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Tenchi Masaki

ACME Detective, Rookie
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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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Home 01 Compound

Master Control Mainframe (Central Wing)
Primary control systems for greenlit A.I. programs and robots. All Software programs created are uploaded here with new software and hardware developed and tested in the Laboratory.

2. Research Test Laboratory (West Wing)
Scientific Theory application utilizing multiple fault tolerant lab rooms, biomes, test rooms, and holographic testing simulations with equational formula generation for hardware, software, and pharmaceutical products. Scientists and Engineers utilize state of the art equipment to build and test prototypes here. Military grade machines are transferred to Special Project Laboratory and further overseen by Frontier Army specialists, scientists, and engineers on their end. Prototypes are tested by individuals who have undergone extensive testing and screening checks. Through the SCARLETT Contract under authorization by Tenchi Masaki, lab assistant Charlet Saylor is designated Special Gadget Tester(SGT) for ACME Crime-Net and ACME Detective Agency respectively.

3. Factory Production (West Wing)
Raw ores and materials are gathered through use of robots and A.I. The management factory processes raw materials and proceeds to build template designs that are submitted by registered parties. Also builds Archetype, Prototype, and Final design Templates. Accepts public works projects and general hardware/software requests from the general public within set limitations specified by, Tenchi Masaki. Secondary Authorization granted by Cora Porter or Delores Edmund. Residences: Classified
Addition of recovered S.T.C. exotic technology to Factory pending authorization by, Tenchi Masaki.

4. Roadie and Wheels
Fourth and Fifth supercars designed by Tenchi Masaki that utilizes the GOV Engine which ranges from GOV-24, GOV-12, GOV-10, and the GOV-8 engine which was specifically designed for Roadie and Wheels. Due to certain elements of the auto industry shunning him out of jealousy, and general elitism from overenthusiastic gearheads, the official specs for Roadie and Wheels are not stated by Tenchi or Kylie and the industry is forced to rely on estimated specifications. Roadie and Wheels are themselves two computers possessing artificial intelligence that can talk, and fully operate their respective cars.
Designated Drivers: Roadie Tenchi Masaki / Wheels Kylie Griffin

Roadie is a futuristic concept car design with no real world counterpart however; Wheels is a 67' Ford Mustang restored by Tenchi Masaki and upgraded with spy technology. After Tenchi watched the Pole Position cartoon intro he decided to build the cars in real life, and made them do everything that the cartoon showed them do at minimum. His friend Kylie was brought in to help test drive as there were two supercars and only one Tenchi. After mastering driving them Roadie and Wheels have been upgraded to Mark 2 status and utilize more advanced technologies, an improved hydro-mode, and a new mini-sub mode originally tested by the Mach 5.

5. Airship Dock (Upper Central, North, South, East, and West Wings)
On the upper levels of Home 01 the Airship Dock was constructed to Tenchi's specifications an artificial cloud bank covers the upper area so people cannot see the ships above the clouds. Its purpose is to construct Airships from either specially designed, bio-engineered wood and/or metal trees grown in the immediate area. The trees are embedded at the molecular level by the nanites and while wood have the durability of steel. This enables Tenchi to design various ships that can if needed; float on water like a seafaring vessel. The first ship constructed was the Prima Vista from Final Fantasy 9, then the Hildegarde from Final Fantasy 7, alternating between the games until they were all built. From there ships from various sources real and imagined were selected for construction. Kids get free rides and hang out in guest areas while the ships go about their scheduled routines of transporting supplies or materials to various locations.

Declassified Information

6. Hybrid Tower

While it is known that Home 01 sits on a false foundation and can lower completely into the ground onto the true foundation; it has only been recently revealed to the surrounding populace that the Central Wing is more than it seems. It can be considered half of a bigger whole, the lower formerly disavowed half is a inverted skyscraper going down into the ground instead of up. The first floor, (-1) starts on Basement level 2 and it continues downward to the current "upper floor" (-100) "top" of the tower possesses drilling and construction equipment making it capable of drilling down further and constructing new floors. Everything was fine until it hit a void and discovered a subterranean sea. Survey and Scanning Robots were sent to study the find. They detected undiscovered lifeforms as well as gave the go ahead for setting up a water plant.

Since that point Home 01 has had more water than it knew what to do with. But not one to miss an opportunity Tenchi pumped water up into Home 01 and set up elevators and other steampunk inspired systems powered by steam, water pressure, or hydraulics.

Because Steampunk is cool. :cool:

End of Briefing report..... Signing off
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