Joe Kerr

Feb 13, 2014
Joe Kerr
    ID Photo
    Name: Joseph Salvatore Kerrigan
    Known Aliases: Joe Kerr
    Organization: VILE
    Occupation: VILE Agent, Part-time Freelance Security Consultant
    Physical Attributes
    Gender: MALE
    Birthday: 01, April, 1986
    Physique: Average
    Height: 176 cm
    Weight: 70 Kg}
    Eye Color: Amber
    Hair Color: Reddish Brown
    Distinguishing Features: No distinguishing features
    Biographical Information
    Birthplace: Small town in Northern Italy
    Nationality: Undetermined
    Family: No living biological relatives. Considers the rest of VILE family.


    Joe was born to a woman named Lisa Salvatore, in a small town in Northern Italy. Lisa, a single mother, died almost immediately after childbirth due to a combination of malnutrition and procedural complications. Before she died, she managed to name her son after the hospital in which he was born - St Joseph's.

    The infant Joseph was brought by the nurse who had delivered him to the local orphanage. There, he was cared for and raised by the local nuns. The nuns noticed that Joe was an exceptionally bright kid who had a knack for puzzles and mischief. He also seemed to like playing with the animals and had a gift for befriending them.

    When Joseph was about 8 years old, he was adopted by a foreign businessman who promised to give him a good home. The man would turn out to be the infamous Gentlemen Thief, William 'Willy' Kerrigan.

    William became both a mentor and father figure to Joseph and trained him to be his protege. Whilst raising Joseph to be a gentlemen of the old school, William would teach Joseph the fine art of grifting and heisting. William had strict rules about what could be stolen and what could not, and Joe would later learn that William's rules were mostly adapted from the unwritten code of thieves' honour.

    (An example of one such rule instilled into young Joseph was that works of art, statues and historical items were all considered priceless treasures due to their cultural value. Such treasure, once obtained, should not be sold for monetary gain but rather returned or donated to a worthy museum or other such establishment. Such treasure should only be stolen for the challenge or thrill of the theft.)

    William was also a tinkerer and inspired a love in Joseph for tinkering with odd gadgets and re-purposing magic tricks and pranks. William would often use these gadgets (such as his trademark cane which hid a smokescreen) in his escapades and Joseph would adopt this technique in his own future endeavors.

    When Joseph was turned 21, Willy released Joseph and told him to carve his own path. Joseph spent a year travelling around Europe and pulling small heists while trying to find his own style and niche. Joe would eventually settle upon a Jester's gimmick replete with full costume. Combining magic tricks, re-purposed pranks and grifting trickery in order to pull off audacious heists, Joseph would adopt the moniker "Joe Kerr" (a pun on the combination of his own first name and Willy's last name.)

    Joe returned to Italy to search for Willy and found him in the local cemetery of the town he had grown up in. Willy had apparently been hiding his cancer from Joe and finally surrendered to the illness a month after Joe had left on his journey of personal discovery.
    After settling affairs and paying a final goodbye to Willy, Joe moved out of Italy and took his 'show on the road' to Denmark. Using Tivoli gardens as his base of operations, Joe would pull a string of heists in Scandinavia that would put him at odds with an up and coming Swedish detective.

    Sometime during this game of cat and mouse, Joe would run into the only thief other than William whom he truly respected - Carmen Sandiego. Having heard a lot about Carmen through Willy's stories as well as the news, Joe was only too eager to join up with the Queen of Thieves and soon became VILE's resident Jester.
    And the rest, they say, is history.


    Joseph has a warm but quirky personality. He is known to be fairly laid back and patient, and at times an insufferable optimist. He is normally jovial and friendly in demeanor but his Italian temper can flare up to a degree if he is faced with a situation he deems serious or heinous.

    As per his upbringing under Willy, He remains a gentleman at all times and abhors the loss of human life. He generally despises all forms of crime that bring grievous hurt to others and always plans his crimes to avoid harming both life and property as much as possible.

    Despite the friendly exterior he exudes, his grifting training under Willy has allowed Joseph to become fairly adept at reading people.


    When out on heists, Joseph usually opts to use a jester's costume complete with a custom Jester's staff and mask. According to Joseph, the costume serves both a theatrical and practical purpose.
    Outside of his costume, Joseph pretty much looks like an average guy and blends into the crowd. He uses this to his advantage when scouting locations, grifting, escaping or just trying to lay low.


    Joseph wants to carry on Willy's legacy and pass on the thieves' code of honour to future generations of thieves; He feels that the best way to do it is to aid Carmen in 'the game'. He therefore hopes to ensure that the game is played the right way by future generations on both sides and that the 'fun' element is never lost.
    Joseph also hopes that through 'the game', people around the world can be reminded of the historical and cultural treasures that lay right under their noses and gain a greater appreciation for them.

    Medium of Means(top)

    When in his Jester's costume, Joe elects to use a variety of souped up gag bombs and smoke grenades in addition to his antics of distraction and misdirection. Joe himself is immune to the effects of said gag bombs as his jester's mask is also a gas mask with built in eye protectors.

    Joe's custom jester staff is a tribute to Willy's old cane and contains a couple shots of smokescreen. It is rumoured that Joe has an alternate staff with a tazer at the end that he only brings out on the most dangerous of endeavors.

    Joe also sometimes carries a knife hidden in a strap on right leg. The knife is only to be used in an emergency and never to inflict harm on another person.

    Joe is also known to sometimes tinker with small objects like Jack-in-the-boxes and playing cards and modify them to suit his heisting needs.

    Out of costume, Joe prefers to use disguises and other tools of the grifting trade.
    Joe prefers to avoid physical confrontation but is stronger and faster than his appearance would lead one to believe. He is not exceptionally athletic by any means but he is able to hold his own in a small fight if the need should ever arise.

    Having travelled around Europe and several other countries around the world, Joe has picked up a small proficiency in a variety of languages - English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Chinese Mandarin. Joe has also recently started to pick up a bit of Russian.

    RP History(top)

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