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Welcome to another deduction exercise. I’m thinking of a nation.

  • You have 11 questions (in total, not each).
  • They must all be yes/no questions.
  • First correct answer closes the game.
  • If the game hits 11 questions with no correct answer, the game also closes.
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Boss (situational)
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Is the nation in the Southern hemisphere?
The answer to this is 'Yes' but because Patty already asked if the nation was in the Northern hemisphere and the answer there was 'No', this question is redundant. I won't deduct a question for this. I'm nice like that.

Ummm… Is it alright to guess, before you have confirmed whether the last person's guess is correct, or not? :)
Yes, Julie, you can ask/guess without knowing the previous answer.

Is it on the African continent?
8 questions left.

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is very intrigued by the this "Name the Nation" guessing game, now that knows the correct answer is a nation in Africa. ;)
*discovers she has "hole"y socks just in time for the holidays*
Nevon wrote on Patty's profile.
Nice snapshot, Patty!

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