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  1. Ivy

    Current Events

    Disclaimer: This event takes place a week after Hiatus ends and is a foreshadowing of what is to come. Chase Devineaux’s dialog has been approved by Chase Devineaux. 9:00 pm. Clayton Street, San Francisco Ivy Monaghan flipped on the lights to her apartment. Owned for little more than two...
  2. Ivy

    Intro Part 2: Quid Pro Quo

    Ivy paced down the riveted steel floors of the Hong Kong Police Department's detainment facility. The hall was lit, one pulse at a time by iron glazed pendant lights that hung from an exposed ceiling. She wore only dark grey, a tank top covered by a one button blazer and stove-cut pants. All...
  3. Ivy

    Intro Part 1: Hong Kong

    ((First written in 2011 or 2012)) For Ivy Monaghan, there was nothing more refreshing than waking up to the harbor sunrise. Her apartment was small, meant to be inhabited by only one person, and with standard furnishings that could best be described as plain and unimaginative. But she could...
  4. Ivy

    Q & A Feeling Lucky?

    In celebration of March (and Saint Patrick's Day in particular) we have a character question about luck. What does luck mean to your character? Do they consider themselves lucky or unlucky? Is there a specific incident that defines that for them? For Ivy: She considers herself very lucky...
  5. Ivy

    Q & A Epic Thanksgiving Meal Time

    Answer this as your character: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Ivy's Answer to get you all started: Ivy is a fan of desserts more than the dinner aspect, and while pumpkin and apple pies will do in a pinch, her favorite dish has to be a classic cherry pie. Preferably served with...
  6. Ivy

    Q & A Caffeine of Choice

    Coffee, tea or something else? What does your character drink as their caffeine of choice? If you don't have one, then what do they do to wake themselves up?
  7. Ivy

    Discussion ACME Academy

    Digging through my notes, I've found an old list of ACME Academy courses. I've added some of the ones we listed in our 7-Days Character Building Thread already. I think this is something we should discuss, add and edit as a community. The Course list will be posted below and edited until we're...
  8. Ivy

    Status Message Reply Error

    When commenting on someone's status this error appears on all my accounts: "The server responded with an error. The error message is in the JavaScript console." Checking to see if anyone else has this, and if it can be fixed?
  9. Ivy

    Q & A The Skin You're In...

    This one is about scars, tattoos and birthmarks. Has your character had major injuries? Are they addicted to ink? Do they have a beauty spot or birthmark that looks like New Jersey? What story does their skin tell?
  10. Ivy

    Open Carnival

    March 1st, 2014 Copacabana Palace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ivy Monaghan, supervised as ACME Securities completed their set up of a basic monitoring studio. She was in a junior-suite directly above the Copacabana Palace's Golden Room, where suspected drug cartel leader Barbas Chuate was said to...
  11. Ivy


    This is the OOC Discussion Thread for: Carnival In the spirit of our beloved Blue Moon Masquerade Role Play, the Rio Carnival is an Open RP for both VILE and ACME agents. Premise Selected Agents from ACME are performing a stakeout operation against suspected Drug Lord Barbas Chuate. Barbas is...
  12. Ivy

    Co-Written Interview: Nace Bilby

    Journal Featuring Ivy and Nace Bilby [Rated PG-13 for unsettling themes] Interview: Nace Bilby Taking a sip of her black coffee, Ivy awaited the arrival of Nace Bilby to ACME interrogation space 12. This was one of the ‘softer’ rooms. While it still had the standard concrete panels, bolted...
  13. Ivy

    Info How to use the Wiki

    [The following is a comprehensive guide on how to use the wiki for this website. It is currently incomplete but will be updated regularly.] The Wiki is used to keep esoteric information about our The Elusive Carmen Sandiego's Canon Universe. It's main purpose is to keep a detailed record for...
  14. Ivy

    Co-Written Friending

    [Featuring Ivy and Chase in an edited live chat session.] Friending Accolade's external blue tinted windows were constructed of several layers of glass, air, microscopic metallic film, and silicone-based elastomer. Any light that came directly from outside passed through enough particles to...
  15. Ivy

    Missing Trophy Points (First Post & Like)

    Dear members, It has come to our attention that some of you are missing your "First Post" and "First Like" trophy points. Please put a message below so the admins can check you out and award the points accordingly. Thank you!
  16. Ivy

    Co-Written Those Who Listen

    [Journal Post that takes place when Ivy accepts an instructor position in Hong Kong. Co-written with Carmen originally posted on 28 April, 2009] Those Who Listen Awaiting her connecting flight to Hong Kong, Ivy Monaghan tried to pass her time in the excelsior Caffé of Narita Airport by...
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