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  1. (In an effort to provide you all with some backstory on Jason West, I'll give an overview on his life thus far.)

    Jason West had everything a child could want growing up in Detroit. His father worked as a designer for one of the Big 3, while his mother worked part time at a department store. He lived in a nice, quiet neighborhood and always had good grades in school.

    In his teenage years, he saw more and more violence as it began to make its way across the entire city. Seeing this made him even more determined to not be a part of the rising statistics. He graduated as valedictorian of his class and went on to study Computer Programming at M.I.T. and earned his Bachelors degree. He graduated magna cum laude with an impressive 3.97 GPA.

    During his college years, he found multiple outlets for his stress. One of these outlets led to his arms being heavily tattooed. On his right arm, beginning at his wrist and ending right at the shoulder joint was a bio-mechanical sleeve that boasted many bright and bold colors. On the left arm, from almost the exact same points as his right arm, was a very pronounced tribal sleeve. Being tattooed was a great stress reliever for Jason and he enjoyed the time infrequently spent in the artist's chair.

    Another of Jason's stress relievers from his college days was shooting. Over the past few years he had amassed quite the extensive collection. His favorite carry weapon was a Glock 20 chambered in 10mm and loaded with his own recipe of cartridges.

    Shortly after graduating college, Jason moved to San Jose to accept a job offer from one of the top programming companies in the Silicon Valley. His apartment may not have been what you would expect from someone making a salary in the mid six figures but to Jason, it was home. His next door neighbor was a cute, petite brunette, who after bringing his resume to the attention of ACME's Commander, came to him every morning for their daily carpool to the Accolade tower. He enjoyed their daily commute as it gave him a chance to learn more about her.