Jan 17, 2014
    ID Photo
    Name: Suhara Nakamura
    Known Aliases: Suhara-san
    Organization: ACME
    Occupation: Special Agent
    Physical Attributes
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: Unkown
    Physique: Cuddly
    Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
    Weight: Unkown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Grey
    Distinguishing Features: Carries a cane
    Biographical Information
    Birthplace: Osaka
    Nationality: American
    Family: Unkown


    Born in Osaka, Japan, Suhara had a short career as part of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Osaka PD. In his mid-twenties, after the Japanese immigration quota had ceased, he and his family moved to San Francisco, California.

    Suhara later joined the budding international detective agency, ACME. He was also one of the first to work with then gifted-child-prodigy Carmen Sandiego.


    Many people will describe Suhara as calm, loyal and thoughtful. Although in retirement, Suhara likes to keep his mind alert, by teaching tai-chi, attending traditional tea ceremonies and live theater.

    Medium of Means(top)

    Suhara is an avid believer in good old-fashioned detective work. The C-5 is his least favorite method of transportation, and he is skeptical of the information that ACME info-scans provide.

    He is still quick-witted for his age, and can be lethal with a cane.

    Random Facts(top)

    • Chief and Suhara are best friends.
    • While fluent in Japanese Suhara speaks with an Osaka accent, similiar to Chase Devineaux.
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