A meeting with chase.

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I just want to say thanks Chase for a IC chat that gave me some ideas for this.

Kristine stood at the door, at long last she had returned and was now hoping Chase was in. She just had a run in with VILE ,that had put her out of it for the past day or so. Somehow she had barely managed to get out of this scrape. Though inwardly, she was still a bit shaken over the whole incident.

"Come in." Came the voice of Chase.

"Good to see you sir." Kristine said in relief.

"I hear you got yourself into a bit of trouble." Said the director.

"You could say that." Kristine replied looking down at the floor, while crossing her arms.

"I am just glad you are alright." Chase replied a bit concerned.

"Do you know anything, about someone named Flag?" Invader inquired.

"No." Was the reply, but inwardly Chase was now very concerned.

Hearing that name made his blood a little cold, but he did not want the one before him to know that. He was a member of VILE, that under no circumstances anyone dared anger. Just hearing that she had gotten tangled up with him was concerning. At least she was now back here unharmed to his knowledge. Though from what he had been told, this might have ended badly. There was also a mention of another person as well whom he did not know much of.

"Would you mind telling me what happened?" He inquired. "Need a glass of water, while we are at it?"

"No I am good. Kristine replied. "Lets just say I got tangled up in a book heist."

That got her a sightly raised eyebrow, then a look of concern.

"I see, please continue." Offered Chase.

"More like the person who originally stole it, dumped it on me, and well I took a few things off it." She replied.

"At least you are alright." Offered Chase.

"I was very afraid, I have no training with you guys yet." Kristine exclaimed. "I could have been seriously hurt."

"You manage to keep your composure, that is a good sign." Reassured Chase. "You were also rather resourceful, and thought quickly on your feet."

"Thanks." She replied settling into a chair.

"Were are they now?" Asked Chase.

"The book? In the hands of VILE,the gems back at the old laboratory." Kristine admitted.

"How did you send them?" Chase inquired.

"With the help of some friends of mine." Kristine replied softly. "You do know about the concept of, artificial life forms."

Chase was familiar with the construct of such an idea, however this greatly concerned him.

"I am host to some." Kristine replied. "I picked them up on my travels."

"You are a host to them." Said Chase not quite believing her just yet.

"Hold on let me see if they are finished with their nap." Kristine instructed while tapping her arm.

A small crystal appeared only it was glowing a soft purple color.

"Well that is good they are a little cranky, but not enough to be mad." She explained.

Soon more crystals were gathered, and transformed themselves into a butterfly shape. The color changed to a soft golden glow, the butterfly flew at chase and landed in front of him. Chase was now pleasantly surprised and was not expecting that.

"How long have you had them?" He Inquired.

"A very long time, the glow means they really like you that is rare." Kristine replied. "You can go ahead and pet them if you like, they wont harm you."

Chase reaches out and touches them, surprisingly they are a little warm but not a hot kind of warm. More of a soft radiating heat, like an electric blanket. He watches as they duplicate themselves, and fly back to Kristine to sink into her arm.

"That is just an empty shell, that is for you to keep." Kristine offered. "Take that as a token, in regards they consider you a friend."

"I have nothing further to offer you." Concluded Chase. "I am glad that things turned out alright."

"Thank you sir." Said Kristine getting up.

"By the way, I would like you to start some training." Chase instructed. "I will let you know."

"Aright, that means a lot." Kristine said leaving the room.

Chase just sat there in deep thought at this new development, perhaps they were right in taking them in.

The end.
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