Those Who Listen

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[Journal Post that takes place when Ivy accepts an instructor position in Hong Kong. Co-written with Carmen originally posted on 28 April, 2009]

Those Who Listen
Awaiting her connecting flight to Hong Kong, Ivy Monaghan tried to pass her time in the excelsior Caffé of Narita Airport by leafing through the photos in Scientific America. Her mind was mainly a blur, having left San Fransisco only hours ago. She blearily remembered a staff goodbye party that included chocolate cake and long hugs from co-workers.

"Is this seat taken?" A woman asked. She was dressed well for the summertime in a chiffon shirt with long, loose sleeves and a matching skirt with ribbons that flowed just past her knee.

"Uh no, go ahead," Ivy knew how crowded it was today, an open seat shouldn't go to waste. She barely made eye contact, returning to her reading and a cup of hot Americano.

The stranger sat down with her white shopping bag and said nothing, which eventually made the Hong Kong-bound detective feel an awkward need to start some kind of conversation.

"Where are y--?" Ivy put her magazine down, now having seen the woman, she was fully aware of why it felt so awkward. This was no stranger.

"I haven't congratulated you on your new endeavor," Carmen stated with an air of confidence, "It's truly inspiring how you've managed to tenaciously remain on this path."

"You mean like how I don't throw my life away?"

"Precisely," a smirk appeared, "you are simply that stubborn."

"I hope this isn't an attempt to get me to switch sides, Carmen," Ivy was now confident in her own right, "It's getting a little old."

"Nonsense, you make a much better adversary than you would a partner."

"At least that's something we can agree on."

"We can also agree on this being the right choice for you."

Ivy stopped short. No one had said that, not even some of her best friends. They've been telling her it was good, or nice, or necessary, but the word 'right' was never used. Boy, did it feel good. "You think so?" she lowered her guard a little.

"I know so, emphatically." With that and a pause for minor theatrics, Carmen placed the shopping bag she had with her atop the table.

"For me?" Ivy gave the bag a good gander. A leather bound book was inside, padded with fabric. It looked like something old and time worn, but the crisp cream pages told a different story.

"You seem the type to write if given the means," Carmen added. "This is a new chapter for you, it should come with a new book."

"You didn't have to..." flipping through the pages, Ivy imagined what kind of pen she'd use. At the same time, a boarding call for Singapore Airlines Flight SQ11 from Tokyo to Singapore was announced.

"That's my cue," Carmen stood up and offered a handshake. "Good-bye, Ivy."

"Don't be so sure, Carmen," the soon-to-be instructor shook Carmen's hand firmly. Saying that felt more like a formality because the chance that Ivy was going to see another International Grand Theft case from her new position in Hong Kong was slim.

"Hey!" Ivy called out with a sly smile as Carmen stepped away. "This isn't stolen, is it?"

"Keep it anyway," the infamous Carmen Sandiego returned her humour, "And ask me again the next time we meet."
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