Phantom Thieves of VILE
Jacqueline Hyde

Phantom Thieves of VILE

Since you can name your team in game, this time around I called them VILE. My mention of this in chat was actually what led to me creating this album in the first place, since @Chase asked if I had a screenshot showing the name.
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Turn based RPG. Best part is each game takes place in its own continuity so you can pick up any one of them and still be invested. Persona 5 is the most popular one.
Persona 5 is the most popular one.
Because it's the best. P4 is a good game, but I didn't like the characters as much (I prefered the P4 Dancing characters tbh), while P3 has good characters but is kind of a drag to play, at least imo.

I would add that while the battle mechanics are those of a turn-based RPG dungeon crawler, it also has elements of a life sim - when not in palaces (the dungeons), you go about your daily life, hanging out with friends, building relationships (platonic and romantic both), fishing, playing baseball, studying... it's a neat game.

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Persona 5 x Carmen
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