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  1. Disclaimer: AU Universe/What-if/Fan Fic. This has nothing to do with the current time line, but is inspired by elements of previous role plays. I don't own any characters, original characters were used with narrator's permissions.

    Author’s Note: Read chapter one if you haven't. Thanks for the likes!

    Chapter 1 (News Report, We Are Hunters and Sun Rises)
    Chapter 2 (Two Weeks Later)

    * * *
    Two Weeks Later...

    It was all going very wrong. Zack Monaghan was in trouble and he had no one to turn to. After the previous sting, nailing three high profile fugitives in Palermo there was a lull in information. Tigress received a tip that evidence pertaining to a former V.I.L.E. case was stolen from the vault in Venice, Italy. Without being prompted she followed the lead, and now she was missing.

    To make matters worse, ACME had stepped up their game to track her with none other than the over confident Marcel Romero leading the charge. Zack was afraid that Romero might already have her, and that was the reason why she did not make contact. But it was impossible, if he did he would have wasted no time in reaping the accolades.

    There was only one person he could go to.

    That one person's office was at the very top of ACME Headquarters, second only to the standing board member Barbara Rosen and Chief Weller. If there was anyone in this world that Zack would consider a father-figure it would be the man in grey himself. In the back of his mind, he knew he should have told Chase about the Tigress program straight on, but there was always the chance that the director wouldn't understand the risks. He had hoped they could prove it a success first, but now there really was no choice.

    "Hey... boss." Zack gulped away a lump in his throat, his palms were moist and his heart thumped so loud he was sure Chase could hear it.

    "What is it, Zack?" Chase Devineaux asked coolly, a hidden hint of worry in his voice.

    "There's something I have to tell you. It's about the Tigress."

    * * *

    Rain began to splatter against the glass panels of ACME's new Accolade Building. Except it wasn't new at all. Tigress remembered the concrete floor, still with a hint of sharp varnish, but the sensors on her stealth suit detected no chemical residue now. She walked past each door, reading unfamiliar names until she reached one: Eugene Grovington, Chief Pilot.

    The office was empty, though not unoccupied. There was a desk lamp turned on and a mug still warm from the coffee it recently held.

    This was a spartan office consisting of just a dented desk toppled with papers and a chair. But her attention was on a wall of masks, zeroing in on her prize: the Mask of Helen. As she reached for it, a dark voice stopped her in her tracks, "You better have a damn good reason for being here."

    She turned, and there was instant recognition for the both of them. For her, a million bits of information all forming the identity of the man standing in front of her. To him, it was a face he hadn't seen in a very long time.

    * * *​

    Zack felt like he was back at the school principal's office for fighting. Actually, he never got into fights. People picked them with him because he was always youngest in class by at least five years. It took him a long time to understand how to be social, with hits and misses along the way. It wasn’t until he got older that kids learned to become more physically threatening, but if Ivy was around she would throw herself in defense of him.

    He took a breath to shake off Chase's inquiring stare, "Tigress is Ivy."

    "That's not possible."

    "I know..."

    "I know you miss her, Zack." The Director's tone was now more empathetic, but it only made him feel like he was being pitied, "We all do."

    Zack swallowed, thinking he should start from the beginning "It was after Torun Zamok. After her funeral... I needed to talk to her again. Then I remembered that there was the nanobot hard-light experiment we worked on in the bunker, and Ivy was always the model. It started.. it started with her just speaking and repeating the same things that we already had recordings of. The mission monitor from the S.T.U.N. takes in a lot of information like that. I added the A.I. component months later."

    Zack could almost see the gears working in Chase's mind. He waited to be scolded but a question came instead, "...So what is she, really?"

    He sighed, "A very strong grouping of nanobots, able to sentiently move and think. It’s not perfect technology. She can't physically interact with anything without the aid of the modified S.T.U.N. suit. But she has a mind of her own... sort of. The problem was that she kept searching for a purpose... and I thought I found it when I integrated her with CrimeNet and SIGINT."

    "Where is she now?"

    "That's the problem... she's missing.”

    There was a brief silence, “Commander Marcel is looking for her.”

    “And Iv— Tigress was looking into an old case when she disappeared."

    * * *​

    END OF PART 1.

    Telekinetic Information Gathering Robotically Engineered Super Soldier.​
  2. Disclaimer: AU Universe/What-if/Fan Fic. This has nothing to do with the current time line, but is inspired by elements of previous role plays. I don't own any characters, original characters were used with narrator's permissions.

    Author’s Note: This is my fan letter to the great people who have written with me over the years, and to the plots and stories we created. Some of you have read this and edited your parts, others are waiting to see what was written about them. This is pretty long as far as my writing goes so I’m breaking it into parts and will index them all at the start of all journal entries.

    Chapter 1 (News Report, We Are Hunters and Sun Rises)
    Chapter 2 (Two Weeks Later)​

    * * *
    News Report

    Zachary D. Monaghan waited, watching the news ticker for an interruption he knew would take place.The talking heads were reporting on San Francisco's newest environmental initiative, droning on and on about a green building scheme. Then it happened. Breaking News: THE TIGRESS DOES IT AGAIN.

    Local police and the ACME Detective agency were tipped off as three high ranking members of an organized crime family were found locked in a Palermo hotel room, ledgers detailing their illicit activities were in the room next door along with audio recordings which may be the smoking gun in a case against them. It's believed the cartel's kingpin is now on the run.

    Zack nearly jumped in his seat.

    The TIGRESS program was performing better than expected. Bugs sent through various underground networks detected and analyzed would-be illegal activity at their planning stage, intelligently following communication paths. It worked best on vice cases where people had to organize themselves over distances and move contraband.

    The received information was taken by covert means, so it could never be used to get a warrant. Though the bad guys who they could catch in the act would face a mysterious vigilante. They reported her appearing out of thin air, that she seemed fearless and that their bullets had little effect. Some of it was lore created from the minds the ‘superstitious and cowardly’ but most of it was pure, good technology.

    "You're on television!” Zack shouted, pointing to the screen. The cameras had captured what looked to be a woman making her escape.

    "Correction, we're on television," Tigress replied, her voice chiming and light, so different from how the audio distortion system made her sound in the field, "this was all created by you, after all."

    "Hey, I'm not the one kicking butt in a stealth suit. Besides, I dig this whole secret identity thing.”

    * * *
    We Are Hunters
    In the Academy for Combat Missions Enhancement's board room, a heated discussion was taking place. A tall young man of Puerto Rican descent was making his case. He wore a variation of the ACME's Special Operations uniform with newly polished rank badges, kept his dark hair in a military crop and had the kind of face that people would either find attractive or annoying, but never both.

    The young man stood, speaking freely to a seated Barbara Rosen and Director of Operations Chase Devineaux.

    "Vigilantes can not be trusted, they don't follow our laws." ACME Commander Marcel Romero announced, "I'm not about to let this turn into a fiasco. We're the hunters, the crooks wear the masks. If Tigress doesn't turn herself in to work with our agency then we should consider her aligned with everyone and anyone we're up against."

    The worry lines deepened on Barbra Rosen's forehead, "What about the attempts at contacting her? Her clues seem to be for our own detectives."

    "We don't know that. They could have been sent anywhere, but our team has always been faster at cracking stray riddles than any other investigation agency."

    "And your suggestion is?"

    "We put her name out there, a warrant for her arrest. She's wanted for trespassing, vandalizing public property and unlawfully obtaining protected information. That's enough to get my team on her."

    The Director of Operations, Chase Devineaux was silent until this point in the conversation. ACME had a lot of talent, and a lot of good detectives. They also had their fair share of deserters. The last thing he wanted to think of today was Carmen Sandiego, but he could not shake the similarities. Carmen was silent for almost a year, believed to have retired. This Tigress' antics, the showiness, the clues... it was too similar to his ex-partner, yet not.

    He finally spoke, “How soon can your team guarantee contact?”

    “With the rate that she leaves us clues, within the week,” Marcel was direct but always respectful, “we can do this, sir.”

    “Then you have my clearance Commander Romero."

    "You won't regret it, Director." he replied with satisfaction.

    * * *

    Zack felt like he hadn’t been out of the bunker in weeks. The Tigress program was a tough one to keep secret, but the rewards far outweighed the risks. His main problem was acting normal around his friends. It was easier to just be a recluse and stay hidden, but he wasn’t about to miss Elsa Olsen’s birthday dinner.

    They had all gathered at the Dorm's meeting hall, a room bordered on three sides by glass walls and reflecting pools. Aside from a basic kitchenette and few comfortable chairs and tables, the room was stark. Kept purposefully minimalistic in a style that seemed uniform to Accolade tower. With a few dollar store balloons in teal and sunflower, it was spruced up just enough to be cheerful.

    “You look like you’ve been dragged through a sewer, Zack. No offence.” Tanya quipped, ruffling his hair.

    “Not enough coffee in the bunker.” He smiled back, hinting at the shy fourteen year old that he once was when he met ACME's current Public Relations Director.

    She was just a detective back then, and they were thrown into a few cases together. For some reason, the beautiful blonde Russian liked him. He was scrappy, nerdy, and wore clothes three sizes too big and in some twisted turn of fate, she actually enjoyed his company. He still didn't understand how she agreed to date him for those three years. Her work in Russia and his double majors at Harvard caused them to finally call it off. It was only last year that she returned state-side, but with all that had happened in Kamchatka, romance was the last thing on everyone's mind.

    Doctor Conrad was predictably punctual, a cake in her hands that looked too good to be home made, yet too personal to be store bought. The lettering was impeccable, it amused Zack at how Sophie was the only doctor he knew with perfect penmanship. It must have also spilled over to her cake decorating skills.

    "There's the Birthday girl." Sophie smiled warmly as Elsa came down the stairs.

    "Hey Happy Birthday," Zack greeted, passing on a small box. In the short time he knew Elsa, they really had nothing in common, but she was a nice girl. Always positive and friendly. He had gotten her, quite randomly, a coffee table book of San Francisco sunrises, "Sorry I didn't have time to wrap it up, I thought since you just moved here you might want to see how nice the city can get. Heh, when people's apartments aren't being blown up in front of you."
  3. This journal cobbles together the recent chat logs. Enjoy!

    It was quiet in the Bunker as @Zack Monaghan looked over the plans for ACME's hoverboard. He didn’t like it. Not the plans, but the silence. The facility’s budget was allocated towards new wielding tools for rapid prototyping rather than surround sound speakers, which seemed fine when the place was buzzing with construction. But the kid-genius always needed a constant stream of sensory inspiration if he wanted to create something. Simply put, he needed distractions in order to focus.

    “Sup Zack,” @Eugene Grovington greeted from the door, one hand holding the power cells and ultra capacitors, the other with a six pack of beer. While not his usual highly-caffeinated-highly-sweetened style drink, Zack accepted.

    “Yo Mr. G.” He greeted back, stepping aside to show the developments to the project.

    The idea had come simple enough, from watching reruns of Back to the Future in the break room. ACME had a similar flying ski project that was scrapped decades ago due to the clunky design and energy wastage. With the recent improvement in fuel cell tech however, Zack hoped the personal travel devices would finally come to fruition.

    The original prototype seemed to lift weights with ease. But next came practical testing with willing subject: @Deric Storm, who proclaimed plainly, “If it could hold me, it could hold the rest.”

    ACME’s farm boy did the first trial in what looked like his old football gear with his buddy @Nace Bilby close by to play medic. The test wasn’t as successful as Zack thought it would be. First, the board shook, not being able to take Deric weight, then on the lateral moves it buckled, leaving a dented wall, a bent board and a few bruised egos all around.

    Now they were back here. A device that hovered but didn’t fly, and one long list of things to fix.

    “Imma stuck with this steering problem. There just isn’t a good way to make it go and keep the person balanced,” Zack scratched his head, “You’d think after inventing all that other stuff this would be a breeze. Think it’s time to call it a night yo.”

    “Right on,” Eugene replied, clearly exhausted. Zack was heading back to the dorms and he figured Grovington would go sleep in the hangar.

    As the guys left through the bunker’s elevator, a computer screen flashed in the darkness bearing an odd, unmarked message. Attached were calculations to the hover board’s sensors. The only clue as to the sender came in the form of a cryptic sentence: “YOUR GONNA NEED THIS TO CATCH ME, DEAN!"
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