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  1. Claire Yeon

    Deduction [Solved] Everybody Look at Me 'Cause I'm Sailing on a Boat

    It has been entirely too long since we've played a game. I was recently at a beach with friends and the absolutely magnificent cargo ship Cetus Leader was heading upriver in a clear attempt to remind me of how much I adore giant boats. In honor of the occasion, I have decided to commemorate...
  2. Claire Yeon

    Writing Quarantine

    Since many of us find ourselves spending a lot more time at home these days, I thought it might be interesting to see what our characters are up to in these unprecedented times. Write a short story about how your character is impacted by the global response to COVID-19. Some questions you may...
  3. Claire Yeon

    Closed In General [11 Questions]

    Time for another game. I am thinking of a fictional general. You have 11 questions with which to deduce this character's identity. Rules of engagement: There is a limit of 11 guesses They must all be yes/no questions First correct answer closes the game If we reach 11 questions with no correct...
  4. Claire Yeon

    Writing Spittoon, Vague, Sentinel, Test, Reverse

    It's been a while since we've done one of these. Write something using the five words in the the thread's title. Words: Spittoon, Vague, Sentinel, Test, Reverse Rules: It can be a sentence, paragraph, poem, short story, ballad, ransom note, one-act play, tech manual, etc; anything to do with...
  5. Claire Yeon

    In the City by the Bay

    Twelve Bay-area publications had named Síle the best spot in the city for wine. Claire Yeon was withholding judgment until she’d actually tasted the offerings, but from what she’d seen so far, the hype was not unfounded. The view alone was everything it promised to be and more: the tasting room...
  6. Claire Yeon

    Deduction O Captain! My Captain!

    Let's play a game. I am thinking of a fictional captain. Rules of engagement: You have an infinite number of questions They must all be yes/no questions First correct answer closes the game Have at you.
  7. Claire Yeon

    Deduction I Sea What You Did There

    I am thinking of a sea. Not an ocean, not a freshwater body, and not something that blurs the distinction between lake and sea. We will go until it is solved. Good luck. Rules, per you-know-who: You have an infinite number of questions They must all be yes/no questions First correct answer...
  8. Claire Yeon

    Deduction Botticelli: Round 4

    This game, I like it! Another! Reminder of the rules: The chooser (yours truly) picks a famous person who is at least as famous as Sandro Botticelli The chooser gives one of the person's initials (if it were Botticelli, I could say S or B) Guessers may ask yes/no questions - you can indirectly...
  9. Claire Yeon

    Closed Elementary, my dear Watson

    I am thinking of an element. It is named on the periodic table. Since this is limited to a very specific range of answers, I am reducing the number of questions to 9. Rules (per @Chase): You have 9 questions (in total, not each). They must all be yes/no questions. First correct answer closes...
  10. Claire Yeon

    Closed To Rule Them All [Hot/Cold - Solved]

    I am thinking of a fictional king. We have been doing well with these, so we're going to change it up: you have nine guesses in which to deduce the identity of this character. I will help you along the way with hints... but I'll do my best to not make it too easy. Rules: You have 9 guesses (in...
  11. Claire Yeon

    Closed [Hot/Cold] Star Light, Star Bright

    I am thinking of a star. It is a full-fledged, named star - not a planet, satellite, star cluster, or brown dwarf. I believe we can do this in 11 guesses; you lot are clever and good with these games. Rules: You have 11 guesses (in total, not each) Every guess must be an actual...
  12. Claire Yeon

    Closed To Walk Among the Stars [Solved]

    I am thinking of an astronaut. Free clue: this person has flown multiple missions. Rules, per Chase: You have 11 questions (in total, not each). They must all be yes/no questions. First correct answer closes the game. If the game hits 11 questions with no correct answer, the game also closes...
  13. Claire Yeon

    Q & A AMA - Claire Yeon

    Claire Yeon was born and raised in Queens, New York, to immigrant parents originally from Busan. She is a first-generation American and her parents' only child. The family was not particularly wealthy, but they never lacked for essentials or the occasional treat. While she felt her parents were...
  14. Claire Yeon

    Delighted to meet you

    Greetings friends, frenemies, and future associates. My name is Claire Yeon. I am an art historian who specializes in forgery identification and asset recovery. I used to work for a prominent insurance firm in New York City, but left a few years ago to seek my own path. Lately, work has been...
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