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  1. Emma Bezzle

    Q & A What's your love language?

    Because @Nevon thought it would be fun - What is your love language? (Feel free to answer both in-character and out of character) You can take the test here: Profiles Archive - The 5 Love Languages® Emma's scores: 8 Acts of Service 8 Words of Affirmation 7 Receiving Gifts 5 Physical Touch 2...
  2. Emma Bezzle

    Career Change

    (Note: This takes place roughly half a year before Emma joined VILE) Career Change Shit shit shit shit! The same word had been echoing in Emma’s mind for the past two hours. It bounced around in her mind even as she laughed with her coworkers, trying desperately to deflect the unwanted...
  3. Emma Bezzle

    Q & A Turn It Up (Which song...?)

    This is a perpetual game, to be played in-character or out. (Thanks @Chase and @Patty for the idea). We all have a set list of songs for when we are in a particular mood or doing a certain activity. What are some of yours? Leave a list, or link to the songs if you wish! After you answer...
  4. Emma Bezzle

    Closed I Cantata Hear You...

    I'm listening to a musical composition. "Rules: You have 11 questions (in total, not each). They must all be yes/no questions. First correct answer closes the game. If the game hits 11 questions with no correct answer, the game also closes." (Devineaux 2018) Helpful hint: As stated in the...
  5. Emma Bezzle

    Career Advice

    (Note: This takes place during the spring of Emma's junior year of university. All of the lecture passages were taken from my lecture notes based on Russ Shafer-Landau's The Fundamentals of Ethics) Career Advice “Are you sure about this, Emma?” “Of course.” Emma smiled reassuringly at...
  6. Emma Bezzle

    Q & A AMA - Emma Bezzle

    (Jumping on the bandwagon here...) About: Emma was born May 31, 1992 to her parents, Andrew and Susan. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and she grew up with her father just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She never saw her mother after the divorce. Throughout her childhood...
  7. Emma Bezzle

    Hello there

    Hello everyone. My name's Emma Bezzle, a 26 year old financial consultant for a handful of older clients (mostly stock investment and management). As much as I love my work, it isn't really sustainable for my current lifestyle and situation. I'm looking for a position within a fast-paced and...
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