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  1. (I decided to classify this as Fan Fiction (even though everything we do here is fan fiction). As you may know, if you look at Julie Justice's Profile Information on here, it says that Julie is from the ACME offices in New York and San Francisco. As a few of you may know, when I talk about talk about Julie's ACME office in New York, I am referring to the various "Carmen Sandiego" fan pages on Facebook; which is a concurrent alternate universe, where Julie Justice and the other Detective characters mentioned were created. I have permission from my friends to post this story which mentions their characters.

    This story is based on the episode of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" called "The Blarney Burglary" where Carmen sends Vic to steal the Blarney Stone. I spent about a week transcribing the episode word-for word; the only changes are the title of the story; and the inclusion of my Detective friends. This story was written a year ago; before Julie arrived back at ACME Headquarters in San Francisco; but due to some problems I had with my account when I first got here (which Chase and Ivy promptly helped me resolve) I decided not to post it then. I hope you like it.)

    Mon. March 17, 2014

    Agent Julie Justice is sleeping in her wrought-iron campaign-style daybed in her office at ACME Headquarters in New York. Her small alarm clock on her bedside table goes off at 5:00 a.m. Det. Justice doesn't usually get up this early, but she wants to go to the 7:00 a.m. Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. She quickly gets up and uses the bathroom. When she returns, she goes over to her Kueing K-130 Brewing System, and makes some Eight O'Clock Medium Roast Original Coffee, with some Liquid Coffee Mate Irish Creme.

    After she has her coffee, she returns to the bathroom, and takes a shower. She puts on her women's tee dress in Bali green, white velour ballerina slippers, and a small silver Celtic cross with an emerald pendant on an adjustable black suede cord, green silk rose ring with silver filigree, and her white wide brim hat. She puts on her five time-zone world map dial ACME ladies wristwatch. She picks up her cross-body leather purse, and checks her wallet; which always has her ACME ID, a little money, a small pad and pen, her ACME phone credit cards and her business cards.

    Agent Justice leaves her office and goes to the Cafeteria; because of the early hour, very few people are there. One of the Cooks sees her, and says,"Good morning, Agent Justice. Here is the boxty (small Irish style potato pancakes, sometimes served in a small paper box) that you requested." Agent Justice says,"Thank you very much" and enjoys her breakfast.

    After breakfast, Agent Justice gets into her unmarked ACME police multi-vehicle designed by Det. Brian Barricade. Because doesn't have far to go, she keeps the vehicle in "car" mode an inputs the coordinates of St. Patrick's Cathedral in the GPS. Agent Justice arrives at the Cathedral just in time for Mass. She sits in one of the pews. It is still beautiful inside, despite the renovations that are under way.

    After Mass is over at 8:00 a.m. Agent Justice goes to Mulligan's Irish Pub at 267 Madison Avenue.She goes inside and goes up to the bar. She says,"I'd like to order your Traditional Corned Beef an D Cabbage. I know it seems early to order an entree, but I work unusual hours (she shows the woman her ACME ID) and I might not get a chance to have it later, and I hear your corned beef is the best in the city." The woman looks at her ACME ID and says,"Oh, that's no problem. And because you're a law enforcement officer, there's no charge. And just so you know, we are open until 2 a.m. every night. Agent Justice says,"That's good to know" and puts her ACME ID back in the purse.

    The woman returns a few minutes later with her food, and a cup of black coffee, which is also free. Agent Justice enjoys her food. She has barely finished eating when her ACME phone rings. The Chief of the ACME New York office, Chief Ferrera, has sent her an important text message. Its says: "Blarney is a tiny village outside of Cork city. It has a reputation much bigger than it's size. That's because it's home to the Blarney Stone. Legend says that if you kiss the stone, you'll be able to charm people with your words. In other words, you'll be full of "blarney." The superstition started because Queen Elizabeth I of England was trying to Cormac MacDermot McCarthy to surrender the place. For years, he strung her along with flattering words and soft speech. Fed up with his excuses, the Queen said,"What? !! More blarney!!" People have been bending over backward to kiss the stone ever since. Or the have, until today."

    Agent Justice says,"Well, no time for dessert today. Vic the Slick has just stolen the Blarney Stone from Ireland."

    The woman behind the bar says, Oh, well, you have to get it back!!"

    Agent Justice says,"Ohhhh, don't worry, we will. I feel lucky today." ;)

    The woman behind the bar says,"Well, I'll save some dessert for you, in case you can come by later. Would you like a piece of apple pie?"

    Agent Justice says,"That sounds good. I'll try to come by later." Agent Justice reaches into her purse, and takes out a business card that has the phone number of the New York ACME office on it, as well as the phone number for ACME Headquarters in San Francisco, as well as ACME's website. Agent Justice phone rings again. It is Det. Hugo Highway, calling to tell her what happened. She says,"Yes, I just got the message from The Chief. Yes, I know, they're 5 hours ahead of us. Tell our Detective friends I'll be there as soon as I can." Agent Justice left the pub and got in her ACME multi-vehicle. She switched to "jet" mode, and went to The Scene of the Crime.

    Question 1
    Vic went to a city in the UK where there's been a lot of conflict. To the Catholic minority, it's Derry. But to the Protestant majority. The Protestants are Loyalists, who want ton remain part of the UK. But many Catholics want to break away, and join their neighbor to the south. But troubles aren't the only things there. There are lovely cities, beautiful green countryside, and ancient, solemn castles.

    Question 2
    Vic was spotted on a group of islands southeast of Cape Hatteris, with pink sand, made up of coral shells, ground up by the wind and waves, trying to buy a huge rock!!

    Phone Tap
    Vic says,"Carmen, I don't know about the Blarney Stone. It hasn't changed the way I talk at all."
    Carmen says,"That's because you're full of blarney already Vic. Listen. Go head for the rocky cliffs of the Monterey Peninsula. This area used to supply sand for all the golf courses across the country."
    Vic says,"Oh, I love golf."
    Carmen says,"You'll be near the town where celebrities come every rear to golf in the Pro-Am Tournament. Bing Crosby founded the tourney in 1936."
    Vic says,"Oh, I love Bing Crosby!! Vic *sings* "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas."

    Question 3
    Vic just hid the Blarney Stone in the Charles River. He's in a city that's home to thousands of Irish-Americans. And they've seen their share of blarney. In the 1920's Mayor James Curley sweet-talked his way into office, even though he was indicted for fraud. He spent the first 5 months of his term in jail. Where is Vic?"

    The Chase
    "We have received word that Vic has left Boston, so now its time to pick up The Chase."
    Vic hot-footed it to the capitol of New Hampshire. Name it.
    He rolled the stone to Vermont. What river did he cross.
    He slipped across Vermont's southern border. Name the state.
    He hid out in a ship in Mystic Seaport, USA. What state is he in now?

    Map of South America
    "Here's a list of places where we think Vic maybe headed." The Detectives all head to South America.

    Question 4
    "Vic was seen in this capitol on South America's west coast, on Bernardo O'Higgins Avenue. O'Higgins was the son of an Irish immigrant who led this county's fight for independence against the Spanish and became this country's first leader, and worked very hard to improve things for the people. Now you can improve things by catching Vic."

    Agent Justice and her fellow Detectives, Hugo Highway, Det. Dags, Det. Brian Barricade, and Vic's favorite ACME Detective, Becky Strongfoot, working together easily catch Vic the Slick and get the Blarney Stone back.
    Vic says,"Ohhhh, Det. Strongfoot, I'm glad to see you here." ;)
    Det. Highway says,"Now, Vic, you know you shouldn't flirt with the female Detectives."
    Det. Strongfoot says,"That's OK, Det. Highway. I couldn't resist chasing Vic. I knew it would be fun."
    Det. Highway easily handcuff Vic while he is *distracted* talking to Det. Strongfoot, and *reads Vic his rights.*
    Det. Barricade *searches* Vic, and *grabs his briefcase* and says,"I'll take that."
    As Det. Highway *leads Vic to his multi-vehicle* Vic *sees Agent Justice* and notices the way she's dressed. Vic says,"Ohhhh, Agent Justice, I've never seen you look so pretty before. Maybe I like the wrong ACME Detective. Maybe you don't have to arrest me, huh? I'm a nice guy."
    Det. Highway says,"First, Det. Strongfoot, now Agent Justice. Don't you ever quit? !! Get moving, Vic!!"
    Agent Justice says,"It's OK, Det. Highway. Thanks for the compliment, Vic. But we all know what you did. We have to take you to jail. And you know you can't charm me into letting you go. Most of my ancestors are Irish. So I know all about "blarney." I have some in my blood." ;)

    Agent Justice gets back into her multi-vehicle. When she gets back to New York, she switches back to "car" mode. She head back to Mulligan's Irish Pub on Madison Avenue, to get her piece of pie. Even though it's very late, the pub is very busy. She is barely in the door when she hears a woman behind the bar say,"There's that ACME agent that was in here before!! She got the crook who stole the Blarney Stone!!"
    (There were some happy *cheers* throughout the pub.)
    "Yes, I caught Vic the Slick and brought the Blarney Stone back, with the help of my fellow Detectives. And now, I'm here to bring some dessert back for everyone."
    The woman behind the bar said,"Sure thing. What would you like?"
    Agent Justice says,"Give me one piece of apple, and 4 pieces of your chocolate cake, and 4 black coffees."
    After a few minutes, a man comes back with her order.
    Agent Justice says,"Thank you so much. I'm sure these will be great." Even though everyone at the pub insists that she doesn't have to pay, she *reaches into her purse* and purse, and puts some money on the bar and picks up her food.

    Agent Justice goes back out to her multi-vehicle, which is still in "car" mode, and puts the food on the seat next to her. She goes back to the jail at ACME Headquarters, where all her Detective friends are taking turns watching Vic.

    She says loudly,"Hey, who wants some chocolate cake? !!"
    To which everyone says,"Me!!"
    Agent Justice passes out the cake and coffees, and gets her piece of pie."
    The Detectives all say,"Thank you for the the pie."
    Det. Justice says,"Don't thank me. Thank the people at Mulligan's Irish Pub. They gave us this for free, because they are happy that we caught Vic, and because we are law-enforcement."

    Agent Justice and her Detective friends all enjoy their desserts. And Agent Justice feels very lucky, indeed. :)
  2. Poem For Julie Justice
    by Invader (originally posted on this site, (TECS) in The Studio, on Mon. Sept. 11, 2014.
    I was so touched when I read this poem, that I asked her if it was alright if I posted it here
    so that more people could see it. Invader was one of the first friends that I made on here, and
    I just want all my friends on here to know how much you all mean to me.)

    Poem for Julie Justice
    by Invader

    Julie Justice, nothing brings you down.
    When someone is in need, you are always around.
    Wake up each day, eager to start.
    A helping hand, whenever on call.
    Though you are humble, through it all.
    A merry chase, is your delight.
    In your dreams, you pursue her all night.
    When at work, you're as diligent as can be.
    However, while relaxing, you're much at ease.
    Always there, to lend an ear.
    Soft words, to chase away any fears.
    Patient, warm, kind, and true.
    Noone else compares to you.
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  3. For Fri, Aug. 1, 2014
    81 degrees F
    Around 7:00 a.m.

    Wearing a short floral robe with embroidery at the "Peter Pan" collar and short sleeves, with a button front, and front and back yokes, an white 8 inch wide-brim ribbon hat, a pair of white slippers, and a sterling silver rosary-style necklace, having just returned from Old Saint Mary's Cathedral, at 660 California Street, the only Gothic church, and one of the oldest in San Francisco, Agent Julie Justice walks down the hall to her office at ACME HQ. There was no service today. Julie Justice just wanted a few quiet moments to contemplate the anniversary of the death of her father, who died 2 yrs ago today. She had no idea he was so sick; noone had told her. She thought that she had time...It was a good excuse to take a nap...and have a good cup of coffee...and do a little work...later. The day had barely started...and she already wished it was over.

    Finally, Agent Justice reaches her office. She is always careful to lock the door every time she leaves her office. She unlocks the door, and looks over at her desk, and next to the small figure of the Greek Goddess of Justice with a sword, she saw 2 small item that were not there before; a small fortress or castle of some kind; and also a small figure of a lion, lying on the ground, alert, with it's head up, and in front of it, a shield with a big "X" on it.

    And next to these items, there was a very neatly typed piece of paper, that said,"The summit of this historic fortress on Castle Rock is 430 ft. (130 meters above) sea-level. It was a residence for this country's royalty from the 12th to the 17th Centuries, when it was used as a military barracks with a large garrison. This castle was involved in many conflicts, the most famous of which were 2 Wars of Independence from England. The first was led by William Wallace in March of 1296; the second was led by Sir Archibald Douglas in 1333. In the courtyard of this castle is a statue of a lion, with a shield with a big "X" on it."

    Agent Justice says,"That sounds like Edinburgh, Scotland."

    Agent Justice changes her shoes, to something more sensible, yet stylish. She puts on a bit more sunscreen. She takes off her ordinary wristwatch and puts on one that Zack and some the other people at ACME tech designed. Not only does it show times in multiple time zones, which is always useful, it also lets an individual Agent activate the C-5 corridor, when necessary. She looks through her purse, and she has her personal credit card her ACME credit card (for emergency use only) her ACME ID, a few business cards with her name on it, and some $U. S. dollars, but no "foreign" currency of any kind. She goes to one of the ACME ATMs, and gets some Scottish 20 pound notes (front, upper right: the "20 pound" symbol, and King Robert the Bruce. Back: vignette of Robert the Bruce on horseback, and the Monymusk Reliquary (a small, wooden casket-like box, made of wood and bronze, plated, and carved with animals, with 2 medallions in a red glaze) that is said to contain the bones of St. Columba on a background of Sterling Castle) and some Euros (Front, upper right, the 20 Euro "E" symbol in green ink. In blue ink, a Gothic building (circa. 12th-14 Centuries) Back: 9:00 star). Agent Justice puts the money in her purse and goes back out in the parking lot, and activates the C-5 corridor with her watch.

    Friday, Aug. 1, 2014
    Around, 12:00 pm
    81 degrees F

    The watch did work, but as often happens with the C-5 corridor, Agent Justice did not land in the best spot. The The castle is 450 ft.(130 ft.) above sea level, with rock cliffs to the north,west, and south, and is only accessible from the east where the ground slopes more gently. So Agent Justice will have to climb...and walk...a bit. The castle was built on the remains of a volcanic pipe which cut thru the surrounding sedimentary rock,formed 350 million yrs ago, during the Carboniferus period, before cooling to a very hard form of delorite, which resisted glacial erosion. Agent Justice can certainly understand why someone would want to build a castle/fortress in this spot!! When she reaches the top, Agent Justice is relieved...and somewhat see the castle is still there. She walks around the courtyard of the castle, and sees the lion with shield with the big "X" on it, which was clearly the inspiration for the small "replica" on her desk. She walked around a bit more, to look at the alcove that had the statues of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, and as she looks more closely, she can see a neatly typed note the says:

    "Go to the Tea Room in Edinburgh Castle, and have get something to eat. My treat."

    Agent Justice finds the Tea Room in the Castle. She is happy to sit down. A very nice woman comes over and gives her a menu. She looks it, and orders a Castle-Scone, with Chef's Strawberry Jam, and Clotted Cream and Tea. Agent Justice enjoyed her food, and when she was finished, she started to get a 20 pound Scottish note out of her purse. The lady that waited on her came over, and said,"Oh, no, dear you don't have to do that. It's already been paid for. But I was told to give you this." The lady gave her another neatly typed note. It said:

    "Go to island in the North Atlantic, to the west of Great Britain, from which it is separated by The North Channel, the Celtic Sea, and St. Georges Channel. Legend says that in the 2nd Century, a goddess named of the ancient Tuatha de Danann, named Eiru, used her powers to repel invaders. But the invading Milesians had a poet named Amergin, who defeated her magic with his words. Eiru confronted the Milesians on the Hill of Uisneach, and a great battle occured. The Milesians defeated all the ancient Tuatha de Danann. But afterward, the poet Amergin promised to name the land after the goddess Eiru. Today, the goddess Eiru is also called Eire or Erin."

    Agent Justice says,"That sounds like Ireland."

    Fri. Aug. 1, 2014,
    Around 12:30 pm
    81 degrees F

    Agent Justice arrives in Ireland, but is not sure where she is. She looks around and sees she is in County Knock, in the N 5, at Knock International Airport, on the tributary of the famous River Moy. She gets a message on her ACME phone that says:

    "Go to Swinford, where you will have "fun on the street" at the siasma sirade, an open-air festival that has Ceili (Irish) dancing, and international busking (street performing) competitions, poetry competitions, history walks and talks, children's programs and sports."

    Agent Justice goes to the airport, over to the Information Desk, and is happy to find that the festival is in Swinford is an annual event, and that it is free. So She goes there. She does enjoy herself at the festival watching the performers, and she even does a little Irish dancing. But she is not very good, and 2 dancers, a young man, and a young woman, come over and link arms, and dance with her, so that feels more secure, and does not fall over!! Before she leaves, she has a bit of boxty (Irish potato pancakes). Agent Justice gets another message on her ACME phone. It says:

    "Go to this region on the west coast of Ireland, whose name means, "plain of the yew trees" not a condiment made with eggs, oil, and vinegar that people use on sandwiches. It belongs to the province of Connaght. It borders the Atlantic Ocean on the north, County Galway on the south, County Roscommon on the east, and County Silgo on the northeast. The population is 130.638 according to the 2011 Census. The largest town is Castlebar (county seat)."

    Agent Justice says,"Hmmm...that sounds like County Mayo." So Agent Justice goes to County Mayo, where she sees much of the Irish country-side, dotted with many different types of flowers, the most common of which is the milkwort (Greek,Polyagala vulgaris, Irish, Na dierfurini) that has small leaves, and the flowers can be blue, lilac, pink or white. It is said to increase milk production in cows, and can also be called "the four sisters." But, like a lot of the flowers in Ireland, it has a "protected" status, and you cannot pick them. County Mayo also has the most famous mountain, Croagh Patrick (named for St. Patrick) the highest mountain Mweerea (819 meters) in Connaght and is just north of Killary Harbor (a natural fjord).

    While she is in County Mayo, Agent Justice buys a post card that with a picture of on it, that says, "Mayo, home of the yew trees." She turns it over, and on the back, is a neatly handwritten note that says:

    "You will find The Little Mermaid, sitting on a rock in Langeline Harbor, in the capital of this country, that is also known for delicious pastries, made with different kinds of fruit, or even cheese. Meet me in the Brder. Price Restaurant, in The Tivoli Gardens, a pleasure garden and amusement park, that opened on Aug. 15, 1843, and is the second-oldest amusement park in the world, after Dyrehavsbakken in nearby Klampenborg. Don't worry, I have paid for your admission to the park."

    Agent Justice says, Hmmm...that sounds like Denmark. But, if that is the case, I could be meeting Carmen...or JoeKerr." Agent Justice uses the C-5 corridor. This time, the landing is spot-on.

    Fri. Aug. 1, 2014
    Around 4:00 p.m,
    Around 81 degrees F

    Agent Justice takes a moment to walk down Langeline Harbor in Copenhagen, and decides to visit The Little Mermaid. And she can't help thinking that she looks a little sad.

    Then she goes to Tivoli Gardens. She goes to the very beautiful admissions gate, and shows her ACME ID, just to verify that her admission to the park has, in fact been paid, and is relieved to find that it has been. She sits down for a moment on one if the beautiful white benches in front of the elaborate fountains near the entrance to the park. She looks at her ACME phone in an attempt to find the Brdr. Price restaurant. She gets up and starts walking thru the park. She goes past the Chinese Gardens, which is similar to the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate State Park. She walks past the Swan Boat Rides, and the children's rides, like the Aquilla (a giant spinning ride). And she definitely will avoid the Monsoon (a giant swing magic carpet ride) and she will definitely avoid the Daemonen (The Demon, a steel floorless coaster that reaches a height of 92 ft. (28 meters) 1,850 ft. (5690 meters long) with a maximum speed of 48 mph (77 km/h). The roller coaster has a zero vertical loop and a zero gravity roll).

    Agent Justice walks until she finds the restaurants. She finally finds the Brder. Price restaurant, a beautiful old white building, built in the 1800's with big, bay windows, by the family that also built the Pantomime Theater. There is a nice patio with some plants. But Agent Justice has been walking a lot today, and prefers to get out of the sun. She goes inside, and sees the pretty, pink pastel tones on the cushions on the chairs, the pretty lights, and ornaments that hang from the ceiling, over some of the tables. Someone comes over, and asks her if she wants to be seated. She says,"Yes" and is led to table, and given a menu. She looks thru her purse, and hopes that they will take Scottish pounds, Euros, U.S. dollars, and credit cards, because she doesn't have any Danish money.

    Distracted by her own thoughts, at first she doesn't notice the shadow passing...and stopping...over her table...until she hears a familiar female voice say,"I like your hat, Agent Justice."

    Agent Justice looks up and sees a tall, beautiful woman, with black hair, and blue eyes, wearing a Bright Pink (Almost Red) Ribbon Hat with a wide brim that lets in a little light thru; a Bright Pink (Almost Red) dress, with medium straps, with sparkly buttons on the front placket and cherry blossoms embroidered at the bottom of a long skirt, Light Red sandals with a slight platform heel, with white wrist-length lace gloves and a white purse over one shoulder, with a white, button-front cardigan over one arm. It looks familiar but Agent Justice doesn't say anything.

    "Carmen, is that you?" Agent Justice asks, surprised.
    Carmen says,"Yes. I thought it was too hot for the trenchcoat."
    Agent Justice says,"I agree."
    Agent Justice gets starts to get up, and says,"Do you have time to sit, and stay a while?"
    Carmen smiles and says,"Yes, of course I do."
    A man in the restaurant she the 2 women talking and pulls out a chair for Carmen, and puts 2 menus on the table. Carmen sits down and puts both the sweater and her purse on the back of the chair. The 2 women nod politely, saying, "Thank you".
    When the man leaves, Carmen says,"So tell me, Agent Justice, besides the fact that there was no "real" crime committed, what did you notice in your travels today?"
    Agent Justice says,"Well..the majority of my ancestors are from these places. Is that it? !!"
    "Yes, that's it exactly," Carmen says, "I remember what it was like to go to all these great places around the world, and yet not really be able to take the time to have any fun. And I know you needed to have fun today. Did you have
    "Yes, I did, thank you very much!!"
    "You're very welcome," says Carmen sweetly.
    "Are you hungry? Shall we order?" Carmen asks.
    "Yes. I am hungry,"Agent Justice says. Carmen motions for the waiter come back, and the 2 women order food. Carmen orders the Crab Meat Salad with Crab Meat Mayo, dill on a bed of baby lettuce with crunchy crutons. Agent Justice order orders the Roast Danish veal from Kildergarden with borderlaise sauce, French fries, and bearanaise mayo.

    Their food comes a short time later, and the 2 women continue talking. Carmen asks,"So, do you think that you will stay the night here in Denmark, or will you go back home? You know, there is a 9 hour difference between here and California."
    "Yeah, I know, but it's worth it, if I can sleep in my own bed" Agent Justice said.
    "Hahaha. I knew you would say that," Carmen said. "It's a good thing I brought your sweater, then. It's a 51 degrees Farenheight now."
    Agent Justice says,"Well, thank you for "bringing" my sweater,but that isn't cold for me. I'm from Ohio, remember?"
    Carmen says,"Ahhh, yes..Northeast Ohio...a small town by Lake Erie..named for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who won the battle for Lake Erie against the British in the War of 1812..Is that right?"
    "Ummmm, yeah, but Carmen, I didn't mean that I wanted you to go there, and..." Agent Justice said, a little upset.
    Carmen laughed a little and said,"I forget how serious you ACME people can be, even when you're trying to have fun. I'm just teasing you, Agent Justice. I have no plans to go after your small hometown. I have other things in mind."
    Carmen gets up and gets the sweater off the back of her chair, and puts it on the back of Agent Justice's chair. Then, Carmen, walked back over to her chair, taking two 200 hundred kroner (front green ink, with the Knipplsboro Bascule Bridge (draw bridge and tower) DENMARKS NATIONAL BANK. Back, Longstrup belt plate (belt bucke) round with circular in a circular pattern on a green river bank with blue water, dark blue, broken stripe with a ~ and green 200 in the right hand corner.) She put the money on the table. She said,"You don't have to worry. I never "dine and dash." And the money's not counterfeit, either. You know that's not my style. ;) Have some kind of dessert, if you like. After all, it is a special occasion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Agent Justice, I'll see you soon," Carmen says and walks away.

    Agent Justice does order an apple Danish, but is not able to eat it all. She gets up, and goes outside. As usual there is no sign of Carmen. How does she do that? !! Agent Justice tries to find walk back to Langeline Harbor and says goodbye to Little Mermaid, and uses the C-5 to go home.

    Sat. Aug. 2, 2014
    1:00 a.m.
    51 degrees

    Agent Julie Justice arrives back in her office at ACME HQ. She unlocks the door to office, and sees a box on her desk, with a note that says,"Don't say I never got you anything. Love, Carmen." In the box are several smaller boxes. One is labeled, "Edinburgh Castle." It it is next to the replica on her desk, and has a copy of the clue. The same thing is true for the "Lion with the Shield." There is also a box labeled "The Little Mermaid" and a box labeled "Eiru." In the box marked "Eiru" there is another note. It says,"I looked thru many photos to find a statue of this goddess. I did find a photo, but I couldn't locate the state anywhere in Ireland. I was not happy about that. So this is based on an artistic interpretation. I hope you like it." Agent Justice opened the box to find a 5 inch figure made of polymer resin. A woman with long, red (orange) hair with a gold color circlet-type crown with green "emeralds" wearing a color- necklace, also with an "emerald" with a long, white medieval underdress with long sleeves, a kelley green shift gown with slightly puffed short sleeves, and an emerald green, hooded cloak, wth some golden trisekles (Celtic triple spirals) on it.

    Agent Justice was really touched by her small gifts, and decides to display them on her desk with her figure of the Greek Goddess of Justice, the preying mantis that Invader gave her, until she can find some kind of curio cabinet for them. She puts away her hat, and her necklace, takes off her shoes, picks out a nightshirt, and takes a quick shower and gets ready for bed. Today may have started badly...but it ended well. Agent Justice gets into bed, and turns out light. She quietly whispers her prayers, thanking God for her all her blessings; her family and her pets and her friends in Ohio, and all her ACME friends, in New York, and now at HQ in San Francisco; and yes..even Carmen Sandiego!! :)
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  4. For Mon. May 26, 2014: I'm sleeping in my Campaign Style Daybed (from Charles P. Rogers) wearing my Red Hanes Wear Around Sleep Shirt, when my Small Square Sterling & Noble Analog Alarm Clock goes off at 8:00 a.m. I reach over to my Renaissance 28 inch Nightstand (Cherry with warm cognac finish - JC Penny - Home) and turn off the alarm clock.

    After quickly visiting the bathroom I go into my kitchen area, and pop a K-Cup Original Medium Roast into my Keurig K-130 Brewing System, and since it is a warm sunny day, with a temperature of 65 degrees F, with humidity of 68%, I decide to make it an ice coffee. I add my Bailey's French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. I get out a plate and some silverware. I use my last 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bread to make myself some poached eggs and toast, and also make a little bacon. I sit down at my cute little Willow 3 piece Dinette set (on table and 2 chairs, JC Penny-Home) and look at my Daisy, Ranunculus, Petunia, and Hydrangea Bouquet in Yellow, Orange, Green Blue and Purple with Assorted Greenery (AFloral Artificial Flowers) that I put in my Small Round Wicker Storage Basket (The Basket Lady) and enjoy my breakfast.

    After my breakfast, I take a shower and get dressed. I put on my uniform. A Ladies Polo shirt, white with short sleeves, 100% polyester pique knit, 5 button placket, with the ACME logo at the taped neckline, anti-bacterial treatment, to fight odors, tan pull on Bermuda-style shorts, elastic waistband, with the ACME logo at the 2 hand-slit pockets. I put on my honey (light tan) ACME tumbled leather shoes with upper perforations for venelation with smooth leather lining for all day wear. Because the UV index I also put on my SPF 30 Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Clear Spray. I put on my Taupe Small Men's Water Resistant Hiking Fedora Hat (The Berkley Hat Company). I pick up my purse, and make sure all my necessary items are in there.

    I close the door to my office, making sure to lock it behind me as I leave. I borrow an ACME police. I head to the Memorial Day Ceremony at the National Cemetery here in San Francisco. Luckily, thee is plenty of parking. I arrive just before the parade starts at 10:30 a.m. It begins at the Main Post between Sheridan and Lincoln Blvd, and ends at the National Cemetery. The parade begins at it usually does, the 191st Army Band, followed by different veteran's organizations, and distinguished guests. The formal program starts at 11:00 a.m. The focus of this year's ceremony are the Vietnam veterans. There are plenty of places to sit and listen to the speeches given by local politicians and veterans, and some people walk around and look at all the cool classic cars, too. The official program ends at noon, with a 21-salute which is always given by the U.S. Army's 75th Pacific Division.

    As I walk towards the Presidio Chapel, a veteran sees me in my ACME uniform. He says to me,"Oh you're an ACME Detective? Then you "serve and protect" too. It's good to see you here."

    I smile and say,"Thank you very much sir. But at ACME, we are very fortunate. The only weapon we need to use to catch the criminals that we chase is our intelligence. And the people that we chase never try to hurt us. But you have risked your life to protect our country and defend our freedoms."

    I salute the man, and I continue to walk to the Presidio Chapel.The charming building sits on a forested hillside, is flanked by the Veterans Cemetery, and a colorful garden. The Spanish built the first Presidio Chapel in 1776, on land once held sacred to the Ohlone Indian tribe. When the Mexican government claimed the land, they built their own chapel. Then in 1864, the land became American property, and the United States 6th Army built its own chapel. Today, The Chapel serves all religions, and there is no religious symbol, except for an eternal light.
    There are many plaques honoring fallen Americans in the military. For each war since World War II, The Chapel has set aside a place to honor the fallen. The Chapel was the first base to honor those involved in the Vietnam War.

    I walk inside, and located on the wall of a reception area, adjacent to the sanctuary is a mural. I ask the attendant to tell me more about it. He says,"It was commissioned in in 1935, by President Franklin Roosevelt, as part of his Work Progress Administration. It is 13 ft. x 34 feet. It was painted by artist Victor Arnautoff, and called "Peacetime Activities of the Army." The central panel depicts St. Francis surrounded by trees. On the left side is the history of California. On the right is the Army today, involved in the development of science and the radio, and Army engineers, examining the project of the Golden Gate Bridge, and approving its construction."

    As I walk around the sanctuary, I'm told about the 11 stained glass symbol highlights that were created by Willimena Ogetrop, who was the first female artist accepted in a stained glass union on the West Coast. Each piece honors a virtue of military character. Another stained glass artist with a fascinating story is U.S. Army Chaplain Patrick Alexander McDonald. In 1944-45, he had visited sanctuaries that had been destroyed in World War II. He picked up shards of glass from churches and synagogues all around Europe. He was an expert in stained glass, but wasn't sure what to do with a the broken pieces. McDonald and his family, and fellow artist
    Arnel Le Roux decided to create 25 new stained glass panels for the planned new chapel addition. But McDonald died shortly after the first few panels were completed.

    I thank the attendant for all the things he has told me. He reminds me that the address of the The Chapel is The Presidio Chapel at 130 Fisher Loop in the Presido, and the phone number is: 415-561-3930, to set up a tour. I think him again, and sit down in a pew, thinking about everything I've seen and heard today, and whisper a brief prayer of of thanks. The attendant tells me it's 2:00 p.m. so, I get up to leave The Chapel knowing, that it closes at 2:30 p.m.

    I go back to my ACME police car. I get inside, and drive to the nearby Transit Cafe in the Presidio, and have a grilled porckchop dinner, with white beans, rice, and, of course..more coffee!! I go back to my office. Of course, there are a lot of different chores that I need to do. But even though I'm not a native San Franciscan, on a day like today, I'm so proud to be back here, at the original Headquarters of the ACME Detective Agency. I am truly thankful for all of my blessings. :)
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  5. For Monday May 5, 2014, around 6:00 p.m.: Today is Cinco de Mayo, a popular holiday in Mexico and the United States, that was started by Mexican-Americans in the American West to champion the cause of freedom during the early years of the American Civil War. It commemorates the Battle of the Puebla, where the Mexican Army, lead by Ignacio Zarzoga Seguin defeated the French forces of Napoleon III.

    I decide to celebrate by going to one of the many Mexican restaurants here in San Francisco. I take a quick shower in my office, and put on my White Peasant Blouse (from Victoria's Secret) my Summer Fun Skirt (a pull-on elastic, A-line skirt with lots of "swing." Coral (Bright Red) from Soft Surroundings) my Red NuFoot Women's Ballet Barefoot Slippers, and my Men's Rosary Style Necklace (from JC Penny). I pick up my purse, and my 20x69 inches Hunter Green Men's Dakota Scarf, putting it on like a shawl. I leave my office, being very sure to close and lock the door as I go.

    I get in my unmarked ACME police vehicle, and go to Tropiseuno at 75 Yerba Lane, avoiding all the crowds on the street in the Mission St. area. This is the first time I have been to this restaurant. But during the daytime, it is a very casual Mexican eatery. But at night, it is a warm, yet very formal full-service restaurant. A hostess comes over and shows me to a table.

    She hands me a menu. A waitress comes out. She says,"I am your Server. May I take your order?"
    I decide to have Nachos (warm, thin chips, with grilled marinated steak (my choice) beans, melted cheese pico de gello, crema, and guacamole). Even though it a very busy night, Imy food. I enjoy my food. It's been a long time since I had some really good nachos!!

    Everything seems uneventful, until my Server comes back to my table a little bit later. She asks me,"How was your food? Is there anything else that I can get you?"
    "Yes, It was very good. No, there's there's nothing else that I want now, except to pay for my food." As I reach into my purse, to take out a major credit card, my Server says,"Oh, no, you don't have to do that. Someone has taken care of it for you."
    I look at the check, and there is a note with it that says,"I'm glad you got out and had a little fun tonight. See you next crime, Agent Justice." ;)

    I say to my Server,"Did you see the person who left this for me? !!"
    My server says,"No."
    As I jump up from the table, I leave one of my ACME business cards on it. I run out of the restaurant.
    I look everywhere. But once again, The Elusive Carmen Sandiego has just vanished into thin air!!
    I say to myself,"Uggghhh!! How does she always do that? !!" :)
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  6. For Sat, May 3, 2012: A few years ago, I was here in Kentucky, watching as my mother took part in a competition for Rangers and Mounted Police Officers from the United States and around the world, at the famous Horse Park. Now, I can't believe I'm back here, at Churhill Downs, in South Louisville, at the 140th Kentucky Derby!!

    It's 6:00 p.m, and like everyone else..I'm eagerly waiting for the Kentucky start!! Wearing my 50 inch-long, Eileen West Garden of Dreams Cotton Gown, with pintucking, and lace accents, my Hanes White Velour Ballerina Slippers, my White 8 inch Wide Brim Ribbon Hat, and my white, elegant, wrist-length lace gloves. I'm sitting in my Outdoor Reserved Seat in the Third Floor Clubhouse, I think I see a woman in The Fan Zone, in a red dress, and wearing a wide-brimmed red hat. Not unusual at the Kentucky Derby, I know. But this woman keeps looking at me.

    I jump up from my seat, shouting,"I'm an ACME Agent, and I think that's Carmen Sandiego!!" The race announcer calls my pursuit like a race, saying"The ACME Agent jumps up from her sat in the third floor clubhouse, running down the to the Fan Zone...But the Lady in Red runs down the race track... towards the parking lot.. with the ACME Agent in pursuit!! But the Lady in Red pulls away!!"

    I run as fast as I can..but she is 2 steps ahead of me!! She climbs on top of one of the structures in the parking lot. Just as I catch up to her, a blimp appears with a "Carmen" logo on it, and she is taken into it, and disappears. I can hear the announcer say," looks like The Elusive Carmen Sandiego got away again folks!!" I run as fast I can, but by the time I get back to my seat, the race is over!! Here I the Kentucky Derby..and I missed the race!! I didn't get to see California Chrome win!!

    Oh, well..competing in..and winning The Kentucky Derby..or any Triple Crown race..may be a once-in-a lifetime opportunity..but there will always be another chance to catch Carmen Sandiego!!
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  7. 11:30 a.m - 12:00 p.m.

    I have been so pleased with myself lately, and my ability to finish my work early, so that I can enjoy my day, getting re-acquainted with my with my favorite places in the city. I have some errands to do later, so I'll drive my unmarked police car today. But since it's lunchtime, I'll go Golden Gate Park, and visit the Japanese Tea Garden.

    I put on my Vibrant Yukata (a knee-length black kimono with elegant, wide sleeves, and vibrant pink, red, and gold flowers, and a matching obi belt) and my honey (light tan) ACME tumbled leather shoes with upper perforations for ventilation, with the smooth leather lining for all day wear, with removable insole, and tie them up. I pick up my purse (Wilson's Leather Cross-Body Bag) and make sure that I have my ACME ID, cell phone, business cards, and a little money in my (Wilson's Faux Leather) wallet, and lock the door to my office as I leave.

    So I go to Golden Gate Park, which was originally created as a "Japanese village" for the 1894 California Midwinter Exposition. When the fair closed, landscape architect Makoto Hariwaga and superintendent John McClaren reached an agreement to maintain a permanent Japanese-style garden.

    I arrive at the park. I park my car and get out. Since it's after 10:00 a.m. , I pay the admission charge for adults which is $ 5. I walk onto the park. The cherry blossoms are in bloom now. I enjoy the scenery, as a walk past the arched stone drum bridge, pagodas, stone lanterns, koi ponds, the other native Japanese plants, zen garden, and step-stone paths, as I head to the Japanese Tea Garden, which is nestled in the center of the park.

    When I reach the Tea Garden, I go inside, and go and sit down at the custom-designed iori (farmhouse-style) table. I woman in a traditional style kimono comes over and hands me a menu. I order a large order of arare (savory rice crackers, dried peas and peanuts, and fortune cookies)and Jasmine Tea (Jasmine tea is actually green tea, scented with jasmine flowers, and originated in China.) It is interesting to note that Makota Hariwaga, the landscape architect who designed the park, is credited with introducing fortune cookies at the park in the 1890s-1900s. The cookies were originally made on a special iron called a kata. The original recipe was savory, and Mr. Hariwaga hired a confectioner named Benyoko, to make the recipe sweet, to appeal to people in the United States.

    In a few minutes, the woman returns with my food and tea. I thank her, and then begin to enjoy my snack. Finally, I break open my first fortune cookie. The message inside it says."Your heart may be back in San Francisco. But your city's most famous bridge will be gone by tomorrow." I pay for my food, leaving behind a generous tip, and one of my business cards too. I put the "fortune" in my wallet, in my purse.

    I walk quickly out of the Tea House and leave Golden Gate Park.Once I am outside the park, as I run to my car, I take my purse off my shoulder, and like the superhero I wish I were, I take off my Vibrant Yukata, revealing my ACME uniform underneath, a plain white 100% pique "Polo" type - short sleeve shirt with a taped neckline, with ACME logo, with odor fighting anti-bacterial treatment, and my short tan shorts with the ACME logo at the "cargo" style pockets. I unlock my car, and jump in, making sure to lock it. I put the Vibrant Yukata on the seat. I take the "fortune" out of my wallet, and my cell phone out of my purse. I take a picture of the "fortune" with my cell phone, sending a message to Director Chase Devineaux with a message that says,"I just got this msg. Don't know if this will happen. But the last crime I was on at ACME NYC was Vic Stealing the Blarney Stone on St. Pat's Day. So maybe everything old is new again. Agent Julie Justice." I go back to ACME HQ. I park my car. I pick up the Vibrant Yukata, and my purse. I run to my office. I throw the Vibrant Yukata on the chair near my desk. It's a good thing I re-packed a "ready-bag" after I UNPACKED everything!! LOL!! I leave my office locking the door behind me again as I leave. I run back to my car. I get in, and lock the door. I look up the number for Security for the Golden Gate Bridge. I send them a message that says,"I am ACME Agent Julie Justice, calling from ACME HQ. I suspect that a VILE agent may try to steal the Bridge tonight. I'm on my way from HQ. I'll be there in a few mins." An ACME agent's work is never done!! :)
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  8. For Weds. April 9, 2014

    11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    I have finally accomplished the most amazing thing I have ever done as an ACME Agent. Did I solve a clever clue, left behind by Carmen? No. Did I catch a VILE thief red-handed, as they tried to steal some rare and valuable Loot and stop them? No. And did I get them to to tell me Where Carmen Is Hiding? No. Did I finally catch Elusive Carmen Sandiego, knowing that she will finally stand trial for her life-long career of crime? No. (Not today..but I will someday!!) So, what did I do that was so amazing? !! I FINISHED ALL MY PAPERWORK!! LOL!!

    It seems like spring has finally sprung here in NYC. It is 56 degrees with plenty of sunshine, humidity 40% and no chance of rain at the moment. I go to the bathroom. I close the door even when I'm alone. I take off my Red Hanes Wear-Around Sleep-shirt and take a quick shower and dry my hair. I wrap a towel around myself, and go over to my closet. I go over to my closet, and pick out my St. Germain Skit (Pink, Polyester with Abstract Gold Design and my Lightly Padded Bra Top ( Neon Apricot (Pink) I slip on my White Velour Ballerina Slippers. I reach for my Tell Me About It, Stud (Light Pink Pashmina with Gold Studs, and wear the pashmina like a long, lose head-scarf. I put on my ACME Ladies 5 Time- Zone World Map Dial Wristwatch. I pick up my purse, Wilson's Leather Cross-Body Bag, off the hook in my closet door, and check to make sure my ACME I ID, cell-phone, business cards, and a little money are in my Wilson's Faux Leather Wallet. I leave my office, making sure to lock the door behind me.

    Because it is such a nice day, I walk to to Maharaja's Palace, at 1350 Madison Ave, NY, New York. an Indian restaurant near my office. It's ironic that with all the time I have spent chasing Carmen and her VILE thieves all around the world, I hardly ever get to sample the "local" cuisine in any of the countries I go to. I either end up eating some American fast-food, some crap out of a vending-machine, or I go to sleep without eating, because I'm just too tired!!

    I walk into the restaurant about 1:00 p.m. I very nice woman sees me, and greets me, as I come in the door. She says,"Hello, welcome to Maharaja's Palace. How many? One, for lunch?"
    I nod, and say, "Yes, it's just me."
    The woman asks me where I would like to sit.. and ever the alert ACME Agent, I choose a table close to the watch for trouble..or in case I have to leave in a hurry.
    As I sit down, the woman asks me,"Do you live around here?"
    I say,"Well..I do work here..and I spend so much time at my job, it's like I live here..I'm an ACME Agent," and I show her my ACME ID.
    The woman hands me a menu. She says,"Ohhhh..ACME..There haven't been any crimes, have there?"
    I said,"No..not that I know of. Hopefully I can just have a nice lunch here today."
    I order the Mulligatawny Soup, the Papadum (lentil crackers, served fried or roasted) and a Mango Lassi (a mango-flavored smoothie). She returns in a few minutes with my food. I'm halfway thru my soup..really enjoying my lunch when I get an important text message on my ACME cell-phone. I text back, "I'll be there ASAP."
    The woman sees me as I stand up from the table. "She says,"Ohhhh, do you have to leave?"
    I nod, and smile, and say,"Yes..once looks like I have to eat and run." I reach into my purse, and put some money on the table. The woman says,"Oh, you don't have to pay for that. You're law enforcement."
    I said,"Yes, I know, and I appreciate that. But your food was so good, and you were so nice, I wanted to leave a tip."
    The woman said, "Thank you, very much. I hope you come back soon."
    I said," I don't know when I'll be back. I'm leaving you my business card. These are my numbers, here, and in California. Call me if you need anything, or if you hear anything you think I should know about."
    The woman says,"I will, Agent Justice. I hope you catch your criminal."
    I said, "Ohhhh, I will. Justice catches up with everyone..eventually."

    I left the restaurant and went back to my office. I changed my clothes, and put on an ACME uniform. I grabbed a ready bag out of my closet, and picked up my purse again. I closed the door to my office, locking it behind me, and left NYC to come to ACME HQ in San Francisco, California. :)
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