Stone Harbour

Jan 17, 2014
Stone Harbour
  • Stone Harbour

    Stone Harbour is the current headquarters for the international crime syndicate, V.I.L.E (VILE).
    [As written by Carmen Sandiego]
    "The foundation that Stone Harbor Theater stood upon was part of a larger entertainment complex built in the 1890s by James Edric LeBreton and his business associate Sante Duvalier. At the time, both men owned a nearby port, and with international shipments arriving and profits expanding, they purchased the land around the harbor to create their very own tourist destination.

    The complex included the brick-red Salistine Palace (a portmanteau of Salina and Christine, names the founders' wives), now serving as a boutique hotel. An Aviary and Winter Gardens sat directly behind the vermilion building, opposite of a concert hall and theater. And dotted about the two main attractions was a commerce area equipped with a pub, barber shop, candy store, and restaurant.

    Beginning from 1933, the buildings came under disrepair and all of Stone Harbor closed by 1957. Today it housed a small town of misfits, and from them flowed new life after nearly sixty years in torpor."​
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