Tex "Ace" Holdum
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Tex "Ace" Holdum

Agent, Male

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Feb 17, 2014
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    Full Name:
    Tex River Holdum
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    Character Background:
    Tex Holdum was born to a Texan family with an unfortunate combination of that last name and a love of puns, and so he got saddled with the expectation of being a great poker player right out of the womb. Though he did develop a great love of cards, he ended up being only a mediocre player, preferring instead to learn sleight of hand and how to toss them. What Tex developed a true passion for was justice. He was raised on classic Western reruns and new shows like Walker, Texas Ranger, and was determined to grow up and spend his life corralling criminals. He learned all he could, even asking his Native American grandfather for help learning how to hunt and track in the prairie wilderness. Training in boxing and a high school spent on the championship wrestling team honed his body well, and weekends with his dad at the shooting range made him grow up into a crack shot with both a rifle and a pistol. Tex trained all his life, and when an opening appeared in the Texas Rangers, he applied in a heartbeat and got accepted a few days later.

    Tex was known as the hotshot rookie, even after he'd been in the Rangers for a couple years. He was always the one laughing loudest, telling the raunchiest stories, and jumping at the toughest cases. Still, the others loved having him around because he was just a likable guy, making friends easily and entertaining people with his card tricks. His partner, Clive Rodgers, was also always there to keep him reined in from being too impulsive. They cracked quite a few cases together, and Tex was becoming a rising star in the Rangers.

    It had started out as a routine track and capture of an escaped criminal, and an easy one at that. They'd followed tips and come across him hiding in a warehouse. Ace rushed in, eager to make the capture, but hadn't counted on their fugitive having some friends. A bullet caught him dead in the chest, sending him flying backward. As gunfire erupted around him, he found himself wondering what the point of it all had been. All the bluster, all the crazy antics, the drive to land this case overriding caution...all for nothing. Then he could breathe again. The bullet had slammed into the pack of cards he had in his breast pocket, knocking the wind out of him. Struggling to his knees, he pulled his revolver only to realize the gun battle was done. All three suspects were dead, and Clive was breathing his last not ten feet away. Crawling over to him, Tex held his partner in his arms as he gasped and bled. No heroic last words, no peaceful repose. Only pain and fear were in his friend's eyes, and then nothing.

    It was later discovered that the bullet had stopped on the ace of spades, and thusly his new nickname became Ace, but he did not enjoy it as he once would have. The incident had changed him, brought him back down to earth and made him a much more responsible and focused person. Unfortunately, it had also left him with a deep hatred of the idea of using firearms in the line of duty and too many memories. After a few months, he resigned his position in the Rangers and transferred to ACME, where he had heard that gunfights were much less common.
    "Tex? He's a good guy," is one of the most common phrases you'd ever hear about him. He's nice, likable, funny, and has a great deal of western charm about him. He's still sometimes the life of the party, and always enjoys chatting with folks. He also loves flirting with women, but though he enjoys the occasional roll in the hay, he's never looking for anything serious.
    His goal, quite simply, is to do good as best he can. He is good at catching crooks, so that is what he will do until he runs out of crooks to catch. He wouldn't mind working in a more supervisory role someday, either, but swears up and down that he'll never become a desk jockey.
    Medium of Means:
    6-shot revolver and lever-action rifle, both of which he's sworn to never fire at a live target again. A lasso, which he is moderately skilled with, but mainly keeps around in case he needs rope. Many decks of playing cards, some of which are now converted to be crimefighting tools by some chemist friends of his. He has a pack of weighted metal throwing cards, a pack of cards slick with industrial lubrication that can be thrown to make an oil slick, and a couple trick packs that have a polymer that reacts to air, being at first sticky then hardening, meaning a pack can be used as a close-range entanglement and capture tool.
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