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  1. Contessa

    VILE I assure you, We're Open! (VILE only)

    The police car in question pulled over and stopped just outside the main gates of Stone Habour. Behind it was a glossy black BMW 7 series saloon. Both cars made the slow entry into the fairgrounds. Once the BMW stopped, its driver exited to open the door for Adrianna Covrenzi. As she stepped...
  2. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Carmen Sandiego

    I see you've yet to answer, dearest. Very well, I have another question then. I want to enter the space race. How many resources might we allocate over the next five years?
  3. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Eugene Grovington

    Have you ever considered piloting a spaceship? And roughly how much do you think your wage might be?
  4. Contessa

    Q & A AMA- Jade

    If you don't mind me asking, darling, does Jordan know?
  5. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Joseph Kerr

    @Joe Kerr, I find a number of things in your answer very interesting. I suppose you're ever the type to heist for passion
  6. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Chase Devineaux

    Oh, such a permissive director. Please, Grovington, unlike you, I'm hardly as captious. I gather you've broken a few hearts, Mr. Devineaux. Have you ever had your own shattered?
  7. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Contessa Adrianna Covrenzi

    Oh please! You don't expect me to believe a Hollywood actress like Grace Kelly would agree to spend the rest of her life with a fat man and a casino. Back then, Monte Carlo was nothing. I don't have siblings, darling. We're the sort of family that if I had siblings, I'd know about them, and...
  8. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    I do enjoy Ultramarine, very beefy posts.
  9. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    Is UM Ultramarine?
  10. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    I've been catching up on many things
  11. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    Why Neb, lovely to see you!
  12. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    I see you have noticed my activity
  13. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    Greetings, Director
  14. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    Oh yes, sleep, I do that rather well
  15. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Flag

    Who has taught you the most about how to live? Has this person done their job well considering the state that you are in now?
  16. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    Was your sleep pleasant?
  17. Contessa

    [Chat Log] March 15, 2019

    Why hello Lucy.
  18. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Claire Yeon

    As far as insurance goes, do you believe there is more value in art or jewelry? Have you a preference?
  19. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Mikal Darsha

    Are you interested in giving private lessons on Krav Maga? What are the requirements and when do blades come in?
  20. Contessa

    Q & A AMA - Joseph Kerr

    Humour me, Joe Kerrigan, what opinion do you have of me, particularly ones where you wouldn't usually say if we were face to face?
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