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    Closed Ultramarine

    “You’re mad at-” Neb started her response, but suddenly no one was there. The hallway she stood in was the same, yet not quite. It seemed more organic, decayed, and besotted with tiny glowing plants, with both ends leading into darkness. “Guys?” she called out, but only her echo responded. I...
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    Update on the Netflix Carmen show!

    It said that?
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    Update on the Netflix Carmen show!
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    Closed Ultramarine

    [Co-Written Neb/Patty] After so much kicking and punching and so little oxygen, Neb was finally starting to slow, but she still had enough in her follow the others on their laborious climb up the roof. Once there, the scene before her managed to make even less sense than it had from the ground...
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    Open Secret Santa 2018

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    Comment by 'Neb' in media 'Avatar'

    Cranky dad!
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    Comment by 'Neb' in media '123'

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