Everything Old Is New Again

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11:30 a.m - 12:00 p.m.

I have been so pleased with myself lately, and my ability to finish my work early, so that I can enjoy my day, getting re-acquainted with my with my favorite places in the city. I have some errands to do later, so I'll drive my unmarked police car today. But since it's lunchtime, I'll go Golden Gate Park, and visit the Japanese Tea Garden.

I put on my Vibrant Yukata (a knee-length black kimono with elegant, wide sleeves, and vibrant pink, red, and gold flowers, and a matching obi belt) and my honey (light tan) ACME tumbled leather shoes with upper perforations for ventilation, with the smooth leather lining for all day wear, with removable insole, and tie them up. I pick up my purse (Wilson's Leather Cross-Body Bag) and make sure that I have my ACME ID, cell phone, business cards, and a little money in my (Wilson's Faux Leather) wallet, and lock the door to my office as I leave.

So I go to Golden Gate Park, which was originally created as a "Japanese village" for the 1894 California Midwinter Exposition. When the fair closed, landscape architect Makoto Hariwaga and superintendent John McClaren reached an agreement to maintain a permanent Japanese-style garden.

I arrive at the park. I park my car and get out. Since it's after 10:00 a.m. , I pay the admission charge for adults which is $ 5. I walk onto the park. The cherry blossoms are in bloom now. I enjoy the scenery, as a walk past the arched stone drum bridge, pagodas, stone lanterns, koi ponds, the other native Japanese plants, zen garden, and step-stone paths, as I head to the Japanese Tea Garden, which is nestled in the center of the park.

When I reach the Tea Garden, I go inside, and go and sit down at the custom-designed iori (farmhouse-style) table. I woman in a traditional style kimono comes over and hands me a menu. I order a large order of arare (savory rice crackers, dried peas and peanuts, and fortune cookies)and Jasmine Tea (Jasmine tea is actually green tea, scented with jasmine flowers, and originated in China.) It is interesting to note that Makota Hariwaga, the landscape architect who designed the park, is credited with introducing fortune cookies at the park in the 1890s-1900s. The cookies were originally made on a special iron called a kata. The original recipe was savory, and Mr. Hariwaga hired a confectioner named Benyoko, to make the recipe sweet, to appeal to people in the United States.

In a few minutes, the woman returns with my food and tea. I thank her, and then begin to enjoy my snack. Finally, I break open my first fortune cookie. The message inside it says."Your heart may be back in San Francisco. But your city's most famous bridge will be gone by tomorrow." I pay for my food, leaving behind a generous tip, and one of my business cards too. I put the "fortune" in my wallet, in my purse.

I walk quickly out of the Tea House and leave Golden Gate Park.Once I am outside the park, as I run to my car, I take my purse off my shoulder, and like the superhero I wish I were, I take off my Vibrant Yukata, revealing my ACME uniform underneath, a plain white 100% pique "Polo" type - short sleeve shirt with a taped neckline, with ACME logo, with odor fighting anti-bacterial treatment, and my short tan shorts with the ACME logo at the "cargo" style pockets. I unlock my car, and jump in, making sure to lock it. I put the Vibrant Yukata on the seat. I take the "fortune" out of my wallet, and my cell phone out of my purse. I take a picture of the "fortune" with my cell phone, sending a message to Director Chase Devineaux with a message that says,"I just got this msg. Don't know if this will happen. But the last crime I was on at ACME NYC was Vic Stealing the Blarney Stone on St. Pat's Day. So maybe everything old is new again. Agent Julie Justice." I go back to ACME HQ. I park my car. I pick up the Vibrant Yukata, and my purse. I run to my office. I throw the Vibrant Yukata on the chair near my desk. It's a good thing I re-packed a "ready-bag" after I UNPACKED everything!! LOL!! I leave my office locking the door behind me again as I leave. I run back to my car. I get in, and lock the door. I look up the number for Security for the Golden Gate Bridge. I send them a message that says,"I am ACME Agent Julie Justice, calling from ACME HQ. I suspect that a VILE agent may try to steal the Bridge tonight. I'm on my way from HQ. I'll be there in a few mins." An ACME agent's work is never done!! :)
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