Dec 27, 2013
  • VILE (V.I.L.E.) is an international crime syndicate headed by Carmen Sandiego. It's name is an acronym standing for "Villains' International League of Evil" rumored to have come from an ACME informant's mislabel (although it was perhaps perpetuated as simply a misdirection on the part of its founder).

    VILE's members include accomplished thieves, grifters, forgers and lawyers; Each member is known to be an expert in some field and/or possess some special talent which aids in their escapades.

    Unlike most organizations, VILE doesn't seem to possess an actual hierachy of authority. VILE, instead, seems to operate as a family with Carmen as the Matriach of this house of crime.

    Despite its name, VILE's criminal activities are mostly confined to theft. Carmen herself is known as the World's Greatest Thief and considered the 'Holy Grail' for detectives around the world. Carmen is known to employ the various VILE Agents, henchmen and resources in her outrageous, but usually successful, heists. These heists can include anything from monuments to entire islands; nothing has been known to be safe from VILE's (and more specifically Carmen's) reach.

    When not actively participating in one of Carmen's master plans, the various VILE Agents are known to sometimes dabble in less spectacular heists of their own (often with mixed results).
    All of VILE's activities are said to be governed by an unwritten set of rules laid down by Carmen herself. Perhaps it is due to these rules that VILE neither engages in nor supports any particularly malicious actions.

    Headquarters and Networks
    VILE's headquarters was once at an undisclosed location somewhere in Antarctica, but after an ACME raid, that facility was abandoned. VILE now relies on its less permanent network of safehouses around the world.

    Rumour has it that VILE may be secretly establishing a new base of operations somewhere in Europe.​
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