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  1. Invader

    what bugs you.

    I am thinking of a certain bug, you have unlimited questions at your disposal.
  2. Invader

    Pesky plant

    I am thinking of a pesky plant, you have to ask in yes or no questions.
  3. Invader

    Apple of my eye.

    I am thinking of a certain apple , questions are in yes or no style. You have unlimited questions.
  4. Invader

    Happy Halloween

    In honor of celebrating today I have a fun little game for you. We are going to be guess well known Halloween themed books. The tree I have in mind is fictional so that is your first clue.
  5. Invader

    Deduction Set in stone

    I am thinking of a stone monolith, you have 20 questions.
  6. Invader

    First contact part one

    It was done, she watched the flames dance from a distance.This timeline was intact, they just watched exhausted, their work done No more would this man hurt anyone, there had been enough suffering. However there was the chance they did escape, unless his subjects got to him first. Invader...
  7. Invader

    Q & A Whats in a name?

    Does your character have any nick names? If so what are they and how did you earn them? Invaders is the laundry room ghost, as they kinda took up residence for a while in the side basement room. As well as taking care of laundry, and often not being seen.
  8. Invader

    ACME ACME Conspiracies

    Whey should VILE have all the fun. Please post your ACME conspiracies here. Non cannon counts as well, as any speculation. There is a bullteton board in on the wall, near the water cooler on the third floor. The ACME harbor monster. What exactly is this so called monster no one knows for...
  9. Invader

    Closed Whats bugging you ?

    I am thinking of an insect you have 11 questions. You have 11 questions (in total, not each). They must all be yes/no questions. First correct answer closes the game. If the game hits 11 questions with no correct answer, the game also closes.
  10. Invader

    claw bandit final part

    Claw bandit finale Carmen was quite surprised, she was not expecting ACME'S own foundling to be the claw bandit. Curiously they wondered what they did with all the winnings. They left out a soft chuckle, and hoped they were not too put off. "You are the ones running the claw game."Invader...
  11. Invader

    Q & A AMA - Invader

    Well Invader is from another dimension, but wound up here during a storm between worlds. They were origonally sent to recover a lost princess from another world, found them, but took her place here to keep this time line intact. They have largely forgotten how they got here, and are still...
  12. Invader

    Whats your sign

    Just thought this would be fun for character questions. Celtic Animal Zodiac - Celtic Animal Signs - Astrology of the Ancients Mine is the sea dragon.
  13. Invader

    Name that tune

    Just a fun easy music game first to name the song and band gets to start the next one. Your song lyrics are I sold my soul to rock and roll and never got it back.
  14. Invader

    Claw bandit part two.

    Claw bandit part two. Carmen stepped into the arcade, and saw a henchman who was a little on the distraught side. They had decided to pay a surprise visit, to see how things were coming along. This had been a rather brilliant idea, as well as being a perfect cover. Though there was a touch of...
  15. Invader

    Claw bandit.

    Near the stone harbor,was a small arcade, run by Vile. Not much to look at, but home to quite a few old school arcade, machines, including an older claw. Right now a grey shirt was checking it, sure enough the claw bandit had cleaned them out. This was the second time this week, most of the...
  16. Invader

    Frozen in time part two.

    Silence was a thing of weight, it had no form yet could envelop you. It was a stillness that kept you in place, and deafened you. One of the things that could wear you down, no matter how big their resolve. It weighed on her so, yet all it would take to shatter it would be one small word. Yet...
  17. Invader

    Frozen in time.

    Her eyes take on a look of steel, the color of ice, the breath of winter. This was the time of year they cherished the most, the time they felt most alive. It was a crisp cold evening, paired with a wind that cut you to the bone. Very few ventured out at this point, fewer even stayed outside...
  18. Invader


  19. Invader


    To a Friend. I think you are wonderful, more than words can say. A great person to talk to, each and every new born day. When all the world gets you down, please know I am always around. I am willing to play the fool, if it shall chase away many a frown. A ray of sunshine you always are, with...
  20. Invader

    April fools

    April fools Well once again it was April fools day, this time Invader was pulling all the stops. Both ACME and VILE, were going to be subjected to pranks. Fist off was ACME headquarters, Invader pulled out her list, Eugine was the first one. Sense it was a weekend, they practically had the...
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