard these hooligans calling themselves the Humble Gang?
Tyson: You mean the Humbug Gang, Aunt Yolanda!

Yolanda: That's the ones who wrecks Christmas and I don't mean the tree I mean everything with Christmas decorations and all.
Tyson: Yeah, they made a mess alright.
Yolanda: I heard someone said going to crash around Daley Plaza.
Tyson: Whoa! That's not good, Aunt Yolanda!

Yolanda: *As Lee who disguise himself as a mall security officer saw someone dressing like an elf sneaking out from a shoe store...Lee quietly follows the 'elf' * As soon as tonight as the annual Christkindl Market lights up they might mess up the brass band's instruments and wolfing down all the pretzels, bratwurst, I mean the whole Wiener schnitzel those Christmas shoppers won't have a taste of German food, all those German arts and crafts and even the music of Christmas even imagine that.

*Jade saw a little boy crying and running to his mother. *
Little Boy: Mommy, that mean big elf told me I'm naughty in front of Santa.
Little Boy's Mother: That one did.
Little Boy: Uh-huh! * And then a little girl crying and running to her parents. *
Little Girl: Mommy, Daddy that mean elf push me away from talking to Santa Claus.

Jade: Uh-oh! *And two little kids weren't kidding, and their own parents were shocked and appalled at Santa's workshop as the big elf push the little kids away. *

Ivy: *disguise as Mrs. Claus using a voice changer talking to the little kids. * I know how you feel, kids cheer up!

Cole: * as he, Maylee Young, Jason and Jessie Lyon who they disguise themselves as elves calm the little children down* Don't worry, Santa is going to talk to that mean elf for what that he did to you kids.

Zack: *disguise as an elf photographer* Yeah for sure!

Santa: *to the big elf* You should be ashamed of yourself doing that to those kids they just want to know if they're naughty or nice and what they want for Christmas.

Big Elf: Oh really, Santa! *As he sticks out a gun* When I was a kid, I wanted a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shoot range model air rifle for Christmas, but I end up with rotten fruits and vegetables and lumps and lumps of coal.
Santa: Good I'm glad you didn't get what you want for Christmas want to know why?
Big Elf: Tell me! *As Santa removes his hat, wig and beard turns out to be Chase. *
Chase: You'll shoot your eye out, that's why? *Knock that big elf cold to the floor. * (Remember that gift Ralphie want that one in A Christmas Story. I don't own that BB gun or the movie whatsoever)
Little Elf: Boss...Uh oh!
Chase: Ho-ho-ho! You're under arrest!
Little Elf: *yelled as he sticks out a gun* ALRIGHT THIS IS A STICK-UP!!!! *Use his gun to shoot unto the ceiling, people screamed and lying on the floor when the other 'elves' shows out of the store and Mrs. Claus or should we say Ivy notice the insignia symbol of the Humbug Gang. * Hey, lady didn't you...*screamed as Ivy flip him down like a pancake. *

*The other 'elves' are about to get even with Chase and Ivy, but the rest of Team ACME shows and knock them down carefully. *

An hour later...

Yolanda: *as The Windy City's finest took the Humbug Gang away* Well I'll be holly jolly oh ACME you save the day!
Chase: Is what we do, ma'am!
Tyson: Hey, Aunt Yolanda still thinking about spending Kwanzaa in the Big Apple?
Yolanda: Oh Tyson, I don't know about that, but I was about to tell you something, but I don't want to be spoiled the surprise in front of your friends.
Tyson: That's alright, Aunt Yolanda the thing is Windy City's Christkindl Market is safe and peaceful!
Yolanda: Thank heavens for you ACME agents!
Jade: We'll make sure you'll be safe back at home, Miss Tracey!
Yolanda: Thank you so much! *As Jade uses her padphone to get back to San Francisco*
Tyson: Bye, Aunt Yolanda and again Merry Christmas! *As the C-5 Corridor takes Team ACME*

*In a limousine someone is not happy for ACME*

(End of Chapter One)
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Chapter Two

San Francisco, CA, USA

Casper the Friendly Ghost: I hope nothing for this holiday season I'd better...*gasped as he saw a gift box on the ground* Golly someone must be in a hurry *pick up the gift box and there was a lady holding a lot of goodies for Christmas* Excuse me, ma'am did you drop this one!

Lady: *as she grabs that gift box from Casper* Oh yes, young man I... *Screamed and yelled* A GHOST! *As she ran along with the gifts inside her own home. *

Casper: Gee I hated when people don't get scared especially around the holidays. *And then he saw three eight-year-old kids: a fair skinned boy wearing glasses, a fair-medium skinned girl with a hearing aid on her left ear and a dark-skinned boy on a wheelchair behind the alley *

A voice: All I've found so far is one dollar and eighty-seven cents.
Another voice: Not enough to go back home and a chance to get adopted.
Casper: Hello, is someone there with you, kids.
A voice: No just us kids!
Casper: What's that you're wearing?

A voice: It's my Tab Speech, a mini tablet and communication watch our teachers gave me last Christmas by the way I'm Wyatt.
Another voice: My name is Ian; I'm using a speech generating tablet that is attached to my wheelchair and this is Hayley!
Wyatt (through his Tab Speech): What's your name?
Casper: My name is Casper!
Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) Hayley said 'Hi, Casper!'
Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) Hayley is partly deaf but she learns sign language.
Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) We were hoping you know a place for us to stay for a while.
Casper: I hope you three are not afraid of me!
Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) Not at all.
Casper: I do know a place follow me! *And the three kids did, and Casper lead them to Johnny and Katelyn Tagg's House in Alamo Square, and he rings the doorbell...Katelyn answered the door. *

Katelyn: Oh, hi Casper, what a... *Gasped as she sees Wyatt, Ian and Hayley* Oh my gosh! This is a surprise...Hello, children, I'm Katelyn Tagg, my husband, Johnny isn't home yet, Casper.

Casper: It's okay, Katelyn! These kids need a place to stay for a while.
Katelyn: Thanks, Casper for bringing them here I hope their parents don't mind.
Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) Actually we're orphans!
Katelyn: *gasped* Oh dear, I'm so sorry, children, what happened to your parents?
Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) We don't know what happened to them.
Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) All we know is we've been orphans for eight years that's all.
Katelyn: Oh dear! Listen children you can stay here for a while until I find your caretakers through my uncle.
Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) That's just it we were separated from our caretakers they lived in Sacramento.
Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) The ones who took us away from our caretakers is working for a Scrooge. *Katelyn gasped. *

Casper: *as Johnny returns from Legal and Associates* Oh golly that's not good!
Johnny: Katelyn, sweetheart, what's...*shocked when he saw Wyatt, Ian and Hayley* Oh my gosh!
Katelyn: Johnny, please I can explain!
Johnny: Oh, poor kids, you can't stay here I can...
Katelyn: *interrupted* Johnny, they're orphans!
Johnny: Oh no!
Katelyn: I promise, Johnny I'll talked to my uncle tomorrow I'll explain everything to him.
Casper: She's not kidding, Johnny! It's serious! Trust her!
Johnny: Oh alright! *To Wyatt, Ian and Hayley* You kids can stay for a while until further notice alright?

Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) Thank you so much, Mr. Tagg!
Johnny: Wow! *To Katelyn* These kids are special at least a good neighbor builds a wheelchair ramp just in case our guests couldn't walk at all.
Katelyn: *to Johnny* I agree, Johnny!
Casper: *to Ian* Allow me, Ian! *As he escorted Ian to the wheelchair ramp while Wyatt and Hayley enter the house carefully. *
Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) Thanks, Casper!

*At Telegraph Hill a shadowy figure hops into a speedster car and drives away after looking at the Tagg's house by using the binoculars. *

(End of Chapter Two)


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Chapter Three

Sacramento, CA, USA

*Guests screaming and running from an Italian restaurant even a chef*
Spooky: *laughed* Boy, that chef really loved a surprise in his clam sauce...*looks at Nickels' Savings, Loans and Mortgages* That place is fun to scared up a lot of dough I'll try that one next.
Old Ghost: *voice only* I wouldn't do that if I were you!
Spooky: Suppose why not?
Old Ghost: *voice only* I try to scare that man but believe me he'll get rid of you easily, heed my warning.
Spooky: *gulped as looks for the old ghost but no sign of it* Nah! Just a prank! Oh well better get scarring! *As Spooky phase through the door inside*

Nickels' Savings, Loans and Mortgages

Spooky: *looks at a portrait of Philip Nickels* Wow! This guy is seriously worth scarring for...*Enters into the main office there was Philip Nickels finished up counting up the latest payment. * Yoo-hoo! Surprise!
*Scared Nickels with a scary face*
Nickels: *notice Spooky right away* Oh no a ghost! *As he grabs something out of the desk drawer and there was a spray bottle called 'Ghost Begone!' Spooky screamed and phasing outer here* Hm, foolish ghost! *And went back to work*

The Next Day (December 7th)

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Pavilion

Chief: *to Jade while her cats, Sam and his sister, Socks admire the decorations as she starred at the Christmas tree* Well what you do think, Miss Jade?
Jade: So Victorian!
Chief: Well not like Queen Victoria's Christmas but the ornaments are like real treats for everyone.
Jade: Except it's made of ceramic and glass versions of sugar plums, candy canes and gingerbread men...*noticing Sam and Socks just trying to play with one of the ornaments* Sam, Socks, leave the ornaments alone!
Agnes Acme: *voice only* Boo! *Sam and Socks screech and ran behind Jade as her ghostly appearance appears*
Chief: Well Agnes, fancy meeting you here for the holidays.
Agnes: At least I don't want to scare off anyone except for those hooligans try breaking and entering Headquarters.
Chief: We've got security in mind, Agnes!
Jade: I wonder what's going on here?
Agnes: Haven't you heard, There's some special needed children around here.
Jade: Thanks Agnes! Sam, Socks, let's go! *As she and her cats leave the pavilion. *

The Hallway

*Jade, Sam and Socks shows up and saw Wyatt, Ian and Hayley for the first time same with Zack and Ivy*
Zack: Hey Jade, what's up?
Jade: Nothing, Zack, Agnes just told me about some special children around here.
Ivy: Well, you just met them, Jade these are Wyatt, Ian and Hayley. *Hayley wave hi to Jade*
Jade: Nice to meet you three.
Zack: Well, you know Hayley is a little shy over people probably it's her face.
Ivy: Zack!
Jade: Yeah, Zack, her face is not ugly she's got Down Syndrome since birth, and I notice she has a hearing aid on her left ear.

Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) You're good, Jade!
Jade: Thank you, uh...
Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) Wyatt, I just using my Tab Speech.
Jade: I heard about that device it helps people who are non-verbal autistic.
Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) That's right! Although I was born with autism when I was four months old an unknown illness left me with stutter and dyslexia.
Jade: Right, stuttering is a speech disorder and dyslexia is also known as a reading disorder.
Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) Are you autistic, Jade?
Jade: I'm borderline autistic, Wyatt!

Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) Wyatt's lucky otherwise he'll get bullied later in life without his Tab Speech.
Jade: So, you must be Ian!
Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) That's right, Jade! Unlike Wyatt and Hayley, I was born with cerebral palsy that left my legs deformed not only that I'm muted since birth.
Jade: What about Hayley?
Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) Hayley doesn't speak much she learns sign language and also read lips.
Jade: The question is how these kids got here?

Ivy: All we know so far; Jade is that Katelyn brought them and she's talking to her uncle Archie about it hoping we can find the kids' caretakers from Sacramento.
Jade: Let's hope nothing happens to their caretakers they're worried about them.

Patty Larceny's Apartment, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

*Someone rings the doorbell Patty answered the door it was Vic the Slick with a mistletoe on his right hand. *

Vic: Merry Christmas, doll face!
Patty: *looking sad* Now's not the time to kiss you underneath the mistletoe, Vic!
Vic: What?!?! We always do that every Christmas what more would you want? * Patty :( and her face is so :|* Okay maybe after Christmas we go to a ten-day Caribbean Cruise.
Patty: No, Vic!
Vic: Maybe I'll make order Christmas dinner for two.
Patty: No, Vic!
Vic: Oh, I forgot about that last Christmas. (Remember Christmas Dinner Panic)
Patty: It's not that at all, Vic!
Vic: Perhaps we can go get a fried chicken dinner and a Christmas cake just like in Japan. *Patty started to cry. * Pats! *As Patty gives Vic a piece of paper turns out to be an eviction notice his jaw dropped. *
Patty: *in tears* That's why there's not going to be any Christmas for us this year and I called you to come to help me move outer here before Christmas Eve.
Vic: Oh, ho oh no! I'd better call Moe and Lars at once. May I? *Patty nodded her head 'yes' while she's stills in tears and Vic use Patty's telephone to call Lars Vegas. *

(End of Chapter Three)
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Chapter Four

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

Archie Pelago's Office

Archie: *to Katelyn while searching for missing kids from Sacramento in his computer* For what you've told me, Katelyn I'm glad Casper brought them in last night I hope the other ACME agents don't mind meeting them until further notice...wait a minute I think I've found what you're looking for.

Katelyn: Have you found something, Uncle?
Archie: Indeed, something about...What in the...Oh sauerkraut!
Katelyn: What's wrong, Uncle Archie? What is it?
Archie: Oh no, it can't be. *His phone rings, he picks it up* Archie Pelago! I'll be right there, Shirley! *And he hangs up his phone. *
Katelyn: Now what?
Archie: It seems there's someone who wants to meet us.
Katelyn: Oh, it could be the caretakers. *As she and Archie left the office and meet up with Shirley at her desk there was a woman who has dwarfism and a man with sunglasses on along with a female Golden Retriever. *

Shirley: *As Jade shows up with Wyatt, Ian and Hayley along with Sam and Socks* Oh there you all are.
Jade: It's a good thing you contact me through my padphone.
Shirley: Miss Jade, Mr. Pelago and Mrs. Tagg, I like you to meet Jared Foster, his twin sister, Marla and their dog, Millie!
Jade: Hello!
Archie: How'd you two do?
Marla: Very fine, thank you and thanks for finding the kids.

Katelyn: It's our pleasure, me and my husband took them in last night after a 'friend' of ours brought them in I've figure you two can take them back with you to Sacramento.
Jared: I'm afraid we can't go back there.
Jade/ Archie/ Katelyn: What?!?!
Shirley: Oh dear, what happened?
Jared: Let's just say we're in danger because of someone.
Jade: Who is it?
Jared: Philip Nickels!

Shirley: The owner of Nickels' Savings, Loans and Mortgages what did you do?
Marla: We've got in trouble by him he wanted us out of our property.
Jared: We've always paid everything regardless of our own disability we never borrowed money from him, honest.
Marla: What's worse he sends in his goons and took the children far away.
Jared: We run a special home for children just like them until they are adopted or be end up in foster care, we took them in eight years ago so far, no one wants to adopt or foster them.

Jade: Wow! You two were shocked.
Jared: Tell me about it me and my sister were Special Ed teacher aids at an elementary school we never hurt kids we just want to help them, but the last Special Ed teacher didn't want me and my sister around them anymore.
Jade: That's terrible and wrong you two are doing the right thing don't tell me you two quit because of that. *As the Chief came out of his office*
Marla: Worse we've both got fired for nothing.
Jared: And now we're on the run, do you know a place to stay?
Chief: There is you can stay with the Tagg's for a while.
Katelyn: I'll call my husband at work if you don't mind.
Archie: Use my phone, dear, I insisted.
Katelyn: Thanks, Uncle Archie! *As she headed back to her uncle's office*

Chief: And as for you, Miss Ezell! You better head home!
Jade: Oh yeah, my mother would be worried about Sam and Socks. *As she used her padphone to head home. *
Chief: *as he hands Jade a note to her* That and this! *The C-5 corridor opens*
Jade: See you later, everyone! *As she and the cats hop into the C-5 corridor. *

The Tagg's House, Alamo Square

*Katelyn serves up meatloaf with mashed potatoes and cooked red cabbage. *

Marla: Mm... This is really good, Katelyn!
Jared: Sure is, Marla, reminds me of A Christmas Story.
Johnny: Oh, the one I see that movie and speaking of meatloaf...
Katelyn: *interrupted* Johnny, not in front of our guests.
Johnny: Sorry, Katelyn! *As Marla feed Ian his dinner* So Jared, my wife told me you and your sister were once Special Education Teacher's aids
Jared: We were but that was a long time ago.
Johnny: And how long have you been blind?
Jared: Since birth, Johnny!
Katelyn: Oh, I bet your parents take care of you two.
Marla: Our parents passed since we were eight our grandparents, aunt and uncle took care of us until we were eighteen years old. *All of the sudden someone throw a brick at the window, Katelyn screamed*
Johnny: Stay in your seats, everyone! *As he used his smartphone to dial Archie* Uncle Archie, it's Johnny someone just throw a brick at our window while we're having dinner over here can you get someone here to pick up the evidence?

(End of Chapter Four again I don't own that movie whatsoever)
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Chapter Five

Flushing, Queens, New York City, NY, USA

*After the C-5 appears Jade appears in a light winter clothes to keep herself warm. *

Jade's Mind: *as Jade looks at a note* Wok Tok?!?! I don't know what that place is, at least I'm in the right place I'd better get there on time. *As Jade continues to find the place called Wok Tok...Someone screams*
Thug: *voice only* There's that little ghost get him. *The little ghost phase through walls until he bumped unto Jade. *
Little Ghost: *to Jade* Oh please, don't let those mean bullies hurt me, human.
Jade: No, I won't hurt you!
Casper: *voice only* Sampan!
Sampan: Over here, friendly Casper!
Jade: Casper! *As Casper shows up*
Casper: I see you met Sampan, he's like me friendly.
Jade: Sampan, my name is Jade, I'm with ACME *as she shows Sampan her digital I.D.* Do you know where I can find Wok Tok?
Sampan: I know the place follow me, Miss Jade! *As she and Casper follow Sampan to a wall. *
Jade: It looks like a dead end to me.
Sampan: Not for long, c'mon, Casper!
Casper: Wait here, Jade! *As he and Sampan phase through the dead end and suddenly the wall just opened, Jade entered inside there is a hidden Chinese restaurant called Wok Tok there stood a doorman as the wall closes. *

Doorman: Who send you?
Jade: No one but myself.
Doorman: *scoffs* Oh yeah, what's the password?
Jade: Macau?!?!
Doorman: What European country once have Macau as part of their colony?
Jade: Portugal!
Doorman: Until what year did Portugal transfer Macau back to China?
Jade: 1999.
Doorman: *as he pressed the intercom* She passed, boss!
Carmen Sandiego: *voice only* Send her in. *The Doorman opens the door and Jade entered inside. *

Inside Wok Tok

*There Jade saw Carmen, Vic, Patty, Moe Skeeter, Lars, Contessa and a man who dressed up in a nice suit ...along with a lot of ghosts especially a trio of ghosts singing 'Deck the Halls' so badly it reminds her of A Christmas Story even the server is not happy. (Same thing I don't own the movie, okay?) *

Server (male): No, no, no! You three sing awful! *To Jade* Oh, I'm sorry, can I get a table for you, miss?
Contessa: She doesn't need one, she's my boss's guest.
Server (male): Oh, yes, madame! *As he pulls a chair for Jade, Jade sat down, and the server hands her a menu before he back to the kitchen. *
Jade: *quietly* Thanks for the invite, Carmen, I truly appreciated.
Carmen: *quietly* My pleasure, Jade! And this here is Trevor Legal.
Jade: *quietly* Trevor Legal?!?!

Trevor: *quietly* Nice to meet you, Miss Jade, do you know Perry Legal?
Jade: *quietly* Yes, he's a lawyer in San Francisco.
Trevor: *quietly* He's my cousin and I moving there from Pittsburgh because I have a letter from him saying he needed my help because after he fired that blabbermouth partner of his, the firm is in trouble, and I've happened to be coming there because of this guy. *As he shows Jade a photo of Philip Nickels, the owner of Nickels Loans, Savings and Mortgages. * This guy is wanted for embezzlement mostly around California but he also being responsible for an incident involving some unknown place around the Sacramento Valley eight years ago.

Jade: *quietly* An unknown place?!?!
Trevor: *quietly* More likely a reform school for girls that has no name, and no one knows what happened there, but I wish one of the three girls who were under eighteen years old would have told reporters their own story perhaps your ACME friends can help stop Nickels before it gets worse.
Fatso: *As he, Stretch and Stinkie are on the other table along with Casper, Sampan and the rest of the ghosts. * He's not kidding.
Stinkie: Yeah, this guy scares us along with the Humbug Gang and their formula called 'Ghost Begone!'
Stretch: If only there is a way to stop him.
Jade: Perhaps there is, boys, I've got an idea but it's never going to be easy.

(End of Chapter Five)
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Chapter Six

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

Conference Room

(The Next Day as in December 8th)

Chief: Tell me, I'm not impressed, where in the world is Mr. Devineaux?
Stewart Sterling: I try reaching his cellphone no answer.
Chief: How could I start this month's meeting if we don't have any board members coming in? *Someone knocking on the door* Come in! *Shirley enters the conference room. *

Shirley: Sir, I hate to ask but did you forget to buy a laptop computer?
Chief: Oh crumpets, Shirley I rather have every board member to come this month's meeting in person.
Shirley: You know some members can't come for obvious reasons.
Stweart: Like what, Shirley?
Shirley: You know the flu bug, family emergencies, flight delays and the latest came from Chase.
Stewart: What did Chase say? *As the Chief is about to drink his tea*
Shirley: He's in jail in Sacramento! *The Chief spits out his tea as Lee show up. *
Chief: *angry face* By Jove! Who said that?
Lee: *gulped* That'll be me to warn ACME what just happened already.
Stewart: Anything else, detective?
Lee: Yeah, some guy wants to talk to the Chief, and he brought his lawyer with him. *As the Chief steps, out of the conference room there was Philip Nickels and his lawyer, Calvin Marks.

The Chief's Office (Twenty minutes later)

Chief: Assault and battery?!?!
Calvin: It seems my client's security guard assaulted him in Chicago.
Chief: He was doing his job on the mission to stop the Humbug Gang before Christmas is wrecked all over the world.
Calvin: That's just it, sir, my client wants to sue ACME for assault for all his employees.
Nickels: You don't understand my men are fully capable of making sure of the safety of the shoppers.
Calvin: And of course, we contacted Social Services to pick those children from your assistant's family and arrest the ones for kidnapping them of course.
Chief: Is there a reason why?
Calvin: Well, those kids supposed to be in foster care, not a couple's home for the abandoned they should know better and speaking of your assistant, Mr. Pelago is arrested for assaulted my client a long time ago.
Chief: This is an outrage.
Nickels: Please, I will not let ACME ruined my reputation as a moneylender, if you can either suspend or fired your employees, I would drop the charges against you and ACME, do you have a deal?
Chief: I do not want to make a deal with a miser such as you.
Calvin: Can't say my client didn't warn you. *As he gave the Chief, a subpoena as he and Nickels stands up * Don't be late for court my client can assure you and ACME will spend Christmas behind bars. *As those men left headquarters. *

Outside of Headquarters

Calvin: *quietly* I've got admitted it works like a charm, sir.
Nickels: *quietly as he enters his limousine* I hope Mr. Galease gets his 'gift' from me.
Calvin: *quietly* Of course, Mr. Nickels, he'll get it tonight.
Nickels: *quietly* Good, Mr. Marks see you at court we'll win for sure. *As the driver close the door and the driver heads for the driver's side of the limousine and drives away while Calvin drives a 1957 Porsche 356 and speeds off. * (I don't own that car whatsoever)

Downtown Sacramento, CA, USA

*Calvin arrives in his Porsche when Lee Galease arrives at the front entrance of The Citizen Hotel. * (I don't own that hotel whatsoever)
Calvin: *As he came out and holding a book* Galease, a little present from my client. *As he gave the book to him. *
Galease: You-expect-me-to-read-this-book-from-Mark-Twain-are-you?
Calvin: No, I expected you've got a chance to get your reputation as a lawyer again. *As Galease looks inside the book and is surprised at what's inside. *
Galease: I-should-hope-so-I-want-to-get-back-at-Legal-with-a-major-lawsuit.
Calvin: Well goodnight, Mr. Galease!
Galease: Same here, if not consider suing. *As Calvin drives off in his Porsche...Galease, place the book in his briefcase and walks away. *

Almost an hour later in Old Sacramento (there's another hotel of course)

Inside Galease's hotel room
*Galease uses the phone to order room service. *

Galease: Room-service, I-like-to-place-an-order-please...*Suddenly the phone got disconnected. * What-the?!?!-What's-going-on-hello-room-service-room-service.
Agnes: *voice only* The caller you try to reach is no longer in service don't bother check the number and try again.
Galease: What?!?! *Agnes appears in front of him. * *Screamed in fear* A GHOST!!!!!!!!! *As he ran off from the hotel room somehow, he got knock down to the floor. *

Moe: *voice only* Alright!
Lars: *voice only* We got him! *He and Moe laughed as Galease gets dragged away by a pair of security officers. *

Agnes: *as Jade, Trevor Legal and Arthur Chance enter Galease's hotel room* There's his briefcase! *Arthur open Galease's briefcase and saw the book. *

Jade: Just as Agnes' suspected there's the book alright.
Arthur: *read the title of the book* The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain *as he opened the book and saw a piece of paper* Take a look what's inside, Jade. *Jade grabs the piece of paper with a pair of rubber gloves. *
Jade: It's a check from Philip Nickels to Lee Galease in the amount of eight thousand dollars I wonder why.
Arthur: My guess he tries to get his license of practicing law back and getting even with Perry Legal for firing him.
Trevor: I don't think he won't cash his check at all what if it bounces.
Jade: Which means, Nickels will be out of business and all the money he took will return to his past clients.
Trevor: But what if he doesn't have any money in his bank.
Jade: Arthur, contact banks here and see if Philip Nickels has account in any of them.
Arthur: Got it, Jade! The sooner, the better, we're going to save Christmas after all.
Agnes: With a little help from others from the afterlife.

(End of Chapter Six)
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Chapter Seven

Sacramento, CA, USA (December 10th which is two days later)

Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse
East Side of the building Room 102 (don't own the courthouse you know)

Jade: *voice only* Just two weeks before Christmas and everyone's in the courthouse there's no creature stirring around not even a mouse as well, I hope all the evidence we gather is enough to convince the jurors that ACME and those taking care of the kids are innocent.

Bailiff: All rise...*People stand up* The Court of the Judicial District is now in session, the Honorable Judge Al Legance, presiding. Please be seated. *People sits down* (Al Legance is a pun name for Allegiance I don't own that pun name whatsoever)

Judge Legance: Ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the people of the state of California versus Jared and Marla Foster charge of kidnapping and ACME?!?!?! Each charge with assault and battery?!?!?! Is this some kind of a joke?

Calvin: Not at all, your honor in fact I'm not only representing the people of the state of California but my client, Philip Nickels.
Judge Legance: I was hoping for the state prosecutor to show up.
Calvin: No, Judge, the state prosecutor is not available due to some circumstances.
Judge Legance: Very well then, Mr. Marks and Mr. [Trevor] Legal, I hope the defense are ready.
Trevor: Ready for the defense, your honor.

Jade: *voice only* After the clerk swear the jurors, Calvin Marks talks to the jurors talks about what happened representing the people and his client, of course, while Trevor Legal tells the jurors the same but in a different direction while representing ACME and the Foster Twins.

Judge Legance: The prosecution may call its first witness.
Calvin: The people call in the head of security of Nickels' Loans, Savings and Mortgages.
(After swearing in)
Calvin: Tell me what really happened?
Security guard: I was in Chicago having a day off just to see for another secure job.
Calvin: And then what happened?
Security guard: I end up dressing as an elf and this guy with henna hair remove his Santa disguise just suddenly punch me cold.
Calvin: Do you see him now? *Security guard points the finger to Chase. * Let the record show that this man points to the defendant, Chase Devineaux of ACME. I have no further questions.

Judge Legance: Your witness, Mr. Legal!
Trevor: *as he stands up* When approach to the defendant, Mr. Devineaux, what did you do?
Security Guard: Well, I said 'I wanted to help out to feed my family and my previous job didn't get much money.'
Trevor: That's not what the defendant found out.
Security Guard: What?!?!

Trevor: That's right in Chicago, you are part of the Humbug Gang trying to destroy Christmas, is that right?
Security Guard: Well, no not really!
Trevor: Really? *As he grabs the file folder* Your honor, I show you a file of the previous case that happened in Chicago marked as the defense's exhibit number one.
Calvin: Objection, hearsay?
Judge Legance: Objection, overrule!
Calvin: What?!?! That's just for show and tell, your honor.
Judge Legance: Well, I overrule it! *As Trevor gives the judge the file of the previous case. * Really?!?! *To the security guard* A BB gun for Christmas?!?!
Security Guard: Can you blame me, your honor, I was just a kid back then.
Judge Legance: Yeah, and I took some advice from my mother about those, and she quoted 'You shoot your eye out!' well I'm glad I don't ask that for Christmas.

Jade: *voice only* After the security guard was excuse from the witness' stand.

Calvin: The people call in the caseworker from the State's Department of Social Services.

(After the caseworker swears in)

Calvin: You know about the defendants, Jared and Marla Foster, did you?
Caseworker (female): Yes, of course, they were responsible for taking of children who were disable.
Calvin: What was their previous occupation?
Caseworker: They were once Special Ed Teacher's aids.
Calvin: Have they abuse and negligent children?
Caseworker: No, they wouldn't but the one who did never want those two to help the children anymore.
Calvin: Why?
Caseworker: Well, that Special Ed teacher was rude and negligent those who were mental ill and disable she doesn't want those two teacher's aids helping them at all.
Calvin: So, they were falsely fired, have they?
Caseworker: No, they quit because of that Special Ed teacher giving them an ultimatum.
Calvin: What was that ultimatum that the teacher telling the defendants, Jared and Marla Foster?
Caseworker: According to Miss Foster, the teacher said to them 'either give them a punch and curse them or quit just because I can't stand the both of you being such weirdos.'
Calvin: Hmph! They should do as the teacher have told them what that teacher wanted, right?
Caseworker: No, they couldn't hurt those kids that's abuse, and they know it's wrong it was the teacher.
Calvin: Ugh! I bet they were lying to you when they wanted to take care of those ill children, have they?
Trevor: I object, your honor!
Judge Legance: Objection, sustained!
Calvin: *in anger and his ear steamed* Nothing further! Hmph!
Judge Legance: Your witness, Mr. Legal.

Trevor: No question for the witness.
Judge Legance: *to the caseworker* You'll excuse!
Caseworker: Thank you, your honor!

Calvin: At this time your honor, the people rest.
Judge Legance: The defends can call the first witness.
Trevor: I have some special witnesses who will testify that ACME never done wrongdoing nor has Jared and Marla Foster.
Judge Legance: Really, for what reason?
Trevor: It's about Mr. Marks' client and there's proof from the afterlife.
Calvin: Huh?!?! I object, your honor, I thought the people are willing to see those defendants behind bars.
Judge Legance: Mr. Legal, do you think you can bring your 'special witnesses' to the stand ever though they came from the afterlife?
Trevor: Yes, your honor!
Calvin: Don't do it, your honor, he's tricking you!
Judge Legance: You know what I think there's something your client is hiding something from the truth, Mr. Marks, Mr. Legal bring your 'witnesses' over tomorrow night. *Uses the gavel to adjure for now. *

(End of Chapter Seven)
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Chapter Eight

Outside the courthouse, Sacramento, CA, USA

Nickels: *as he headed for the limousine* I won't let that lawyer defeated us with the ones from the afterlife.
Calvin: That's not all, remember that apartment building around Toronto.
Nickels: Yes, what about it?
Calvin: I believe that the one who runs that building might testify against you and not them.
Nickels: *to the head of the security guard* Try and stop them so that way no one will testify against me.
Security Guard: Yes, sir! Me and my men will handle this right now! *As he leaves and headed for Downtown Sacramento. *

Downtown Sacramento

*The Security Guard went to the Humbug Gang's hideout*

Security Guard: *gasped as he saw the door is opened and enter inside* Boys, didn't I tell you guys not to...*screamed as Team ACME (Jade, Cole, Maylee, Jason, Tyson and Jessie) along with the police busted the Humbug Gang and he raise his hands in the air. *

Inside the ACME Mobile Crime Lab Van

Brenda N. Butters: Well, done, you guys apprehended the Humbug Gang they won't be messing up the holidays behind bars.
Jade: *on screen* The trial isn't over yet; Brenda I hope Spencer finds out what that 'Ghosts Begone' is made of.
Spencer Ross: We did, Jade: the solution is made of water and salt from the Dead Sea mixed with oils of sage, rose and lavender and ammonia.
Casper: Golly, that's something to do with haunted houses not scaring us one at a time.
Brenda: Exactly, Casper I've figure someone created this for Nickels' sake.

Jade: And not only that, but there's also something else about Nickels...I've found out that his least favorite book is A Christmas Carol, his least favorite movies are anything to do with Christmas.
Jason: Like what? It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, the Home Alone movie series well except for the third one which turns out to be an after Christmas one. (Once again, I don't own those movies whatsoever and of course the book I mention I don't own that either as well)
Jessie: So, you're saying Nickels' least favorite holiday is Christmas.
Tyson: You're so right, Jessie! He's a hundred times worse than Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and more like Mr. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life altogether.

Casper: That Mr. Nickels is going to have learn a lesson tomorrow night. *Spooky phase through*
Spooky: And I've got everyone who knew about that cold hearted, ill tempered, greedy and ghost bullied miser he really is.

*Outside Carmen smiles with gleamed and she knows that ACME and the ones who take care of those special kids are innocent of a crime they didn't commit at all. *

(End of Chapter Eight don't worry I'll get to the next chapter done before tomorrow)
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Chapter Nine

Sacramento, CA, USA

Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse
East Side of the building room 102 (December 11th)

Bailiff: All rise...* People stands up* The Court of the Judicial District will resume its session, the honorable Al Legence, presiding. Please be seated. *The People did. *

Judge Legence: Before we go any further of this case, jurors, I'm glad and relieved that you all are not afraid of any witnesses that will phase anytime...Are the defense ready?
Trevor: Yes, your honor the defense calls on a witness from Toronto, Canada.
Carmen: *voice only* Don't worry about your landlord, Patty, he'll explain everything.
Patty: *voice only* I hope so, Aunt Carmen, otherwise I might end up in the streets.
Vic: *voice only* Calm down, Pats we know what he's doing is right.

(After the witness swear in)

Trevor: Tell the jurors what your occupation is?
Witness: I'm a landlord well, I used to be.
Trevor: Do you see of these defendants that not only remove you but the tenants?
Witness: No, absolutely not, I've got a letter from a gentleman who wanted to the apartment building that I did not owe from him.
Trevor: Who was that gentleman?
Witness: A gentleman named Philip Nickels!
Calvin: Objection, your honor, he blames my client instead one of the defendants here.
Judge Legance: I'm surprised at this turnout the objection is overruled.
Calvin: *in a rage* What?!?! You can't be serious!
Judge Legance: I am serious after all, Mr. Marks. You may continue, Mr. Legal.
Trevor: How much does the plaintiff owe you?
Witness: Thirty -five thousand in Canadian Dollars.
Trevor: In U.S. Dollars that is twenty-seven thousand three hundred eighteen dollars and sixty-eight cents. *People were shocked so does the jurors* I wonder why?
Witness: He wanted to expand his business. *People gasped in silent. *
Trevor: No more questions.
Calvin: I have no questions for this witness.

Jade: *voice only* After Patty's landlord steps down from the witness box here comes the next witness.
Trevor: The defense calls its next witnesses from the afterlife. *People notice the lights blinking and there are six ghosts showing up in their own clothing. *

(After six ghosts each swearing in to tell the truth)

Trevor: Ghost#1, who were you in life?
Ghost#1: Gary Trust, I used to be Mr. Nickels' business partner.
Trevor: Ghost#2, same question...
Ghost#2: I'm Freda Nickels, I was ten years old and was his stepsister. :(
Trevor: Ghost#3.
Ghost#3: I'm Chelsea Hertz, I used to date Mr. Nickels.
Trevor: And Ghosts #4, #5 and #6.
Ghost#4: We were once victims of an unknown reform school in the Sacramento Valley.
Ghost#5: We were all sentence there by a rogue criminal court judge before you [Al Legance], your honor.
Ghost#6: That judge warns each of our own families if they don't pay up, they go to jail or send us to a reform school to pay up the debts and mortgages which our own families don't have enough for.

Spooky: *voice only* Hey, Casper! *As Casper phase outside there was Spooky and the Ghostly Trio* I hope they're telling their story.
Casper: They sure are.
Jade: *voice only* And surely enough each told the story...Mr. Trust lost his wife from cancer; his eldest daughter lost her life in a car crash and his youngest son died from leukemia and he try to stop Nickels from moving his money to an offshore bank in the British Virgin Islands; Freda who has one arm and one leg lost her life after a cardiac arrest, his ex-girlfriend whose parents are rich ends up quadriplegic and being disowned by her parents and last but not least the three schoolgirls all end up pregnant from an unknown reason while in that reform school eight years ago.
Maylee: *voice only* Turns out each of them carried one baby prematurely could they be the mother of the special needed kids.
Cole: *voice only* According to medical records they are so ACME and the caretakers were innocent all this time.

Inside the courthouse

Judge Legance: Well, what I heard is enough, I've just found Mr. Nickels and you, Mr. Marks are obstructing justice and you two were about to be ruining Christmas for everyone. Therefore, I see no other choice, Mr. Nickels I'll see to it that all the money will return its rightful owners and Mr. Marks, I'll see to it that you won't doing law at all.
Calvin: What?!?! You can't do this to us.
Judge Legance: Can and will! The charges against Jared and Marla Foster and ACME are dropped, court adjourned. *Hits his gavel as the police officers arrested Calvin and Nickels. *


Jade: *voice only* What happened is incredible? The caseworker talks to Johnny and Katelyn that they will be adopted Wyatt, Ian and Hayley because the caseworker worries no one will take them in, while Jared and Marla are happy because they end up as teacher's aids in San Francisco helping out a Special Education Teacher who recently fired a teacher's aide being so abusive to other special needed kids. And as for Patty Larceny, well...
Carmen: *voice only* She's just move back to her apartment, Jade!
Casper: *voice only* Thank goodness!
(End of Chapter Nine, this story is far from over I promised there's a happy ending)


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Boston, MA, USA (December 25th as in two weeks later)
Richard and Wanda Tagg's house
Chase: *dressed up as Santa Claus helping to pass out the presents to Richard and Wanda's housekeeper, Tilly to her grandkids* Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas! *Tilly's grandkids are happy and cheerful*
Tilly: I want to thank you and the rest of ACME for coming over put a good Christmas party!
Chase: Of course, anything to cheer your grandkids.
Tilly: I have never my grandkids so happy to see Santa again.

Richard: I wish we would've brought in either a goose, turkey or even a duck but unfortunately my doctor told me to look out for the cholesterol especially this year.
Wanda: It sure does. *Sipping on a mulled wine*
Richard: And we're so glad to be grandparents to these special children.
Wanda: They may be different on the outside, but their hearts are incredible on the inside.

Wyatt: (through his Tab Speech) We're glad we're together not as friends anymore but as brothers and a sister.
Ian: (through his speech generating tablet) I agree even more, and we'll be going to a special school in San Francisco and Hayley hopes Jared and Marla will be there, dad.
Johnny: Of course, they will, Ian that why your mother and I enrolled all three of you there and yes, Jared and Marla are hired there as well. *Hayley wave cheerfully*
Jade: Hayley is very happy about that, Johnny!
Katelyn: We did the right thing, Johnny!
Johnny: It sure does Katelyn! *As the doorbell rings. *
Archie: Sounds like the caterers have arrive. *As the butler opens the door. *
Vic/ Moe/ Lars: *voice only* Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas! *As Carmen enters along with Vic, Moe, Lars, Patty, Contessa along with her servants bring in the appetizers and the desserts, Perry and his cousin, Trevor.

Richard: Well, I'll be, Trevor Legal, my old roommate.
Trevor: It's been a while, Richard, Wanda.
Wanda: Good to see you again, Trevor and you too, Perry
Perry: Thank you, Wanda!

Carmen: *to Chase* And you didn't forget about us, do you, 'Santa?'
Chase: Well, no I didn't in fact some of our ACME agents show up while the rest sees their own families on Christmas.
Bolt: *holding a punch bowl full of eggnog* Sure does, eggnog?
Carmen: *as Bolt place the punch bowl on the table. * No thank you, Mr. Upright!
Vic: Sure, we'll have some.
Lars: Get me one too I brought the rum and brandy to mix mine.
Moe: Make it three.
Bolt: No problem! Chase, how about you and Jordan?
Chase: I'm good thank you, Bolt!
Lee: I rather have an apple cider...a hard one that is.
Contessa: I should try a mulled wine.
Patty: Make my hot chocolate.
Maylee: Same here.
Cole: Me too.

Tilly: Would anyone like an iced Christmas tea?
Jade: I would.
Johnny: Me and Katelyn would like to try one, Tilly.
Perry: I'll try one as well.
Trevor: Make it two.
Carmen: I have one as well.

Casper: *as he, Spooky, the Ghostly Trio and Katelyn's parents (Thomas and Mackenzie Willow phase though the door) Merry Christmas, everyone!
Fatso: There's a boo Christmas tonight.

Agnes Acme: *voice only* As everyone enjoy the holidays others will have to spend Christmas with their own families...oh by the way, Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

The End

Menu for the Christmas Party

As mentioned, there mostly appetizers and desserts at the party.

Appetizers: cheese straws, crab cakes, Hummus with baby carrots and celery sticks, Fried Calamari with Marinara Sauce, Chicken Satay with peanut sauce, cocktail meatballs, pigs in a blanket, Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie), Bite Size beef Wellington and Candied pecans.

Desserts: Sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, Snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies (the chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies are sugar free and Keto friendly for Jade's sake)

Beverages: Hot chocolate, eggnog, mulled wine, hard apple cider and iced Christmas tea (it made with gingerroot, cinnamon sticks, pomegranate juice (unsweetened), raspberry black tea and honey (sugar free substitute))

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