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ACME Dorms

Nevon Blair dragged his suitcase and backpack up to the third floor of the ACME's Portwood Hall Dormitory. This was a newly renovated building for students, staff and temporary international agents.

He decided it was a good idea to live close by to the academy. It was cheap, close and he already knew some of the guys here after working with them in the ACME Bunker. Nevon smiled as a few girls walked passed him in the hall. He forgot that it was a coed dorm. Living here was going to be...
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ACME DORMS : Portwood Hall

Write below to register your room or request roomies. Pairing up with a roommate is encouraged!

Basement - Mail, Laundry facilities
1st Floor - Facilities (Lobby, Cafe, Dining Room)

2nd Floor (15 Rooms)
[Small communal living room with kitchen and dining area.]
Double Rooms:

201 -
202 -
203 -
204 - @Derrin & @Constance
205 - @Jason West & Roomate (open)

Single Rooms, 2nd Floor (smaller than double rooms):
210 -
211 -
212 -
213 -
214 - @Gunnar
215 -
216 -
217 -
218 - @Scarlet
219 -

3rd Floor (12 rooms)
[Large communal living room/game room with kitchen and dining area.]
Double Rooms:

301 - @Nevon & Roommate (open)
302 -
303 - @Zack & @Pete
304 -
305 -
306 -
307 - @Tanya & @Sophie
308 -
309 - @Colleen& @Molly
310 -
311 -
312 -
4th floor (10 rooms)
Single Rooms for Staff and Temporary Stay (International Agents/ Special Operations):

420 -
421 -
422 -
423 -
424 -
425 -
426 -
427 - @Evgeni
428 - @Mikal
429 -

Rooftop - Grill, Ping-pong Tables, etc.


Room Floor Plans
[bimg=300|[B]Single Rooms (2nd Floor)[/B]][/bimg] [bimg=300|[B]Double Rooms (2nd and 3rd Floors)[/B]][/bimg] [bimg=300|[B]Suites (4th Floor)[/B]][/bimg]

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Hey Scarlet. A single room is fine, let us know which room number you want from 210-219.

edit: 218 it is!
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Just an additional note (OOC):
The single and double rooms may look a little small, but that's because most of our facilities are shared. We have large recreation rooms, as well as a good kitchen and dining area on every floor. Most people already have housing somewhere else either in San Francisco or a little further away, but the benefit of the dorms is being very close to the academy. It's also free for students, so if your character is poor, this is a great option too.

The reason why international students and special operations gets larger more equipped rooms is for two reasons. Firstly, special ops are usually expected to be in and out and not go out and socialize with anyone. Secondly, international agents (like @Evgeni and @Mikal) do not have another home base like the other students and are usually a little older so they wouldn't want to really be part of traditional dorm life. The room is also either part or their salary or package for the temporary move to San Francisco.

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Wonders how secret this room actually is if anyone can just walk in.
Is breaking into secret basement room at ACME headquarters to play mini arcade.
Is working on setting up a mini arcade in the secret basement room at ACME headquarters.

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