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  1. Sophie

    Safe & Sound

    Friday, April 1, 22:50 The sprig of mistletoe lay on a sheet of clear glass, now a crisp golden-brown hue from the lack of moisture. A tiny bud and its corresponding stalk had been removed from the cutting three months ago, for analysis within the ACME laboratories that Doctor Sophie Conrad...
  2. Sophie

    Safe & Sound

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  3. Sophie


    January 4, 04:42 Knox County, Maine The house had stood on this private islet, overlooking the waters of Rockport Harbor and Penobscot Bay, since the early-1900s. Following acquisition in 1992, it was always a priority of the Huntington family to retain the architectural character of its...
  4. Sophie

    Co-Written Home For The Holidays

    Christmas Eve, 2015 It had been a particularly dry year for the state of California, but all of that seemed to be changing for the city of San Francisco now as slate precipitation drizzled onto the streets, accompanied by the pall of fog that rolled with the tides into the Bay Area. Chase...
  5. Sophie

    Co-Written Trials & Trust | Part 3

    Trials and Trust Part 3 Isidro Velasco was born Isidro Luis Grimau somewhere in Spain approximately five decades ago. As a young man from a poor family, he never went to school. Since childhood, he was known in the community as a thief; having several times stolen the neighbours' pigs to sell...
  6. Sophie

    Co-Written Trials & Trust | Part 2

    Trials and Trust Part 2 The neighborhood they were now driving through was a wasteland this early in the morning. Dull gray tones gave the streets a solemn, dusty view previously hidden by the night. Stagnant water puddles stained paved cement while both neglect and disrepair showed through...
  7. Sophie

    Co-Written Trials & Trust | Part 1

    Trials and Trust Part 1 SAN FRANCISCO JANUARY, 2011 SUNDAY, 0500 hours She opened her eyes to stare at the narrow sliver of light that sliced across the pale ceiling above, her brow already beginning to furrow in confusion. Then, there it was: the low ping of her work line. Pushing aside...
  8. Sophie

    Open Quote of the Week

    Quote of the Week 01 January, 2015 | Week 1/52 - Rūmī This idea was mooted in Neutral Grounds and I thought to bring it to life here. Quotes or contributions do not have to come exclusively from me but I will be updating weekly, barring unforeseen circumstances.
  9. Sophie

    Closed Golden

    It was everything that had ever been written about a summer day in golden California: blue skies, warm breezes, spirited laughter... a chorizo burrito and an ice-cold can of Dr Pepper. She could barely recount the events that had led up to this point, one serendipitous conversation following...
  10. Sophie


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  11. Sophie

    Q & A Green Eggs and Hamlet

    Favourite Breakfasts I am taking the liberty of posting for Mr Nace "Teddy" Bilby, who has expressed curiosity about our character/s's favourite breakfasts but appears rather shy about asking. In the tradition of TECS (consider our Bunker Boys call-signs and our emoticon collection) and...
  12. Sophie

    Q & A Seven Days

    Seven Days Describe a week in the life of your character. You may do this IC or OOC, interview-style or prose or time-stamped, utilise tables or HRs or bullets, etc. Please provide as many details as possible--who they hang out with, where they dine or shop, why their schedule is like it is...
  13. Sophie

    Co-Written Charity: Water | December 2008

    December 15th, 2008 Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC Charity: Ball 2008 for Charity: Water For an event that boasted national media coverage, the attendance of selected celebrities, and the patronage of some of New York’s finest, the 2008 Charity: Ball was trying very hard to disguise itself as a...
  14. Sophie

    ACME Spring Break

    It was the middle of March and the sun hung high and bright, warming the air a balmy fifteen degrees Celsius as light breezes swept in across the Bay. Laughter from both adults and children chimed, and in the Park Chalet Garden Restaurant, an equable Sophie Conrad and a lighthearted @Gudrun...
  15. Sophie

    Spring Break -- [Tag: ACME]

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