Nace Bilby

Feb 2, 2014
Nace Bilby
    ID Photo
    Name: Nace Bilby
    Known Aliases: Dingo (Courtesy of Deric Storm), Springbok (Courtesy of Caitlin Pike)
    Organization: ACME/British Territorial Army
    Occupation: Agent/Firearms Instructor ACME/Territorial Army Soldier
    Physical Attributes
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 25 July 1983
    Physique: Athletic
    Height: 5'8" (180 cm)
    Weight: 170 lbs (77.5 kg)
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Distinguishing Features: Hospitaller Cross tattoo on left arm near shoulder
    Biographical Information
    Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa
    Nationality: South African
    Family: Parents: Jason and Maylene Siblings: Rey, Michael, Danielle, David


    Nace stands about 5’8” with a lean, athletic build befitting his military service in both South Africa and the United Kingdom.


    Nace Bilby was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the second child of Senior Chief Warrant Officer Jason Bilby, a South African Special Forces soldier and an Obstetrician, Doctor Maylene Bilby.

    Maylene and Jason were loving, attentive parents, and understandably due to Jason’s thirty plus year military career Maylene had to often parent the five children by herself.

    As a boy Nace admired the family history of military service for four generations for the nations of Great Britain, Rhodesia, and South Africa. During this time he became quite keen on the study of history, one of many intellectual subjects that would fascinate him into adulthood.

    His admiration for his family’s longstanding military history would compel him to join the South African National Defense Force at the age of seventeen and in 2001 he would attempt Selection for the South African Special Forces Brigade. After collapsing on an endurance march he was removed from training. In 2003, after two years of further service he applied for and was accepted by ACME.

    Working close to his family for two years at ACME’s Johannesburg Branch Nace and haunted by the spectre of his failure of Selection in South Africa Nace discovered an opportunity in the United Kingdom with the British Territorial Army, and with a tearful goodbye set off for the United Kingdom, working at the London Branch.

    In 2005 a further great change would come into his life: he would meet Evey Hammond, an Information Technology worker for ACME’s London Branch. For three years the pair maintained a loving relationship, lasting the travails of Nace’s Selection phase of 21 SAS, a deployment to Afghanistan, and one or both of them being sent on taskings all around the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    In 2008 tragedy struck Nace when Evey defected to V.I.L.E. when the latter learned that her parents’ deaths were due to a betrayal by a member of ACME’s Internal Affairs Branch. He would not know what would become of Evey until three years later.

    Nace would yet again be sent to Afghanistan in 2009-2010, and after he returned he continued to work at ACME’s London Branch. A fateful encounter in late 2011 would follow when he would be told by Carmen Sandiego of Evey’s fate.

    He would eventually find his beloved ill with Terminal Hodgkin Lymphoma. Evey would live for another six months, finally dying on 22 June 2012 in great pain for she had asked for no drugs for her final moments.

    Yet again Nace would be sent to Afghanistan in July 2012 and shortly after his return he would receive assignment orders taking him to HQ in San Francisco.


    Nace is, by nature, an introverted, serious, deep thinking and well read fellow. He is also quite religious, part of this being due to being raised in a Roman Catholic family and the other by experiences in his life, to include military experience.

    At least one person who knows him as often raised an eyebrow at his near literal view of Dante’s The Divine Comedy. As a teenager in Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg Nace would be introduced to Dante by his theology instructor. The imagery of the Inferno would shape Nace’s concept of morality and seeing how the treacherous were condemned to the lowest circle of Hell caused Nace to value loyalty and take into account his father’s words, “Loyalty, all we truly have.”

    While a grammar school Nace’s love of history would be born and a deep admiration for the warrior monks of the Knights Hospitaller, the men who protected the sick and injured of Jerusalem at the Hospital of Jerusalem, would be the result. Many years later Nace would have the black shield with the white cross emblazoned on his left arm to remind himself of the order of warrior he saw as the epitome of knighthood.

    Trained as a military sniper in both South Africa and the United Kingdom his observational ability and attention to detail are keen. This combined with his longstanding fascination with history have given him an uncanny ability to remember dates and times, to the point that he can recall certain dates and times with extreme clarity.

    Loyalty and devotion are also hallmarks of Nace. In all relationships Nace strives to the utmost to be loyal to those he deems closest to him. He is close to both of his parents, often turning to his father for advice concerning military or matters of being a man. He is close to all his siblings, often acting as the peacemaker between Rey and the twins, Michael and Danielle, during the latter's rebellious adolescent phase.

    In romantic relationships Nace is a doting, devoted boyfriend, refusing to even comment on the attractiveness of another woman because he considered it an act of disloyalty.


    Finish his education (via correspondence), to earn his bachelor's degree in history. Due to an argument with his mother about going to university first before joining the military it’s been a regret that he lacks any further education beyond secondary school (high school) and from 2005 onward he has worked on this matter.

    Discover the Internal Affairs agent who betrayed Evey’s parents to the Russian Mafiya and punish that individual according to his Dante inspired beliefs.

    Keep balance his military obligations, ACME obligations, and personal life. Early in his relationship with Evey a bad fight they had convinced him he needed a balance of the three.

    Medium of Means(top)

    Telescope sighted Lee Enfield No.4T rifle, various cameras (for photography and surveillance), a South African Vektor SP1 pistol for close range fighting.

    RP History(top)