A Christmas Story Part 2

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(I own only myself. Invader is mentioned briefly, in name only and with her permission.)

Sunday, December 2, 2018. Around 10:00 a.m.

Julie walks over to her white, faux marble counter-top, to a small, square, semi-clear white storage container, with the words "Cookie Cutters" very neatly printed on a label on the lid. She takes the lid off the box, and starts to look through the box. "So much for trying to be more organized," she grumbles to herself. "Who would think finding a simple cookie cutter would be harder than finding Carmen Sandiego, herself? !!," She laughs aloud at her own joke.

"I knew it was in here!!," Julie says triumphantly, as she finally finds what she was looking for: a cookie cutter, usually used for Halloween: a medium-size spiderweb, with a one inch black-widow type spider, in the upper left of the web. She rinses and dries it off a little, and puts it on a clean paper towel, on the counter.

She puts her white, medium length bib apron with the three-section, deep patch pocket and adjustable neck strap back on and ties it. She goes over to her white, 5 quart, tilt head stand mixer, and cleans it a little, before adding more ingredients to make a new batch of sugar cookie dough. She turns on the mixer, starting on a slower speed, putting in 1 egg, and then the rest of the dry ingredients: 1 cup flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 3/4 baking powder, 1 cup unsalted butter; and then adds the wet ingredients: 1 tablespoon of milk, and she slowly adds some food coloring, to make the forming dough green. When the dough gets to the consistency she wants, she turns the mixer off.

Julie tilts back the head of the mixer, and carefully removes the bowl, with the cookie dough in it. She takes it over the small but useful "island" and puts down next to the 14.5 in x 10 in hardwood cutting board (which can also be used as a serving tray). She picks up, rinses, and dries off a 12 inch, medium spoon-type spatula, using it to scoop the green dough out of the bowl, and puts it on the cutting board. Putting the spatula down, she picks up the classic wood rolling pin with handles, and puts a little powdered sugar on it, and begins to flatten out the dough. When the dough is flattened enough, Julie goes over to the counter and gets the cookie cutter. She presses down, making impressions in the dough. She picks up the pieces of excess dough from around the edges of the cutting board, and rolls it into a small ball, and tosses it into the mixing bowl. She picks up the 9 inch spatula, using it to pick up the cookies, and put them onto the cookie sheet. She picks up and puts on a left-hand oven mitt, and carefully picks the cookie sheet, with the cookies on it. She walks over to the white, 30 inch, self-cleaning convection oven and microwave oven wall combo; with her right hand, she opens the oven door with the satin-texture handles. She puts in the cookies, and closes the door, re-setting the timer.

Julie goes over to the kitchen sink, and washes and dries her hands a little. She picks up the hardwood cutting board, and rinses and dries it off a little. Once again, she puts the cutting board on the "island." She searches through her kitchen cabinets, and finds a small plastic bowl, and puts it on the cutting board. She gets the some of the white frosting she used earlier. She picks up the 12 inch, spoon-type spatula, and rinses and dries it off a little. She uses the spatula, and puts some of the white frosting, and puts it into the small bowl. Julie gets up, and looks through her cabinets, until she finds a small vial of black food coloring. Julie grabs toothpick from the small jar on her kitchen table, and one of her kitchen chairs. Sitting down at the island, she takes the black food coloring, adding it slowly to the white frosting, stirring it a little with a toothpick, creating a light grey. She throws away the toothpick away in the trash. She picks up another toothpick, and a small vial of 100% pure edible silver glitter, and stirs it into the remainder of the white frosting that she was using earlier. Picking up the 12 inch, spoon-type spatula, she puts the frosting into the medium size pastry bag with the fine tip. She looks through her drawers and finds her fine-tip cake decorating 3 brush set.

The oven timer dings, and Julie puts on her oven mitts, goes over to the oven, opens the door, and carefully takes the tray of cookies out of the oven, puts them on the counter to cool a little. She takes off the oven mitts, and puts the hardwood cutting board in the sink. She picks up the tray down on the "island" and sits down to decorate the cookies. She picks up one of the fine-tip cake decorating brushes, and dips it in the light grey icing, coloring the spiders on the cookies; then she picks up the medium-size pastry bag, with the fine tip, and puts the white icing with the edible silver glitter on the spiderwebs. Julie is pleased with how her cookies have turned out; but realizes that these holiday cookies are a bit unusual; but hopes that her friend, Invader will like them.

Julie washes her hands a little. She gets a plate from the dish-drainer by the sink; she goes over the kitchen table, where she put the cookies she made earlier were set aside to cool on two separate cookie sheets: one, decorated traditionally, with green frosting and a little red and gold 100% edible glitter; and one with gingerbread "Rudolph the Red-Nosed-Reindeer;" with white icing on the antlers, and a little red frosting, and 100% edible glitter on the nose. She puts one of each cookie on her plate; and goes over to her cupboard and gets a glass; and then goes over to her refrigerator, and takes out some milk. She goes back to the kitchen table, pours herself a glass of milk, and sits down, and takes one bite of each cookie. Satisfied that they turned out well, and do in fact, taste good, she gets up, and starts looking through her drawers and finds three medium size-semi-clear food storage containers, some masking tape, and a pen; she tears off a piece of tape, putting it on one container and writes the words, "Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies" on it very neatly, putting the cookies in it. She labels another container, "Reindeer Gingerbread Cookies" and puts those cookies in it. Finally, she labels one container, "Christmas Spiderweb-Sugar Cookies."

She will share her cookies with her friends tomorrow. But, first she will finish eating the cookies on her plate. :)
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