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Goddess of thieves
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Chapter 1: Tiffany's Shovel
On a mysterious and bitter night in New York City,
A vile matter is growing underneath everybody's noses.
Their Objective is produced by tiffany and co.
It is not a golden bracelet that sells for five thousand dollars.
Although, the bandit has her sights set on that.
Among the shadows hides a sly thief known as Laverna Heist. Her eyes mirror the light of ongoing cars that whirled along the streets.
Her boots squeak as she wandered through puddles.
"I am in position." She shouts into a mike hidden under her crimson hood.
"Stand by for my signal," The voice belonging to Carmen sandiego answers.
"Aye," She replies while getting disturbed by a giant rodent.

The grey rat is a foot long and carrying a slice of pepperoni pizza in his oversized rodent teeth.
"The things you see on the streets," she whispers to herself.
Her location is near 1220 fifth avenue and she is aching to make this show on the road.
At this very moment, she catches a red flashing beacon from a window inside the museum of the city of New York.
"there is my signal," She recognizes as she hurries across the lane towards it,
Her hooded coat doing no suitable job in managing to keep her dry in this heavy rainstorm.
She makes it past the pavement as thunder earsplittingly roars in the pitch-black skies.

She pushes herself onto the door and it unearthly swings wide as if she enchanted it for that purpose.
Unlike most vile agents, she comes in through the main entrance because someone left it unlocked.
"Do you have magical talents to open locked doors?" a Goon which shared his looks with every other one joked.
Laverna smirks in retort. she stalks the passage leaving a trail of watery footprints as she meets the boss's side.
To her disappointment, they were not keeping all the special silver platters or the archival photographs.
She found the elusive thief eyeing something that never painted the envisioning of tiffany's in her mind.
"shovel, we are taking a shovel?" She sarcastically remarks.

Carmen Sandiego sighs sadly at her Protégée. Her weight moving from one foot to another.
"It isn't your everyday gardening tool, Miss Heist." She explains while raising an eyebrow.
"it's created by tiffany's; it possesses to have some level of influence." Her protegee states in pride.
"It is on display in the city's museum of New York, That is a more valid expectation of Its importance," her boss replies while questioning Laverna's philosophy.
Carmen Sandiego opens the case taking the silver shovel.
Her gloved hands take it up like you would pick up a newborn baby.
"It was used to proclaim the first excavation of the New York, subway on March 24, 1900," She swiftly Informs her uneducated student.


Goddess of thieves
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Meddling kid
Her student nods in admit of the shovel's historical value.
Laverna asks her employer a question; despite recognizing the answer would be a solid negative.
"Can I swipe a trinket from tiffany's and co?" She basically begs.
Carmen rolls her blue eyes at Laverna's determination,
"I told you, no fifteen times already," She declares in disappointment.
The smaller thief crosses her arms, and her eyes transform into puppy eyes.
"that will never work on me," Carmen laughs at Laverna's childish antics.
The two thieves must plan to make a daring escape as security rushes inside the area.
The heavy sounds of incoming footsteps are deafening.

Laverna does not flinch as Carmen grabs her coat's sleeve pulling them closer to the exit.
Her feet struggle to keep up with the pace.
Their height difference is clearly at fault for that.
Unfortunately, they were cornered at every possible turn,
Laverna pants heavily as all the running tired her out.
A young and cocky guard approaches them.
His ego is enough to fill fifteen Olympic swimming pools.
Laverna quickly understood the situation that She has been dealt.
"freeze. thieves," The Guard commands while reaching in his pocket for a pair of handcuffs.
"I don't think, we shall," Laverna teases the Guard.
Laverna lets go of a small index card that she clung tightly to.

It softly lands upright on the marble floor as they escaped.
The guard laughs at the note; "is that a bomb?" He croaks.
"no, it's a piece of paper," Laverna sarcastically retorts.
The guard is letting his pride get the better of him.
He is too forward about his intentions to arrest both.
"you aren't going anywhere," He taunts.
Luck was on the thieves' side, as the fire alarm malfunctioned.
Carmen takes this as a chance to flee.
The Ladies in red vanish back out into the monstrous storm outside.
After the false alarm,
The Guard threw his cap on the ground before stomping it in rage.

"where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?" He cries to the heavens.


Goddess of thieves
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Chapter 2: The index
Acme heard of this stolen shovel and their curiosity piqued.
Detective Ruslan enters the crime scene with his loyal furry companion at his side.
He mentally curses his partner Anya White out for skipping out on using the C5 with Him.
She never physically shows up to the places; Acme is called to investigate.

The security guard doubts this sleuth’s capabilities at getting the artifact back from the miss demeanors.
The young man was working on his family’s farm for the weekend.
His face is speckled with dirt and his clothes are old and rough.

He introduces himself on perfect cue saying, “sorry about my messy look; I’m Ruslan and I’m with the acme detective agency.”

The guard recalls the events; He stretches the truth about his involvement in trying to stop this horrible deed against this lovely institution of city history,

His dog sniffs around looking for evidence without Ruslan’s command for him to do that.
The guard is visibly annoyed at the German Shepard mix.
“Control your mutt,” The guard roughly complained.
He tries to control his dog with extraordinarily bad luck, and His face is planted directly into the floor.
His nose landed directly on a white rectangular sheet of paper. “Now, what’s this?” Ruslan questioned as he sat upright.
The Guard laughs in amusement at the lad’s failure.
He picks up the parchment and discovers its true purpose.

“Good boy,” Ruslan praised his dog.
“Goodbye, sir.” Ruslan politely bided the rude guard farewell.
He used the c5 to get them back to acme headquarters in a blink of an eye.

Passing back and forth, He went. This made Herbert a very dizzy pup.
Chief the AI was becoming dizzy as well. “Stop burning rubber on the tile,” Chief Complained.
Ruslan’s sneakers shrieked to a stop, as he gave the holographic head an embarrassed expression.
“This clue is quite odd for Carmen; To be honest I think Laverna wrote it,” He explained.

“Then it should be easier to solve,” Chief cheekily replied.

“Correction, boys, it is very complicated.” A feminine Russian accent announced loudly.

” Anya White,” Ruslan muttered in annoyance at who finally decided to show up.
“Ruslan Child,” The Russian young woman remarked coldly.

She confidently trots in and snatches the index from her detective partner.
Her icy blue eyes scan over the scribbled handwriting on that scrap piece of parchment.
“Pfft, Will Miss Heist ever learn to make work any easier for us?” Anya sarcastically remarks.

It is well established that Laverna’s crime style was never anything, other than spontaneous bursts of kleptomania and insanity.
They sometimes still try to apply the same type of logic you would use on Carmen sandiego and that will always fail miserably. Luckily, for them Carmen oversaw this caper and her protegee learning the craft of thievery hands on.

“Seriously, it says subway no other context,” Anya whined as she gave the filthy guy back the evidence.
“But what subway, the sandwich store, or the New York subway?” Ruslan sarcastically asked.

“A mere sub sandwich is not related to this caper’s theme.” Anya replied.
“I suggest you change into clean attire, unless you dare be mistaken as a hobo on New York streets. She added before opening her acme netbook.

“Out of all times for you to be helpful, and it’s to insult my look.” Ruslan remarks after all he was offended.

“Small town boy, just learn to grow up,” Anya rebutted while doing what she is best at being heartless and good with surveillance camaras.

Chief was extremely disappointed in their inability to see eye to eye. He could feel Anya’s burn comment influenced the Idahoan.

“Stop acting like a know it all,” Ruslan exclaimed with an angry tone.

“I am a second-generation acme detective, I do know it all,” Anya smugly replied while she hacked into camaras all over the big apple for an impossible game of I spy.

“You are such a prick,” Ruslan muttered under his breath.

Still, insulting each other was never going to put vile behind bars. “Stop arguing, Gumshoes, we have work to do, if we want to see them behind bars anytime soon.” Chief introjected himself into this horrible chit-chat.

“sorry, “ Anya sighed

Ruslan ran off to find something else to wear on his lanky figure. Herbert shook leaving mud all over the place.

“messy mutts,” Anya complained as a couple of familiar figures caught her icy blue eyes.

“found them,” She smirked in wicked delight.

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