Carmen Sandiego

Jan 16, 2014
Carmen Sandiego
    ID Photo
    Name: Carmen Sandiego
    Known Aliases: Claire Sage
    Organization: V.I.L.E.
    Occupation: Queen of Crime
    Physical Attributes
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: March 1st
    Physique: Svelte
    Height: 5'10" (179cm)
    Weight: Unkown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Distinguishing Features: Usually seen wearing red
    Biographical Information
    Birthplace: Unkown
    Nationality: Multiple
    Family: Unkown


    Carmen does not speak of her early childhood because, frankly, she knows little. Details of one or more orphanages are also vague and it is believed she was never given an official Birth Certificate.

    Her acceptance into ACME Academy at the age of 13 was based on a decision by a high-ranking ACME recruiter. Files on that have since disappeared.

    Although labeled as ringleader of V.I.L.E. (VILE), Carmen sees herself as a facilitator and a necessary advantage for the organisation.

    There are many unproven theories surrounding her motives. Some claim that she supports multiple charities, with a focus on remote orphanages, while others believe she lives lavishly outside of V.I.L.E. One thing all can agree on is her uncompanionable ability to stay distant, using an arsenal of secret identities and sequestered networks of acquaintances.


    Hedonistic. A natural seeker and generally an optimist, Carmen can be extremely single-minded. She's also known to be easily disenchanted. Emotionally, she attaches herself to certain trustworthy individuals, but pertains to the habit of selectively granting information.

    Random Facts(top)

    • Carmen's favorite color is between 17000-18000K (Kelvin)
    • Since childhood, she has a particular attachment to hats
    • Personally, Carmen has an inability to keep, store, or collect anything for very long
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