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  1. systemcat

    To Return to Game Hit Continue

    As said in the other thread, I hope to produce one page a day with this short. I'm getting used to the new tablet fast. I don't think the complaints in reviews of it are justified as an art tool. But the cramping of the wrist due to the tablet's small size, that it deserves from the reviews. I...
  2. systemcat

    Forbidden Posting?

    The title sounded so amusing I had to check out the thread. "What is your signature scent?" Yes, it is a known fact I don't RP and I bow to those of you that are talented in being able to. But it looked like a fun thread to give a cute two cents on to give people a laugh at my reply. However on...
  3. systemcat


    It struck me the other day why I've been more open here than on the other forum. This is sad and I don't know what do to. Offline, FaceBook, and the other forum. I'm feeling really alienated. People are trying to cram their politics down my throat and those are so hate filled, I don't know...
  4. systemcat

    A Snake Pit of 30-06 Springfield

    Because of formatting problems with Microsoft Word I have to download new software to wrap up this story's more formal presentation. ... My connection is crap right now, so the guess is a few hours from now for the alternate version of Office. The DeviantArt posting will have a ton of comments...
  5. systemcat

    The Chat Area

    If the chat box area was not part of the forum established from the start of this place's domain registration. If it is some kind of added plugin from elsewhere. Where did it come from? I ask this on behalf of a place I know better than to say a word about. I think it's users would like how this...
  6. systemcat

    The Netflix Game

    I had to give it at least one try and relief if you haven't tried to play it yet and choose your adventure books have discouraged wanting to play. You can mess up but be given second chances. In the case of me playing, I fouled up three times but didn't have to restart. Hopefully it's unlimited...
  7. systemcat

    The Radio Show?

    I'm not 100% sure this is the right place for this topic, so mods. move if need be. The reason I'm not going with the Writer's Loft is this isn't story content directly. There is one aspect I've written thinly on so far for Snake Pit and in the end, it will be better defined. My prose writing...
  8. systemcat

    I Did Bad?

    This morning I submitted the cover art minus text into the forum's media and it went into understandable pending. Now it's been deleted. Did I present something bad? :(
  9. systemcat

    Opinion Please?

    Lately I've been giving updates with my DA posting of the latest pages to Loaded Stone. How the writing process has been moving along for my latest prose based story. Every once in a while I feel it does me good to write in that format as to not forget how to do it. Working with comic format...
  10. systemcat

    Added Entries For The I&S-verse Wikia

    This should have been done months and months back. Mentioning ACME and VILE in the Wikia site for the Iron and Steel-verse. I'm sure why it slipped my mind was they are the only organizations that aren't in name, acronyms for emotions. Plus most organizations in the AU are ones I've invented (...
  11. systemcat

    General Chatter Section?

    Maybe I'm missing this if it's present because I can't fill out the character profile ( broken link ). But is there a section for in general talking type threads? I'd be popping into this forum more often if it were present. Also in regards to my thread of the B Plot Line, which has expanded...
  12. systemcat

    Plot Line B?

    Soon I'm going to start on it's pages. Would people like to see them as they come?
  13. systemcat


    So my work is alone on the comic format front. Does anyone else keep the educational aspect live in their fan fiction? I'm making sure to include it in the current story and even throw in the use of multiple languages.
  14. systemcat

    The CS Fandom in the Iron and Steel-verse ( clips insight )

    As said elsewhere in this forum, what I write combines a few fandoms together. Mainly four of them. What I call the "Iron and Steel-verse" is a series of what now I think is over 20 different written pieces at over 800 pages. It combines: Inspector Gadget all versions Carmen Sandiego all...
  15. systemcat


    I haven't gotten an answer yet and hope to sometime soon. Can I have links from my sig. in regards to my writing? ... I'm not too sure about posting my writing here. From the impression one person has given me, combined with results from Google. I think I might be doing something almost unheard...
  16. systemcat

    Plot Line - B ( Use of Character? )

    I brought this up in my intro thread what I'm doing that lead me to this place. Currently for example I've been in a long running debate on if Ivy should be formally introduced into the second plot line a.k.a. "B". The story currently running has three main plots in it but only the second has CS...
  17. systemcat

    Hello from San Leon

    Hi, name name is Erin. Finding this site was a mistake but one I'm glad for. I was Googling image results to work on a character concept drawing. I remember watching the first game show during the 90's, I think not even really aware of the computer games at the time. That PBS show is actually...
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