New Year Wish

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Everything had come together just as she had planed,it made her smile. Most of the agents were, pleasantly surprised at the mini gift bags. Kristine had also set up a punch bowl with some rainbow sorbet mixed in with sparkling club soda. That made the drink bubbly, but sweet at the same time and was heavenly when chilled. Being here had been quite the experience, however she was getting a bit bored. After her latest adventure, she had been a little shaken but otherwise really thrilled.

Currently she was watching everything go on, she was never one for large crowds. However she did manage to spot a few friends, and hung out with them for a small bit. New years often reminded her of home, and the grand celebrations that were held there. Secretly she hoped, that at this very night she could be there even if for only a moment. On the other hand, she wished to be out there helping these people more. It had been two years now, there was still so much to learn and she had become restless. Evey day had been the same, indeed the latest ordeal had been rocky but she made it though it.

Kristine was secretly proud of making it though, even though some of the people were super scary. However right at this moment she wondered if there was a way to prove herself. Now might not be a good time, but what better way to get them to notice. While she relished the good reviews, a nagging doubt erupted telling her she was not quite ready yet. However she had the next few days off, how hard could it be helping out while being unseen. That meant she would have to stay out of sight, and needed time to gather a few things.

Right now she was on the brink of a very risky idea, and was heavily conflicted. However it was time for sleep, the decision could be made in the morning.

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