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  1. Laverna

    Q & A Letter analysis

    Search up letter analysis and enter your name Here’s mine L You have the most talented personality. You can be talented in so many different areas like art, sports and education. A Your sense of analyzing life is stronger. You are known as a reasonable person. V You don’t care anyone and...
  2. Laverna

    dark clouds

    Laverna sighed deeply as she woke up in her dorm at Stoney harbor. Her brain felt empty and numb. “Not again,”. She muttered as she stared at the ceiling. She has tried for whole five years to bury her inner demons. Forcing herself to stand up when her whole existence became a void...
  3. Laverna

    A bite of the big apple

    Chapter 1: Tiffany's Shovel On a mysterious and bitter night in New York City, A vile matter is growing underneath everybody's noses. Their Objective is produced by tiffany and co. It is not a golden bracelet that sells for five thousand dollars. Although, the bandit has her sights set on that...
  4. Laverna

    Open The Goddess’ Vengence

    Laverna’s husband and baby are held hostage by a new criminal organization called Riot. the deal is Laverna has to retire from her criminal career or never see her family again. However her and her gang are out for revenge with help by the authorities. (( upcoming roleplay: coming soon)((...
  5. Laverna

    Carmen’s first interrogation

    on a dusty VHS laid the truth of her criminal beginnings. the video began to play showing the notorious thief at just ten-year-old. she sat in an interrogation room across from the camera and on her chubby face was her signature smirk "look, I didn't do anything, Detective sir," She pleaded...
  6. Laverna

    a stolen detective. a film noir style roleplay.

    case file: LH212 Laverna has been acting out of character; She seems to be planning something big. and the detective named ruslan has vanished overnight without a trace. I almost forgot to mention that supplies have disappeared from acme labs. It's without a doubt Laverna is behind this, but...
  7. Laverna

    vile musical

    laverna: They're normal people Not like you Not like me Please can't we be a normal family! One normal night That's all I want That's all I need from you no crimes We ain't got the time You must admit we make people shout "christ" So can't we muse a bit and lose the basic heist? Whoa, one...
  8. Laverna

    clue ((halloween journal))

    It was merely a casualty in the mansion. The rain pounded on the roof as we realized one of us had blood on our hands. Anya wasn't too happy about this whole Larping thing. I could tell as she stared coldly at me from across the room. "Honestly, Mrs white is glaring at me like I am some...
  9. Laverna


    I honestly don't know the reason for celebrating my birthday anymore. Not like I have guests to invite to a birthday bash anyways. I am not expecting any gifts or cake this year. I seem to busier than usual as I'm running back and forth over vile headquarters. A pack of red candles, a package...
  10. Laverna

    How i met Anya

    Anya white was the harshest and coldest detective at acme. She wasn't always this shut-in herself; the unsolved murder of a childhood friend hardened her heart. Little did she know; that friend was very much alive. I'm that friend and honestly wish I could break into her room and say I'm...
  11. Laverna

    Q & A voice claims?

    this is laverna`s how does your chara6ers sound
  12. Laverna

    No work for you

    She groaned as she woke up in her bed. The stuffed rabbit had fallen on the floor During the night. Her head hurt significantly as she scooped up her bunny. On her nightstand laid her red hearing aids sparkling in the morning sun. The nightstand was white with chipped spots. She...
  13. Laverna


    Every once in. A while I will sing a parody I wrote here. come home in the morning light Tenchi says, "When you gonna live your life right?" Oh tenchi dear we're not the fortunate ones And girls, they wanna have fun Oh girls just want to have fun The phone rings in the middle of the...
  14. Laverna

    Who wants a reference in my halloween story?

    Okay so I’m making a Scooby doo crossover where I have turned into a were-ferret. Like I can give a reference at the halloween party that scooby doo crashes. Just state what you would dress up as for a halloween party and how they would react to me turning into a were-ferret. And you...
  15. Laverna

    Let’s play the assumption game

    This is just for laughs and how to see how we see each other on here preferably ic but ooc works too some rules and how to play 1. Nothing is serious and should be treated as such 2. No nsfw assumptions 3. You can choose to verify if assumption is correct or not 4. Have fun @Tenchi Masaki...
  16. Laverna

    Q & A Ask me anything laverna

    The clumsy femme fatale with her pet ferret She was orignally charlet saylor an age regressor with a mischievous heart. no one really realizes she’s an adult which annoys her.
  17. Laverna

    Q & A What trope are you?

    I’m femme fatale
  18. Laverna

    Charlet has grown up

    I was getting tired of my baby verison of charlet so welcome laverna the goddess of thieves 15 years old do I really have to say what side I’m on
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