Meeting Sarah Bellum

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Meeting Sarah Bellum.

It was a quiet day in the ACME test labs, Zack was busy working on a c-5 device. It was a mini portable version that was good for two trips only. Last time they had chased Carmen, one of her henchmen had dropped a mini c-5 generator with coordinates in it. That gave him an idea to try and reverse engineer the device. He had been working on it for a few weeks now and just needed someone to test it out on. Ivy was away on a mission, and there were no other agents at the time to willingly volunteer. It just so happened that Invader was walking by looking rather bored.

"Hey there." Called Zack. "Do you want to help me with something?"
"Sure, why not I have nothing else to do." She replied. "I was kinda bored."

"Good." Replied Zack. "I just need you to hold onto this for a moment."
"Why is this glowing, and what does this button do?" Said Invader touching the top of the device.
"Don't touch......" Exclaimed Zack as Invader vanished in a flash of light.

Ivy happened to be walking by and saw the sudden flash, and heard Zack yell. Rushing in she was expecting the worst and saw Zack standing there with a panicked look. That was somewhat common when they were out on a mission of any sort. However Zack was usually right at home when he was around anything technological. The look on his face was rather troubling, and Ivy wanted to know what happened.

"Little bro what did you just do , and what exactly have you been up to?"
"You know that device we picked up?" He stammered. "I kinda reverse engineered it, and needed someone to try it out."
"That I can understand knowing you, but to test it out on someone!" Yelled Ivy.
"She did say yes." Stammered Zack. "Besides if she gets interrogated they don't know anything."
"That is besides the point, little bro." Sighed Ivy. "I am just concerned for her safety that is all."
"So I take it, we should talk to Chase?" Zack squeaked out.
"Yes we need to at least let him know." Ivy informed him.

The two of them proceeded to walk to the directors office, and Zack hoped that Chase would understand. Knocking on the door they were quickly called, in and found Chase waiting for them. Zack sat down rather nervously while Ivy occupied the other chair wearing a concerned look. Chase noticed that Zack was a bit out of it, while his sister seemed occupied with something.

"Can you tell me what is troubling you?" Chase spoke in a calm manner.
"Well Zack here accidentally sent invader to V.I.L.E headquarters." Intoned Ivy
"You what!?! Exclaimed Chase. "Please tell me how this happened."
"Well that device that was acquired the otter day." Exclaimed Zack. "I reverse engineered it, and found out there were coordinates on it."
"Invader Just happened to hit the wrong buttons, and was sent to their headquarters." Intoned Ivy.
"So should we send out a rescue team?" Groaned Zack.
"No we don't want to endanger the other agents."Informed Chase. "However please inform me next time."
"Yes sir." Replied Zack.
"By the way she may not know it, but I slipped a mini radio transmitter into her coat pocket the other day." Informed Chase. "If need be, we have a way of contacting her."
"I hope she is ok at least." Sighed Ivy.

At that moment Invader landed in a closet and realized that she was no longer in the ACME test labs. Quickly she grabbed a worn uniform as well as a few cleaning supplies. There came the sound of footsteps and a door opened. Invader was preparing for the worst, and hastily adjusted her uniform.

"Hey you!" Shouted a grunt. "It is about time you got your act together."
"I am sorry, sir I am new here." Squeaked out Invader.
"Oh sorry, I should mind my manners." The grunt spoke. "By the way the names Johnathan."
"Pleased to meet you sir." Invader spoke.
"Well come along, there is an important Job to be done." Spoke Johnathan.

To be continued......
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The kid, laundry room ghost.
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Meeting Sarah Bellum part two

Today was an rather fruitless day for Sarah, and nothing had gone right sense she got up. First it had started with the coffee cup breaking on her and spilling coffee into a CPU. After that it was a printer caching fire, fallowed by someone tripping over a power cord, disconnecting the computer before she could save her latest work. Right now she was trying to debug a operating system, the more she worked at it the worse it got. At this point she was about ready to, reduce to sub atomic particles, the next person who crossed her path. However she did not think that her boss would be pleased, with one of her minions becoming disassociated molecules.

"We have a special project for you today." Johnathan announced just as two other grunts walked by.
"Hey Mike,and Jacob this is the new person. " He continued.
"Nice to meet you, and aren't you a little young?" Said Mike.
"Where are your manners?" Intoned Jacob. "Don't mind him, nice to meet you."
"Good to meet you too." Said Kristine politely.
"Now your assignment." Said Johnathan. "Is just down the hall and to the right, you cant miss it."

Kristine tanked them and hurried down the hall and out of sight just as Chase activated the radio.

" chase..." Came the radio.
"I can hear you." Said invader. "Apparently I ran into some of the grunts, and convinced them I am new and on a cleaning assignment."
"Good at least you are ok." Whispered Chase. "I will let you know when we can remotely get the device working again. "
"So where did you send our new recruit?" Asked Jacob.
"Oh just to Sarah s lab." Johnathan said casually.
"To you have any idea what kind of mood she is in!" Exclaimed Mike.
"Well I wish her the best." Said Johnathan his throat going dry.
"I say they are either gonna sink or swim, no way am I gonna enter the shark tank today." Mused Jacob.

Meanwhile Kristine has just entered Sarah's lab, only to find some sort of machinery pointed at her. The machine is making some sort of humming noise and there are a few flashing lights. The person behind it,seems to have a look that indicates great displeasure. However there is a glint in their eyes that seems to whisper a hint of crazy.

"So tell me, have anything interesting to say,before you become my next lab rat?" Mused Sarah.

"I recently got a kitten and was wondering if buckyballs, or string theory would make a good toy for them." Kristine spoke, with a hint of alarm.
"Say that again." Replied Sarah.
"I got a new kitten,and thought string theory might make a good toy,as I would have a better grasp on it. Kristine Mused. "Besides the buckyballs would get lost easily. "

Sarah just stopped in her tracks, in her mind she was turning things over before letting out a sinister laugh. Just hearing that coming from one of the grunts improved her mood greatly. Kristine on the other hand was just about to leave the room,when Sarah grabbed her shoulder. Preparing for the worst instead she got a hug, and the scientist lit right up and smiled.

"That made my day, it has been a while sense I heard a good physics joke." Laughed Sarah.
"I am glad you like it,..miss...err..what is your name may I ask?" Kristine spoke nervously.
"My name is Sarah bellum, you may just call me Sarah." She answered in rather thick accent.

To be Continued......
Known Aliases
The kid, laundry room ghost.
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Meeting Sarah Bellum part three.

"Well nice to meet you, Sarah." Said Kristine politely.
"So tell me what are you here for?" Asked Sarah.
"I am new here, and just joined the cleaning crew." Kristine replied. "So is there anything I can get started on?"
"Well if you can help organize some things, that would be a good start." Sarah replied. "After that, the floor needs cleaning as well as the back room."

With that Kristine got right to work, and spent several hours cleaning and helping get things back into shape. Though she wondered how exactly, she was going to get out of here. Eventually she was told it was time for lunch, and some how made her way to the cafeteria. Once there the trio she ran into, was waiting and they crowded around her. All of them seemed quite surprised, that she was still around.

"Hey look who is still alive!" Mused Johnathan
"So what did you think of her?" Asked Jacob.
"Is she always, well, you know...crazy?" Kristine replied.
"She can be a bit off the rails." Replied Mike. "But don't ever tell her that to her face."
"Not unless you want to, be reduced to a pile of ash." Remarked Jacob.
"I don't think she would go that far." Answered Jonathan. "Not that I would want to find out either."

With that the trio was half laughing and cheering and told Kristine how to navigate the lines. Not really knowing anyone here, she kept quiet most of the time. She did alright, while managing to bump into Eartha and Vic who did not recognize her at the time. While she could have bumped into far worse people, these two were rather nice.

"Hello there, you are awfully young to be working for us." Remarked Vic.
"However she might, just be a tad small." Said Eartha.
"I was wondering where you took off to." Came the voice of Sarah. "You can sit with me."
"I really don't mind whom I sit with." Kristine remarked softly. "I don't want any trouble."
"We are all friends here." Reassured Vic. "Now just enjoy your lunch."

Afterword, Kristine was back in the closet she landed in, trying to get in contact with chase. All she could get was static, that concerned her. Sooner or later this little charade, would be up. There was no doubt of that, and she had to make a plan and fast. Elsewhere Sarah was busily working on her latest project, Carmen stepped into the room to check in on her.

"In a much better mood I see." Said Carmen.
"Yes quite, thanks to that new hire and her jokes" Mused Sarah.
"What new hire?" Remarked Carmen. "As I can recall there have been no new recruits in the past month."
"Than who was that one, that wandered in here to clean, and said a few jokes to me?" Sarah Demanded.
"Apparently we have an intruder, or possibly a spy from ACME." Carmen replied reaching for the intercom.

To be concluded....
Known Aliases
The kid, laundry room ghost.
Color #
Meeting Sarah Bellum final part.

Reaching for the intercom, Carmen paused, turning to Sarah with a slight smirk.

"Sarah can you tell me, what exactly they looked like?" Pondered Carmen.
"Well they were rather short, had hazel eyes." Sarah replied. "They also had, dark brown hair."

That made Carmen pause, it had to be the one she had ran into months ago. How they got here, much less past security intrigued her. Perhaps this girl was far brighter, than she let on. Or there was the possibility, they were unusually lucky. Either way this could prove most intriguing Carmen wondered how they would react to this. Turning on the intercom, she let out a faint sigh before issuing orders.

"Attention VILE personnel, it has come to my attention, that we have an intruder." Carmen announced. "They are unarmed, and are to be taken into custody."
"You are not going to hurt them are you?" Asked Sarah concerned.

"Not at all." Replied Carmen. "Besides they don't know, anything of our operations."

Upon hearing that announcement Kristine's blood ran cold, and she turned pale. That call meant that the place was on red alert. Thinking fast the attached a rope to the fire alarm, and set the door slightly ajar. While still in the maintenance closet, she stole a few uniforms and dashed out of her hiding place. Looking around she soon found a trolly cart and hid within it.

"Check the closet!" Said a voice. "They might be in there."

With that they yanked the door open setting off the fire alarm and sirens began to blare. That immediately set of the drill announcement system for that sector. The sprinkler system went off, and some flame killing foam filled the room. The grunts wound up tripping over one another, and set the cart rolling. Kristine did her best to steer it and wound up in a cargo bay area.

"The old get them to pull the fire alarm, how classic." Mused Carmen laughing slightly. "This could be rather entertaining."

Once in the bay area, Kristine set up a few decoys, and hopped into a box. The grunts that walked in rushed the dummies, and grabbed one. She sat in the box, wondering how to get out of this mess. Though she was now wondering if Carmen was aware of her, much less if the thief would do something about it.

"Hey we got them." Called one.
"Silly that is just an old uniform, they could not have gotten far yet." The other one mused.
"Well lets go then." Offered the first one.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Kristine darted out of the box to find the room empty. Taking another dummy she attached it to a cart and pushed it out the door. Just then more henchmen appeared and chased the cart. Nearby was a jet of sorts and Kristine darted into the cargo bay. An empty box was already in the jet, hastily she jumped into it. As Carmen tired to switch cameras, it would only stay in one spot, slightly annoying her. However she could spare no more time, there was a heist to pull off.

"So that is where, the computer bug went to." Exclaimed Sarah.
"What computer bug." Asked Carmen sternly.
"I was trying to set up a system to focus on one area, instead of the whole building." Sarah replied. "I mainly created it, to focus on my work."
"No harm done." Carmen replied.
"Keep in touch, and let me know if they find her." Ordered Carmen.
"I will do so." Sarah replied. "Will I get to see her again?"
"I can arrange that." Said Carmen.

Carmen was a bit concerned, wondering if the person in question may be panicking now. However they had acted calm, that was promising. Once on the jet, she gave the order to take off,shortly thereafter they were airborne. Meanwhile in the cargo bay, Kristine had felt them take off and knew there was no turning back. Waiting till they were airborne, she stepped out of the box.

Elsewhere on the bridge, Carmen noticed a silent alarm had gone off on the cargo bay area. That was rather strange, and she decided to go check it out just in case. Setting the jet to autopilot, Carmen made her way to the cargo hold. There seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, till she saw a box with an askew lid. That was not good, she quickly scanned the room, till she spotted a certain someone.

"That was quite, unexpected of you." She called. "I am well aware, you are here."
"I just want to get back to ...." Came the reply.
"ACME, I know." Replied Carmen. "I just wish to thank you, for improving Sarah s mood."

Kristine was not certain how to respond, and kept her gaze to the floor. Carmen noticed the lack, of a return gaze and silently moved closer.

"I mean that most sincerely, Sarah has been a little tense as of late." Carmen Mused. "I was certain, she would have had a meltdown."
"You are welcome, in a way." Kristine replied looking up. "It would be nice to, stop winding up in these situations."
"That is part of the game." Replied Carmen with a smile. "I can make sure, you and Sarah meet again."
"This is chase, can you read me?" Called the director from the, small device in Kristine's pocket.
"Chase I can assure you, she is in good hands." Carmen Replied, while stealing the device.
"As long as she is alright." Replied Chase. "You are off the hook."
"I was considering taking her, with me on my latest heist." Teased Carmen. "I thought it might be fun."

Kristine just stood there with wide eyes, and was in a bit of a state of shock.

"I don't think ACME would like that." Sighed Chase. "Just the prospect, of public relations alone."
"She is not an agent, yet." Replied Carmen. "What harm could it do? "
"How about you just send me back, with a token of appreciation." Spoke up Kristine.
"Trying to spoil my fun?" Mused Carmen. "Besides you are, technically trespassing."
"Not that I had, any choice in that matter." Replied Kristine. "I very well knew the charade, would be up sooner or later."
"I will give you, some points for that." Laughed Carmen. "I would never intentionally harm someone."
"Well that is reassuring." Sighed Kristine.
"However I am going ,to take you up on your token suggestion." Said Carmen. "I just need you to trust me."
"Do as you will, unless it involves shoving me out of a plane." Kristine mused.

With that Carmen gathered up a basket, and handed to Kristine, while smiling at her.

"Till we meet again." Carmen smirked, while activating the device still in Kristine's pocket.

With that Kristine found herself back in the lab, where Chase, and the others were waiting. In the basket was a note addressed to chase, and a bottle of wine. Chase took the basket, and then ordered Kristine to take the rest of the day off.

The end.

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