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  3. Patty
    My absolute favorite Carmen ever!
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  4. Eugene
    That RP was too fun.
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  5. Julie Justice
    Julie Justice
    "With" Carmen...Hmmm. ;)
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  6. Julie Justice
    Julie Justice
    This also looks like a still photo from an ep of "Pretty Little Liars" a few seasons ago, where "the girls" (Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily) go a Masquerade Ball in hopes of "unmasking" the evil killer "A" who killed their friend, Alison, and is stalking them. Even though we all know that "A" is a group of people, and not just one person. When will they learn? Hahaha. Still haven't seen any season 5 eps, yet, so I don't know how it ends. So please don't tell me. LOL. :)

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