Dec 26, 2013
  • The ACME detective agency is an international collaboration of super sleuths, secret agents, and criminologists who collaborate on global scale crimes, particularly those committed by super criminal Carmen Sandiego, and her organization, VILE. Though ACME is a Greek term meaning peak, zenith, or prime, the organization is actually named after its founder, Agnes Acme. Though it is a worldwide organization, it's main base of operations is in San Francisco, CA.

    ACME was founded in 1921 as the Academy for Combat Missions Enhancement (A.C.M.E.) and its purpose then was to primarily dissect WWI, covering both combat and civilian-based missions. During the 1940s following WWII, ACME eventually became a worldwide law enforcement organization, specializing in the capture of international criminals. It is akin to Interpol (In TECS, ACME Networks replaces Interpol), yet it still remains a largely privatized police force.

    Headquarters in San Fransisco
    ACME has always had their headquarters in San Fransisco. After the theft of ACME Tower I, the main building was replaced by ACME's Accolade Tower.​
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