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‘Damn alarm… I’ve gotta put that thing someplace else.’ Yawning, I shut the alarm off and curse the sun. I must’ve hit snooze when it went off at 6:45AM. I remember I was going to change the ringer so it was more annoying, and stretch, feeling several joints crack. Feeling around my desk, I find my glasses resting on the laptop’s keyboard. I head to the kitchen where the coffee is waiting, thank modern science for inventing auto-on coffee makers. Had some coffee, then got ready for the day; quick shave and shower, got dressed, and packed my laptop in my backpack. Dug out a Bluetooth earbud and grabbed my board and hit the street towards the Agency.
About ten minutes later, I was scanning my badge at the front desk; woke up ten minutes late, and still got to the Agency five minutes early. Yeah, feels like a Thursday… could never get the hang of Thursdays.

Dropped off my board and backpack at my desk before going to get my daily caffeine in the breakroom. There were doughnuts in the breakroom by the coffee machine… grabbed a couple and my coffee, and went to my desk. I got the laptop up and running and logged in to the network, and took a look over the files that were waiting for me. I pulled the radio out of its pocket and set it on its charger and set it to scan.
About two hours later, I had gone through the files and found a few connections that nobody else had found, but not much else; certainly, nothing that would solve it. I took notes of what each case’s MO was and who was suspected, just in case something similar came up in the future.

Took a break, had a smoke. Was heading back in when my communicator beeped; the Director called a meeting set for 10:30AM.

The meeting was held in the conference room. Mostly it was just a rehashing of what cases from state, country and international were still unsolved, and a reminder that the biggest and longest single case hadn’t seen any activity in over nine months, but was still open and actively being investigated, and the usual mentions of make sure to leave no tip unfollowed and follow-up with any informants or witnesses.

Took lunch slightly early today, got to a lull in the files, and it seemed like a good time to take a break. Over lunch, chatted with some of the other detectives, and got some background on this long-unclosed case. It seems that the Agency knows who it is, and always got tips about the crime, and still hadn’t been able to close the case. A few of the other agents seemed to agree with each other, saying that the old case would be closed ‘in due time’, just like the apparently unanswered question of whose name was redacted in certain older files. They left before I could ask what the hell that meant.
Went outside to have a smoke before heading back to my desk. I heard some sirens a fair distance away; wish I would’ve brought my radio with.

When I got back to my desk, my radio picked up police chatter about a similar theft occurring a dozen blocks from the agency. I gathered the files and went to the Director’s office to see if I could go and try to close the case.
After some talk, I was on the case. The Director made sure to remind me that the police were leads on the case, but I was welcome to assist if possible, and if I could make a major break in the case, I would take lead on the case.

I quickly sorted through what I had packed in my mission backpack and thinned it out a bit to lighten the load. I ran down to the garage and hopped in my car, and, kicking in both turbos, drove as fast as I could to get there. When I got there, there were two police cars parked out front; I parked behind the second one and headed inside. The police gave me some static at first, but once I showed my ACME ID, they let me in. First thing I did was check out what was taken.
Nothing expensive or big, the money was still in the register. Glancing from where the stuff was taken, there were cameras watching the area. I pulled out my tablet and pulled up the camera feeds and skimmed through them until I found when the theft happened; with three cameras and good line-of-sight, I sent the clips to ACME’s mainframe and had it construct a 3D model of the thieves. There were three of them.
Once the computers came up with the pictures of them, I ran them through facial recognition and the ID databases, and came up with names; one of them had his driver’s license, and I found a car registered to him. Quickly, I fed the car’s plates into the traffic cam system and within a couple minutes had near real-time location along with make, model, and anything identifiable about the car. I copied the info to the police, and jumped in my car and sped away towards the trio, getting live updates from the traffic cam system.
I caught up to them and herded them into an alley; there was no way out of this alley, so I just blocked them in with my car until the police got there. By then, the trio was practically climbing the walls trying to get out.
They were arrested without incident, and the police credited me with nabbing them, I explained to them that it’s their case, I just lent a hand. Once we got the paperwork done, and exchanged contact information, I headed back to ACME.

Got back to ACME, after stopping to get some gas and a pop. When I got back, I sent the Director a message that I was back, and was called into his office. A few minutes later, I was in his office with a filled out printout of the report on the case from my tablet, along with a copy of the pictures and the security camera video. The Director congratulated me on solving the case, though he did wonder why I didn’t take the lead on the case. I explained that I didn’t think I did enough to warrant taking all the credit; all I really did was compare what happened there to the other occurrences and run the security footage through the ACME system.
The director made a note for me to get out on more cases in the future.

Updated the files on my laptop, checked through the latest files, and officially closed the store thefts file. After a bit, I decided to take a good look at the latest files. After some note-taking and research, I managed to find some connections between a couple files, and made note of them.
By the time I wrapped up the files, it was past six and it was about time to head home; there were only a couple other people still on my floor.
I shut everything down at my desk, packed my laptop and radio, and grabbed my board and headed for the door, scanning my badge to clock out, checked the overnight sheet to see who was the primary on-call agents. I wasn’t scheduled for on-call duty for the next five days. I plunked my board down on the sidewalk and put an earbud in and started my music; it started playing Boston’s “Magdalene” and I started skating back to my apartment.

Was skating past the bar I had first met the Director at, when I noticed some of the other Agents sitting on the patio at O’Sullivan’s. A few of them waved me to join them, and realizing I didn’t feel like doing much cooking, I went up and joined them.
We laughed, exchanged stories, I listened to some of the other Agents tell stories about their more exotic cases, though there was no mention of the unclosed case or the redacted name. They laughed at my first closed case, but a couple of the Agents were impressed. Someone gave me a bit of a hard time for not taking credit, and I explained I was raised to be humble. One of the more experienced Agents joked about me racing my car against the Cayman that was always parked in the garage.
The night wound down at about 9:00PM, and I learned that it had been a tradition in ACME to gather at O’Sullivan’s at least once a month as a group (and, more often, usually in smaller groups).

Got home, put the laptop on the charger, set the alarm on my phone to a more annoying ringer (and set it across the room) and set a backup alarm on the laptop (with a loud and annoying sound). Grabbed a beer and went out on narrow balcony to have a smoke before bed, then a quick e-mail check along with some quick TV watching to catch up on a couple shows before bed. After finishing the latest episode of The Blacklist from my DVR, put my communicator on its charger near my bed, did my usual bathroom routine before bed and hit the hay. Almost three weeks on the job as an official Agent, and wrapped a case… even if it wasn’t a big international case, a case is a case.
We’ll see what tomorrow brings… who knows… maybe the next one will be bigger… it would be really cool to end up working that long open case. But, I’d better get to sleep if I want to be on my game in the morning… it’s almost midnight.

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