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    As Julie stood outside of her cabin, she feels a few small, cold gusts of wind on her face; so she decides to go back inside, closing the door behind her.

    The fire in the fireplace, left unattended, had begun to die out. Julie went over to the fireplace, and once again, removed the screen in front of it. She picked up the poker by the fireplace, and managed for a few moments, to stir up a few flames, only to have them die out again.

    Julie *looks over* in the corner, to see if she has any wood left. She does have a few pieces; but if she uses it now, and gets the fire going again, it won't last through the night; and if she burns it now, she won't have any firewood for tomorrow. She puts screen back over the fireplace.

    Julie *walks over* to the door again, and opens it. She walks out onto her porch; and looks around; hoping that she will find a little more firewood; perhaps buried under a little snow; but doesn't find any out there.

    She steps off her porch, into what would be the front-yard area around her cabin, taking a few very careful steps; her boots crunching in the snow.

    There are plenty of trees around; and most of the branches have snow on them. But they all seem to be in-tact; any small twigs, sticks, or branches that may have fallen to the ground...whether by an act of God or man.. are covered by snow, too.

    Julie *sighs a little.* She likes to think she is a resourceful girl; but she is running out of ideas. She *walks back up the steps* and into the cabin; and stepping inside the doorway for a moment, she grabs her duffel bag, that is hanging by the door, and puts it over her right shoulder She closes the door of her cabin again; but this time she locks it behind her.

    Once again, she *walks down the steps.* She doesn't want to impose on her neighbors; but she is amongst friends here, after all. Perhaps they will have some firewood they can give her.

    So, her boots crunching through the snow once again, Julie begins her short, chilly yet scenic trek down the trail to the other cabins. :)
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