ACME Technologies

Nov 18, 2014
ACME Technologies
  • ACME Technologies is the division of ACME responsible for the prototyping and creation of ACME field equipment. It is sometimes referred to simply as ACME Tech, ACME Technologies Lab or incorrectly as ACME Labs (ACME Labs can refer to a wide range of labs under the ACME Academy and Agency, including but not limited to the ACME Medical Labs.)


    The new ACME Technology labs is located under Accolade Tower. It is a half natural cave (that floods with the tides), and half man-made concrete bunker. The Bunker Boys have dubbed it the 'Bat Cave.'

    Known Inventions(top)

    Shelob: ACME's Spider Bot
    Shelob: ACME's Spider Bot
    ACME Technology Labs has been known for creating the following items:

    • The C-5 Matter Transportation Portal (Out of Service)
    • SKYLAR (Unmaned Areal Helicopter)
    • ACME Wingsuits
    • The S.T.U.N. Platform (Prototype Intellegent Armor.)
    • Shelob (Unmaned Hexapodial Land Robot)

    Inventions in Testing(top)

    • Bran's Biodegradable Car
    • Mobility Denial System
    • A laser than can make a Euge-sized-hole
    • ACME Hoverboard [Hovering Origins]