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  1. Lee

    Q & A Your First Love

    (LOL at the example, mate) I was in the second grade and there was this girl with braided pigtails. I used to go over to her on the playground and pull one of them until she cried. After a few times she slapped me, and the teachers had to separate us. Then for valentine's day the next year I...
  2. Lee

    Hello there

    *Looks at Emma, wonders why she's so average*
  3. Lee

    Canon Tête de Femme [Part 1]

    LOL! Forgot about that completely... until now. Thanks a lot.
  4. Lee

    Secret Santa 2018 - Gifts Thread

    LOL Beer and ashtray, thanks @Jade. My secret receiver is you. Here’s something I thought you'd enjoy. A music box that can play any song you want. Just take a sheet, punch the holes, and feed in the sheet through. Have fun this Christmas!
  5. Lee

    Canon Tête de Femme [Part 1]

    (aite, liked this a lot. as a fan, it’s fantastic)
  6. Lee

    Closed [11 Questions] Bridge to Nowhere

    What there’s a club?
  7. Lee

    Christmas Tunes

    Share your favorite Holiday melodies, and tell us why. I'll go first, mine's Frosty. We used to make snow men and shoot at them, me and my brothers.
  8. Lee

    Closed [11 Questions] Profession

    Alright, takes care of living things, not animals, but doesn't require a university degree. Does this profession work with plants?
  9. Lee

    Closed [11 Questions] Profession

    Does this profession take care of living things?
  10. Lee

    Open Secret Santa 2018

  11. Lee

    [Chat Log] Neutral Grounds

  12. Lee

    [Chat Log] Neutral Grounds

    aite she's just all business
  13. Lee

    [Chat Log] Neutral Grounds

    Chrome here
  14. Lee

    [Chat Log] Neutral Grounds

  15. Lee

    [Chat Log] Neutral Grounds

    This doesn't auto scroll, mates
  16. Lee

    [Chat Log] Neutral Grounds

    I don't see anybody else in the chat but meself
  17. Lee

    Closed Ultramarine

    This thread is for story-telling only. Some posts may include adult themes and language, reader discretion is advised. We're doing the 3/7 rule: 3 days to inform, 7 days to move on. Normal RP rules apply. (More info to be given in Neutral Grounds chat.) The Story So Far: Kidman/Flag/Joe -->...
  18. Lee


    Lee posted a new thread: Ultramarine Read more of this thread...
  19. Lee

    eats another pie

    eats another pie
  20. Lee

    Secret Santa 2016

    Thanks @Jade for the beer, chocolate and book! gonna sure get to use all of that! --- I'm secret santa to a pilot working in ACME ASS (or was that ACME ATS?) A year or some ago, I found a kickstarter campaign that was making pens out of stonewashed titanium. It had bolt action mechanism and...
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