Spring Break -- [Tag: ACME]


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Spring Break -- [Tag: ACME]

It was the middle of March and the sun hung high and bright, warming the air a balmy fifteen degrees Celsius as light breezes swept in across the Bay. Laughter from both adults and children chimed, and in the Park Chalet Garden Restaurant, an equable Sophie Conrad and a lighthearted @Gudrun Nygård did a final walkabout of the conservatory. Light poured in through the glass panels that lined the roof and walls, and through them, the colourful carpets of tulips and...
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Just writing ahead of time that the events in my post (the fire) was okayed by the thread creator @Sophie.

I've left the location and other details of the fire open for interpretation by other writers.

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Wonders how secret this room actually is if anyone can just walk in.
Is breaking into secret basement room at ACME headquarters to play mini arcade.
Is working on setting up a mini arcade in the secret basement room at ACME headquarters.

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