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  1. Ken U Belevitt

    Ken's Kook's Tour

    Of course I'm not going out in the pandemic, but I'm taking the downtime to study up on some of the United States' greatest little white fibs.... My first obje' du examine' is quite famous along the locals due to its bright yellow wooden signs posted all along Interstate 10, about 247 in all...
  2. Ken U Belevitt

    Open The Carmen Sideshow

    The burdens of being an international sensation. Every once in a while you find some odd Carmen-related thing on the web...and while I'd usually just leave it in the Ether where I found it. Chase asked me to archive some of it here. So here we are. I'll start with what Chase suggested: Carmen...
  3. Ken U Belevitt

    Crime and Pun-Ishment

    Since everyone in the chat enjoys puns so much, I decided to make them the subject of my new guessing games. Each of these very elaborate jokes ends in a one or two-word pun. Read out the text carefully, and then try to guess what the pun-ch line is. Okay here goes: A family who is very poor...
  4. Ken U Belevitt

    VILE I assure you, We're Open! (VILE only)

    It was two or three A.M., and raining very violently, as it was want to do in England during nearly all of the year. The rain was pouring so much the five to six inch long strands of his uncut curly red hair drooped over his face in all directions. He slogged through the mud of the barely beaten...
  5. Ken U Belevitt

    Q & A AMA - Ken U. Belevitt

    Well, I was asked to toss in the very next AMA, so here it is. Everyone's favorite nebbish of a conspiracy theorist and would-be villainous internet troll has grown up a bit and had a bit of introspection since his absence from VILE. A lot of how he's changed was as a direct result of his...
  6. Ken U Belevitt


    It's me again. I suppose in lieu of ghosting the chat I'd write my name out the way I used to and use my original email.
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