Frozen in time part two.

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Silence was a thing of weight, it had no form yet could envelop you. It was a stillness that kept you in place, and deafened you. One of the things that could wear you down, no matter how big their resolve. It weighed on her so, yet all it would take to shatter it would be one small word. Yet in all that time, they forgot they even had a voice.

Right now it was settled over her, familiar, and no lighter than the last time she had encountered it. The feeling hung about her, as if suspended on the thinnest of strands. Chains of sorts that were the strongest thing in the world, yet so incredibly frail. It was almost like being in a web of sorts, the strands that held the known universe together. This was the thing that kept her locked in a dark place, a lonesome place.

It appeared before her now, eyes like burning coals, breath like suffocating smoke, fangs like knives. Hovering above them, as they lay in that web, staring at them with such coldness. A being that kept them, powerless, and hopeless. A certain feeling spurred within them, a faint tingle that was like rippling water. Where that drop of resolve had come from who knew.

"No , not today, and not ever again." They spoke to it in harsh whisper.

The creature shuddered, as if it had been stuck, shrinking away from them. The tides had turned, its power was now at an end. Helplessness was the power it had, to bind with doubt. To slowly sap ones resolve to nothing, then feast on the remains.

"You have no power." She poke louder.

The creature froze, and turned to stone, with a crackling sound. Small fracture lines formed, it slowly, ever so slowly crumbled to bits before her. The stands of the web, shattered sending her falling, as if falling into deep water. The slow decent, that ended in softness, and a light, a soft glowing light.

Opening her eyes, she found herself in a unfamiliar room, oh that is right, Carmen had brought her here.

"Oh you are awake." A voice spoke.

"Never again." She hissed half awake.

"Nightmare?" Carmen paused, curious yet alarmed.

"Sort of." Was Invaders reply. "I was in a web of sorts, I had no voice, no power."

"I see." Carmen spoke up.

"I spoke up." Invader said with a shudder. "It turned to stone, shattered, so did its web."

"You have changed." She offered, drawing near.

"Have I?" Invader questioned.

"I have seen you more joyous, bolder, and with new resolve." Carmen answered.

As if to prove that, Invader got closer hugging her one. While not one who showed affection often, they allowed this. When was the last time they surrendered, to something, so simple. What was the last time they had relaxed, to be at such peace? Right here and now, is what they needed, returning the hug, she let her guard down for but a moment.

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