Ann Tickwittee

Mar 8, 2014
Ann Tickwittee
    ID Photo
    Name: Ann Caroline Tickwittee
    Known Aliases: Tick, Ticky, Blinky, Annaconda
    Organization: ACME
    Occupation: Archaeologist/Instructor
    Physical Attributes
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: Sep 7, 1989 (Age: 24)
    Physique: Athletic
    Height: 165 cm (5' 5")
    Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs.)
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Black
    Distinguishing Features: 9 ear piercings on one ear
    Biographical Information
    Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario
    Nationality: American
    Family: Daniel Tickwittee (father)
    Flutura Lumani (mother)


    Ann has a distinct Eastern European complexion to her face, a trait she inherited from her Albanian mother. She has slightly wavy, raven-black hair that she typically straightens and fluffs. Her eyes are a nebulous yellow-green, situated under rather concave eyebrows. Her nose is moderately long with a low profile, occasionally upturned. She is well-known by her extravagant ear piercings and buxom figure.

    Ann is clad in more rugged, loose attire when working in the field, sporting combat boots, cargo pants, and a loose blouse or tank top over her well-endowed frame. Otherwise, she is likely to be found in a simple set of canvas shoes, jeans, and Hello Kitty blouse, accompanied by a cropped denim jacket.

    Her expression is usually neutral, though it can fluctuate depending on how hard one stares and how many times one mentions Anubis.


    Born in Toronto to an American father and an Albanian immigrant mother in 1989, Ann Caroline Tickwittee quickly found her place in the fine city of San Jose, California.

    Ann graduated from Boston University in 2011 with a B.A. degree in Archaeology as well as Anthropology (with a focus in Social Anthropology). She subsequently attended the American University in Cairo where she obtained her M.A. degree in Egyptology in 2013. She spent several summers globetrotting as an intern with a shovel in hand, though most of her experience was accumulated in Egypt--where her love for history flourishes.

    Despite her world-scouring habits, Ann has not settled far from home. She has only recently taken residence across the Bay in San Francisco, having obtained the supervising position at ACME's archaeology department. She teaches a few Academy courses pertaining to the main studies of archaeology as an investigative expert on historic and rare artifacts.

    All alleged expeditions under the operative callsign of 'Agent 12' are to be merely dismissed as rumors.


    Ann is very engaging as a teacher, though it is not irregular for her to come off as lofty, sometimes even a little blunt or obnoxious. She is willing to help, but only allows a regulated amount of patience per student.

    Socially, Ann projects a typically reserved demeanor and is not exactly the most amiable of persons, but she does try to maintain pleasant conversation when prompted. She emanates an air of haughtiness, though normally unintentional. Her smiles are rare but exceptionally serene.

    Ann enjoys the sun and loves the California weather. She even appreciates the more scorching environments her archaeological ventures may take her to. She is not afraid of being drenched in sweat, and greatly enjoys digging and fitness exercise. Athletically, she is incredibly agile and tenacious, but not very strong or strategic.


    Ann wants to find the Ark of the Covenant, and catch Carmen Sandiego on the side.

    Medium of Means(top)

    Ann typically employs the use of standard ACME field agent equipment and archaeology tools, along with perfectly symmetrical handwriting.

    RP History(top)

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