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[Featuring Ivy and Chase in an edited live chat session.]

Accolade's external blue tinted windows were constructed of several layers of glass, air, microscopic metallic film, and silicone-based elastomer. Any light that came directly from outside passed through enough particles to filter out its less desirable collaterals like heat and ultraviolet radiation so only rays necessary for visual confirmation actually reached the eyes of inside observers. In this particular case, the subject was Chase Devineaux. And while he wasn't looking towards San Francisco, the transparent shield behind him made the real world seem more like a passive backdrop. If it weren't for natural light, it may as well have been LCD.

"Ivy Monaghan, Director," his assistant’s articulated voice sounded just before the named Detective entered an already opened door... and promptly closed it.

"Report," Ivy said proudly, presenting a 6-page document that was about 2 days before due.

The papers detailed ACME Academy’s latest hires: a Cairo-educated archaeology expert, a South African firearms trainer and an advanced flight instructor from who-knows-where. Included was their self evaluation and interviews under normal company procedures. What these three didn’t know was that the file also included Monaghan’s notes on their suitability for special operations.

"This is new," Chase took the folder and looked briefly through it while Ivy made herself comfortable on one of the two office chairs. She liked the right more than the left, because it let her put her foot against the cantilevered lower edge of the Director's desk.

"Hey Chase," Ivy picked up one of the monogrammed pencils, "We're friends, right?"


"Then why don't we do things that friends do?"

"What do friends do?"

She paused, with no one specifically coming to mind Ivy thought about the last excursion with her brother, “I guess I go to concerts with Zack.

What, like operas?

No, like local bands.



You know I don’t consume pop culture,” he responded.

Out of ideas, she tried a different approach, “Ok… what do you do with your friends?

Devineaux briefly pondered the implications of 'friendship' and discovered that he had no friends under the definition of 'doing things together.' In fact, no one on his list of contacts were viable for activities outside of work.

Rifle range?” His suggestion was mediocre.

That sounds like work.


I can sail? You mean you’ll let me steer the yacht?


Chase smiled slightly, realizing they were going about this the wrong way listing things ‘friends’ did, but nothing specifically in common.

Killer,” he referred to the blue-nose Staffordshire terrier puppy he gave her when she moved back to San Francisco, “We can take him out to the beach a couple times a week, or something.

Okay,” she perked up, considering that suggestion to fill in the various checkboxes of ‘mutually fun’ and ‘non-committal’, “And then maybe you can have lunch with my other friend, Becca.

Becca Simmons isn’t your friend, Ivy, she’s your landlord.

Friends have lunch with each others’ landlords, Chase. If it helps, I’d have one with yours.

My ‘landlord’ is female.

...Double date?

I don’t--” taking a full 3 seconds to evaluate the tone, phrasing, and manner in which that was said, Devineaux surmised the only sensible answer, “You’re joking.

Duh-yeah,” She chuckled and leaned back in her seat casually, “Aren’t friends supposed to be sarcastic with each other?

He shook his head.

So… Thursday after work?

It’s a dog-walk,” Ivy offered a handshake, “good Friending with you.

The handshake was promptly returned, and Chase added ‘Killer walk’ to his mostly-empty list of external activities.
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