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  1. Eugene


    Time for something just a little different. I will post a picture of a mystery aircraft, and would like you to tell me what it is. This game will not end until I run out of aircraft. Given the number of bizarre and obscure flying machines out there, the game won't end anytime soon. This...
  2. Eugene

    Deduction Heavy is the head

    I'm thinking of a fictional monarch. Rules mercilessly lifted from previous guessing games: You have 16 questions (in total, not each). They must all be yes/no questions. First correct answer closes the game. If the game hits 16 questions with no correct answer, the game also closes
  3. Eugene

    Q & A Tower of Babel

    Bucking the trend of AMA's again, I'd like to ask about languages. What languages does your character speak? English? Bad English? Where did they learn to speak these languages, and why? If they only speak one language, what languages would they like to learn and why?
  4. Eugene

    Q & A AMA - Eugene Grovington

    Evening everyone. Since the trend is to open up with our background some, I suppose I'll get on board as well. My name is Eugene Michael Grovington, currently Chief Pilot at ACME, formerly a private military contractor and a Colonel in the US Marine Corps before that. I spent the early years...
  5. Eugene

    Q & A Dress for Success

    Although some of us have mentioned it in passing, what is your character's normal attire? Are they dressed to the nines day in and day out, or do you have to knock, lest you walk in on your roommate in nothing but their boxers? Don't limit it to clothing either. Be sure to mention any...
  6. Eugene

    Co-Written Paper Airplane

    [Featuring Euge and Ivy in an edited live chat. Enjoy!] “Hey Dimwit,” Ivy stomped into the Flight Office and slammed her schedule down on the metal desk, “You printed all my times wrong. What kind of operation do you think you’re running?” Not willing to spin his chair around and face Ivy...
  7. Eugene

    Co-Written Danger - Ejection Seat

    (From an in character chat session on the old site. Heavily refined to reflect only Eugene's perspective.) At 0700, the Academy cafeteria was only just beginning to see traffic for the day. Agents, trainees, and other early birds were beginning to trickle in, meaning Eugene was able to slide...
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