Vic the Slick

Jan 17, 2014
Vic the Slick
    ID Photo
    Name: Vincent Fumagalli
    Known Aliases: Vic-the-Slick
    Organization: V.I.L.E. (VILE)
    Occupation: Master Thief, Salesman
    Physical Attributes
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: Unkown
    Physique: Slim
    Height: 6'1" (184 cm)
    Weight: Unkown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Distinguishing Features: Plolyester Suit
    Biographical Information
    Birthplace: Unkown
    Nationality: American
    Family: Unkown


    Vic started working with Carmen when she first left ACME. He tried to sell her a vehicle but ended up "lending" it to her. He still believes he gave Carmen her first getaway car.


    Vic is either selling something, or looking for something to sell. He can't pass up a good deal and considers himself a man of impeccable taste.


    Vic is a master salesman and one of the known leaders of V.I.L.E. (VILE)